Friday, December 22, 2017

Enormous Green Vintage Sunglasses from My Friend's Mother and just green dress and kitchen and that green life, ok?

I mean, whattdya know about green?

Wearing a vintage 60s dress & tons of vintage jewelry. 
These glasses were my friend's mother from the 60s/70s in Argentina and she gave them to me.
I cherish them. 

Handmade crochet necklace sold at the Sly Grog
Vintage 60s dress. 

Stickers from Hello the Mushroom.

These 2 are from my closet and they're all listed here!!!!

Me in this work uniform onsie on IG tho-----I look thick in it and kind of rough, but I'm v into it.  I just straight up wear it like a jacket over an outfit for the day.  When it's cold enough.   It hasn't been that cold lately...    Come visit Asheville in the little Airbnb!

Here's a throwback on IG to when it actually was cold when I went snowboarding at Jay's peak in Vermont with my friend I've known since like, 7th grade. 

Yeah, we're wearing matchy-matchy beanies and I'm wearing jnco...

Love & Light, 

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  1. Love and light, Becky - as seen through some AWESOME green shades. xo

  2. Those sunnies are so cool, Becky! I love them! Hope you & your family have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy 2018. XXX

  3. Those sunglasses are everything! You have a very good friend! xxx

  4. What fabulous sunglasses - you look like a movie star! Wishing you and your fam a wonderful holiday!

  5. those sunglasses! the coolest. Happy, happy new year and lots of love and fun wished to you, xo


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