Friday, December 1, 2017

Holiday Hustle Mind your Bizness & Get to work----that's the best idea

I'm really more worried about the holidays than usual.  I want the kids to enjoy it.
I'll be doubling down on work.

This here is a skirt from a fav dealer Maryce of Antique Addict.  She is a lady that inspired me to become a vintage seller myself.

This look below is a vintage t-shirt and thrifted velvet GAP pants----which are navy blue, not a go-to color 4 me normally, but I love them---REMEMBER TO TRY ON DIF STUFF!!!  I almost didn't attempt these pants bcuz of the navy color & I'm so glad I did!  And booties!

I met this special lady over 20 years ago at her cool kid pad in Seminole Heights thru SamIAm.  It was such an unexpected treat to have her visit----and here she is modeling a PinkCheetahVintage coat from my personal collection.  She looks amazing :)

Let's just say we went on a 'hike' and leave it at that lolol

Bathroom selfie at the coffee/tea shop to hear Maja's friend from the The Hostel in The Forest (sounds like a horror movie, but it's a spiritual retreat...  Which actually still makes perfect sense).

We went to grab coffee one evening and had to park the car to go stand in the pretty purple lights they put up in our small downtown.  It was kinda magical---glad we walked thru <3

In the store now here

Love & Light, 


  1. A retreat in the Forest sounds divine right about now! And it's great to have friends, they are the joys in our lives. xox


  2. I love your posts, Becky! They are like a splash of colour in this dull world. Look at you, trying navy pants! Go, girl!

  3. We were headed towards having a good Christmas but life decided otherwise. Now are super broke and not going to get back on our feet until January. Oh well, we'll just do Christmas a little later!

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