Friday, March 30, 2018

Casual Friday wearing my Dad's vintage Greek Fisherman's Cap & spring Break Legit

I got this vintage leopard print chaise at Restore Habitat for Humanity.   Secondhand shop, good for environment, wallet, I guess all of humanity because the charity helps build houses for people.  Anyways, the girls and I cleaned the fabric and I have to sew up a rip in the back, but it's a cool chair.

This looks kind of not that great, but the girls also helped me make spaghetti & meatballs.  Was delish!

Me on the first rly warm day with a shiny face lolol!!!  I was just happy for a sunny day.  My whole outfit is old stuff I've had, except for my necklace I just got from a friend. Recycled surfboard :)

Casual Friday looks!!!  Haha!  

Enjoy the holiday weekend <3

Love & Light, 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spring Break is around the corner and that really has got people Happier!

A few good things happening :)
Girl London is stoked bcuz she is getting to take gymnastics again!
Spring Break starts in 2 days!!!

In honor of spring break and all things spring/summer I will post this picture that makes me look sunburnt!

Some of these filters r cool!!!!!!!

I'm 42, live in Asheville.  When u move here, u will probably need a Subaru.  This winter made me want 4x4 bcuz snow & ice!  The irony is 90% of the problem is the driveway...
I have kids.
I think Trader Joe's has a great wine & cheese section.

Shop this dress here!

These fun clam diggers sold here!

These are my rhinestone leggings.  They are flared, which is a hippie dominated lewk!!!, but I feel like the rhinestones make it ELVIS and I'm bedazzled by the loveliness.   
This is a casual, but still low-key DIAMOND GIRL lewk.  

If u have a bedazzler consider using it again for spring.

This is my Facebook page, which I'm bored with, so I've decided to make it inclusive, more blog-like.  The live music feed stuff on Facebook lately has been amazing.  Killer fresh sets. Big ups for music on Facebook.  It is really perfect for DJ's and EDM fans.

Timo's House just hosted the wodnb in Asheville.

Some remaining shows if u wanna catch them!

Love & Light, 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

SHE'S MY DIAMOND GIRL campaign started & believe it or not the original inspo was just from a man! Also, Tampa Asheville connect Desoto Lounge in WAVL

It's gonna be a slow roll-out, but the inspo has struck.  Spring/summer SHE'S MY DIAMOND GIRL will start.  I've already got rhinestone flared leggings on today, so u know it's real!!!!
U can view them on my IG stories here.

I'm also cooking white wine, butter garlic, & cayenne pepper scrimp. Hoe-made.  I made this, but I just want to express my love for all cooks out there.  Cooking skills are BOMB!!!!  Props if u have kitchen skillzzz!  Much luv <3   I did actually make these tho and yummmmm!!!

Me with my friend, Neala, & the girls in a thrifted dark chambray dress that looked terrible & I'll never wear again lololol!!!!  A recent hrowback, but it was a day I loved, but an outfit choice I didn't!!!

Me in a vintage trippy dress sold here. 

Me in a vintage fur coat at Desoto Lounge.  I recommend if you come thru Asheville
They know what's what.  They play RTJ & The Dead Milkmen and they make a good cuban sandwich for NOT being in Florida, bacon wrapped dates are a fucking must. 

FYI I saw The Dead Milkmen at a concert at USF in the early 90s lol b4 I went to school there...
Random Tampa shit! And that's why I love Desoto.  It feels like some random Tampa shit :)

Love & Light, 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Happy St. Paddy's Day!! I love all the Green and fun Shenanigans and the warm weather is making me happy!!

Turning rivers green and having fun!  St. Paddy's Day weekend hoopla!
I have on pink & purple eyeliner for spring!!!!!  I feel like it's pretty with the green!

This was CandyInTheOven's dress and she married an Irish guy, my Grandpa Gorman. He was such a great guy, husband, father, & grandfather...  He met my grandmother out west before they moved to the south.  The dress is mine now, so I'm wearing it for her this weekend.  

My grandmother very much picked colors of dresses based on your hair color.  She was a brunette, so this dress was purchased to be worn by a brunette---obviously herself.  She dressed her daughters in colors based on hair color.  Blondes wore yellow & pink, and so on.  I'm serious.

I've had the best flash of fashion inspo lately & I can't wait to share.  These pics were on IG & IG stories, but new stuff coming soon.
I'm so excited for spring/summer!  I love getting happy faces & sunshine emojis from my friends who are all thrilled with the warmer weather everyday----I feel it, too :)

Love & Light,

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Following all the Good Advice and Some of it is a Struggle tbt Eyeliner Looks and too tight knit dresses with pantyhose

Most good advice is fairly reasonable & logical, so I feel like it naturally vibes with me when I hear it.  I did have some good advice given to me recently that I am struggling with, tho.

It is sort of at odds with my business and brings up the idea of the business brand you promote and your personal life and, for small (mine is def seen thru an even tighter focus of a woman centered lense) business owners, how and where they mix.

It's a contradiction or personal juxtaposition that I'm dealing with and I'll try to have fun with it while I figure it out.

Like this red & yellow eyeshadow lewk from December of 2017:

Also, popped out to a friend's b-day a week or so ago.  Wearing a secondhand vintage 90s Derek Heart knit dress, old ripped pantyhose with a classic help u suck it in high-waist----I needed it!!! and otk black leather boots.  Leather chest harness.  Vintage chain necklace. 
Seriously, it's been b-day after b-day non-stop lately!!!!

I posted this for the b-day girl on IG stories, but issa lewk for u here now <3

I am 42 and I'm loving all my fellow aged and upwards bloggy friends and how you're turning up everywhere on Facebook and IG looking amazing.  U inspire me to try new things, new lewks, dif styles and have funnnnnnnn ;D
I see a lotta dope ass younger chicks who are killin' it, too.  Good stuff out there ladiezzz & gentzzz and everyting in between :)

Love & Light, 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Secondhand Riri shirts and Vintage Leopard Print Jackets and Bangs Cheongsam Fashion at 42 Woop Woop

Well, the hair is def staying brunette for a while.  It would take a double triple processing professional coloring job of a goddess with a miracle or two in their back pocket for me to be blonde again.
I don't have any of that happening sooooooo :)

In my thrifted Rihanna t-shirt and old school vintage 80s leopard print jacket.  

Me in a similar cheongsam dress lewk here on IG.

Here is what I sound like on my side of a phone chat:

Working-getting shit done.  You?
Until when?
Shit.  Long Day.
Yeah, I'm good.  Dude, the East Coast Tweaker was in my dream last night, but he was my gay roommate! 
It felt positive. 
Im drinking coffee now, but I'm starving.
I know!  It's so cold!
It's upsetting.
No, what?
Oh jeez.  That has nothing to do with me.
That's not about me.
I'm serious, tho. 
22 years old is entirely too young. 
I need all my make-up so I can be ready.  I'm not ready, yet.
It's morally illegal; immoral. 
Don't give up hope---it's a worthy cause!
Uh-huh.  Uh-huh. 
Ok, well as long as you think that's the worst that can happen then that's not that bad.
I would never do that!  You know me!
Good make-up brushes make a huge difference.
Yeah, I talked to her earlier.
He is totally gonna take his shirt off!  I know it! 
Ok, ok, I gotta go.  I gotta get this shit done by 12.
I'll call you later.

We have a total big crazy storm tonight and it's ridiculous.  I'm very much freaking out, but it's fine, over a bit of a financial stress this week.  Just keep working!  Early/late...  The time change makes the week even goofier.  Like everything shifts an hour----it feels skewed!

Off to read your blogs as the storm swoops thru <3

Love & Light, 

Work has me a little Stressed, but Imma Double Down Blog Posts Issa Lewk Edition

Some days you have to really put some effort in to get ready.  
I was looking a little crappy, stressing about sales goals and projects, and just decided to add extra make-up on top of Saturday night's make-up because my beauty routine is rather pathetic and desparate measures call for deparate times or whatever that line is.

Vintage silver shirt, temp tattoo, velvet halter-top (under shirt), vintage copper metallic blazer, vintage jewelry (the usual suspects), and fuzzy fur cuffs.  


Wear this vintage button up with a sexy halter underneath and a necklace or two.

This is my trippy print skirt and it's for sale here!

It's the first day of spring and we had snow flurries.  That's ridiculous. Also, I swear the time change damn screwed up the whole week.
I think that's what's happening for real. 

Love & Light, 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Hi Hello Hola Kon'nichiwa Bonjour Hallo Zdravstvuyte Yeoboseyo Ciao Shalom marhabaan

Hi everybody everywhere around the world.  It's Friday here so TGIF and all that, but I start my work weekend and I am pumped to HUSTLE!  Being broke will do that lololol!
If you like your work, though, and I know a lot of people out there do---sometimes it's nice to actually settle into it and focus.

St. Paddy's Day is coming so, focus on the green, green, green!!!  Here is an old picture of me wearing it 20 lbs slimmer----I was praising the seams the night I wore this dress recently lol

I wore this to hear the band Battery Powered Hooker Boots.
Their girlfriends are very nice, too!

The show was at the soon to be legendary Sly Grog Lounge!
If you come to Asheville you must check them out!!!
My beautiful friend from Argentina makes the empanadas there and they are amazing :)

Susie, one of the owners was doing on the spot DIY spray-painted shirts and I love the hoodie and it was gifted to me by a real sweetheart.  I'm telling you that place was filled with good vibes.


They had a fem bot in the show and you can see her getting played on their Facebook page.  They built the robot mask she's wearing and are really playing the music from it live!

The men's vintage green floral tropical print shirt featured below can be found here and the skirt here.

If you hit the shop up don't forget the promo code!!!!!

Checking blogs soon!!!!
I just love all your blogger inspo <3

Love & Light, 

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