Sunday, March 18, 2018

Happy St. Paddy's Day!! I love all the Green and fun Shenanigans and the warm weather is making me happy!!

Turning rivers green and having fun!  St. Paddy's Day weekend hoopla!
I have on pink & purple eyeliner for spring!!!!!  I feel like it's pretty with the green!

This was CandyInTheOven's dress and she married an Irish guy, my Grandpa Gorman. He was such a great guy, husband, father, & grandfather...  He met my grandmother out west before they moved to the south.  The dress is mine now, so I'm wearing it for her this weekend.  

My grandmother very much picked colors of dresses based on your hair color.  She was a brunette, so this dress was purchased to be worn by a brunette---obviously herself.  She dressed her daughters in colors based on hair color.  Blondes wore yellow & pink, and so on.  I'm serious.

I've had the best flash of fashion inspo lately & I can't wait to share.  These pics were on IG & IG stories, but new stuff coming soon.
I'm so excited for spring/summer!  I love getting happy faces & sunshine emojis from my friends who are all thrilled with the warmer weather everyday----I feel it, too :)

Love & Light,

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  1. You look fab and that dress is gorgeous. I love that dress so much. My gran used to do the same thing and wore green all the time. She used to try and make me wear more colours when I was a teenager but it was black hair and black clothes all the way. Now my hair is white, I wear all colours!!x

  2. What a beautiful dress, and it fits you perfectly! <3

  3. What a fab dress with a wonderful history. I'm always searching for this type of dress. They aren't easy to find. I especially love the green in gingham. Perfect for spring.


  4. That dress was made for you!! xxx