Friday, March 9, 2018

Hi Hello Hola Kon'nichiwa Bonjour Hallo Zdravstvuyte Yeoboseyo Ciao Shalom marhabaan

Hi everybody everywhere around the world.  It's Friday here so TGIF and all that, but I start my work weekend and I am pumped to HUSTLE!  Being broke will do that lololol!
If you like your work, though, and I know a lot of people out there do---sometimes it's nice to actually settle into it and focus.

St. Paddy's Day is coming so, focus on the green, green, green!!!  Here is an old picture of me wearing it 20 lbs slimmer----I was praising the seams the night I wore this dress recently lol

I wore this to hear the band Battery Powered Hooker Boots.
Their girlfriends are very nice, too!

The show was at the soon to be legendary Sly Grog Lounge!
If you come to Asheville you must check them out!!!
My beautiful friend from Argentina makes the empanadas there and they are amazing :)

Susie, one of the owners was doing on the spot DIY spray-painted shirts and I love the hoodie and it was gifted to me by a real sweetheart.  I'm telling you that place was filled with good vibes.


They had a fem bot in the show and you can see her getting played on their Facebook page.  They built the robot mask she's wearing and are really playing the music from it live!

The men's vintage green floral tropical print shirt featured below can be found here and the skirt here.

If you hit the shop up don't forget the promo code!!!!!

Checking blogs soon!!!!
I just love all your blogger inspo <3

Love & Light, 

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  1. I adore a velvet dress, esp in a deep beautiful color like this one. Light and love back at you, I do believe it follows you wherever you go, xox


  2. I had a green velvet dress back in the late 90s! I loved it!