Monday, March 12, 2018

Secondhand Riri shirts and Vintage Leopard Print Jackets and Bangs Cheongsam Fashion at 42 Woop Woop

Well, the hair is def staying brunette for a while.  It would take a double triple processing professional coloring job of a goddess with a miracle or two in their back pocket for me to be blonde again.
I don't have any of that happening sooooooo :)

In my thrifted Rihanna t-shirt and old school vintage 80s leopard print jacket.  

Me in a similar cheongsam dress lewk here on IG.

Here is what I sound like on my side of a phone chat:

Working-getting shit done.  You?
Until when?
Shit.  Long Day.
Yeah, I'm good.  Dude, the East Coast Tweaker was in my dream last night, but he was my gay roommate! 
It felt positive. 
Im drinking coffee now, but I'm starving.
I know!  It's so cold!
It's upsetting.
No, what?
Oh jeez.  That has nothing to do with me.
That's not about me.
I'm serious, tho. 
22 years old is entirely too young. 
I need all my make-up so I can be ready.  I'm not ready, yet.
It's morally illegal; immoral. 
Don't give up hope---it's a worthy cause!
Uh-huh.  Uh-huh. 
Ok, well as long as you think that's the worst that can happen then that's not that bad.
I would never do that!  You know me!
Good make-up brushes make a huge difference.
Yeah, I talked to her earlier.
He is totally gonna take his shirt off!  I know it! 
Ok, ok, I gotta go.  I gotta get this shit done by 12.
I'll call you later.

We have a total big crazy storm tonight and it's ridiculous.  I'm very much freaking out, but it's fine, over a bit of a financial stress this week.  Just keep working!  Early/late...  The time change makes the week even goofier.  Like everything shifts an hour----it feels skewed!

Off to read your blogs as the storm swoops thru <3

Love & Light, 


  1. Good luck with the storm - those can be so scary! Good make-up brushes are a must - I bought them for my teenage nieces. Love your hair this colour, with the bangs (fringe as they say in the UK!), and you look stunning in the cheongsam dress. I hate the time change. They should abolish it.

  2. You look so good with dark hair, i can't imagine you blonde now! xxx