Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spring Break is around the corner and that really has got people Happier!

A few good things happening :)
Girl London is stoked bcuz she is getting to take gymnastics again!
Spring Break starts in 2 days!!!

In honor of spring break and all things spring/summer I will post this picture that makes me look sunburnt!

Some of these filters r cool!!!!!!!

I'm 42, live in Asheville.  When u move here, u will probably need a Subaru.  This winter made me want 4x4 bcuz snow & ice!  The irony is 90% of the problem is the driveway...
I have kids.
I think Trader Joe's has a great wine & cheese section.

Shop this dress here!

These fun clam diggers sold here!

These are my rhinestone leggings.  They are flared, which is a hippie dominated lewk!!!, but I feel like the rhinestones make it ELVIS and I'm bedazzled by the loveliness.   
This is a casual, but still low-key DIAMOND GIRL lewk.  

If u have a bedazzler consider using it again for spring.

This is my Facebook page, which I'm bored with, so I've decided to make it inclusive, more blog-like.  The live music feed stuff on Facebook lately has been amazing.  Killer fresh sets. Big ups for music on Facebook.  It is really perfect for DJ's and EDM fans.

Timo's House just hosted the wodnb in Asheville.

Some remaining shows if u wanna catch them!

Love & Light, 


  1. Aw, I missed the tour - it came to my city (Victoria, CAN)! I love the bedazzled leggings - I think I might seriously need a bedazzler! You look beautiful in every filter!

  2. Yes, agree with sheila, you look fab in every filter! xxx

  3. Diamond Girl, you sure do shine! Love the filter, and all the fab vintage goodies, xox