Monday, April 16, 2018

Kids Know How to Have a Birthday Party and Other Stuff Like a Cake with the Most Candy

It was pretty much spend the night party time for my 11 year old when she came back from her class trip to D.C.  Her theme was CandyLand.  Her little sister prepped by dressing up like a blue Sour Patch Kid.  She came out of the bathroom room with a sparkling blue dress, a choker drawn on with a marker (great idea!!!), and sequins stuck to her eyelids with her lipgloss.
I was very f-ing impressed. ISSA LEWK!

My daughter decorated the cake herself.

The krew was lucky to have a gorgeous day that day!!  

Hardcore streamer decorations!

Also, the neighbors were puppy-sitting a baby husky.
Get out of town cuteness!


Sidewalk chalk and Big Mouth game time!

Wishes <3 <3 <3

So many straws!!!

My Grandma's dress from the actual bday celebrations I was posting about on IG, but couldn't quite finish the graphic...

Also, is Facebook just the new phonebook? Like modern white pages and yellow pages basically?  

Love & Light, 

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  1. Your girls are so cool! I love the party costume and that cake is a stunner. What imaginations.
    I want to steal that husky! xxx

  2. That looks like the most fun party ever, and I want a slice (and some extra candy) of that cake!

  3. Such a cooool party! That cake - i have to bite it right now. xox