Monday, April 30, 2018

Some Sunny Floral Spring Yellowness Vibes and Turban Fun

These pants are tight ppl, v tight.  At 42, it does not take much to get chubbier!!!
This accessory sticker turban tho is just cementing the idea that I need a turban!

Shirt is a thrifted xhilaration for Target----kinda of a weird little pick for me, but I like the print.
Jeans are also thrifted.
I just want to talk about how all my clothes are not always vintage, but they are way more often than not, SECONDHAND.  This is so important.  It rly rly is time for ppl to get used to the idea of buying used.  

Been wearing my glasses more this week because my allergies are irritating my eyes and I realize I REALLY need new glasses.  Tops 1,3,4 are all thrifted secondhand picks.  Number 2 is a Victoria Secret t-shirt from about ten years ago that I still love to wear it.  Not so fancy FancyBoy this week lolol

Foxy in a pic taken and decorated by Baby Dream.

Love & Light, 

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  1. Oh, I hear ya - I feel every pound (must stop eating chips!). I agree - why wouldn't you shop second hand? It is better quality, and cheaper. Who wants to wear that same mall crap all the time?

  2. Second hand is the only way to fill our wardrobes with great quality stuff - cheap shit just! xxx

  3. Turbans are always a fun fashion accessory. Love the print on yours. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack.