Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Thank You For Your Content Please Come Again

Posted this on IG today and I mean it to everyone creating, sharing, participating in a positive way <3

Wanted to continue to be thankful for those who served and sacrificed during this past Memorial Day Weekend.  No real words, just so much to continue to contemplate and acknowledge.
When we hold the line for justice and rights anywhere, and trust me, we are currently fighting to exercise our basic rights here in America, I always hope it honors those that gave everything in some small way. 

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Thrifted pink dress, beaded cap, & ribbon tied around my neck.  
Issa Lewk.   

Old kids Puma t-shirt, double braids, pink eyeliner, red glitter eyeliner.

Super fun drum & bass concert I got out to!!!!!
What I wore to the club!!!
Summer dance casual:
Thrifted white sundress!
Baby blue Gazelle's so I could dance (not shown) :)

Love & Light, 

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Monday, May 14, 2018

We Rolled Right Into Summer

Hi there!

I got to go to the LEAF festival for Mother's Day. It was the first time I've been and it was super cute and all ages friendly.

My daughter's super cool school teamed up with artist from Uganda and she got to preform with the band.

The girls!!!  We had a blast.  This was especially easy for me because the festival is only about 20 minutes from where we live in Black Mountain.  I recommend it for some southeast fun if you're ever around!!!

The festival has been around a while and there was something called a 'veggie thing' that everyone was chowing down on, so I got one!

Fresh fried cheese and veggies and spicy red chutney sauce!  So yum! 

I got a sunburn!

So today I'm dressed for comfort!

Super thin vintage t-shirts are so comfy!!!
This is my mother's maxi skirt shown here b4 with a vintage leather moto jacket I sort of wish I still had but sold {{{sigh}}}.

Love & Light, 

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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P.S. My Rihanna & ripped tiger t-shirt get a lot of positive feedback out & about!

Tiger shirt also shown here.

Rihanna shirt also shown here.