Sunday, July 29, 2018

Second Hand Thrifted Major Bust Ruffles J. Crew Peach Sundress Visible Monday Look Link Up

This secondhand thrifted approx. $5 peach colored J. Crew dress has gotten me comfortably thru some hot summer days when all other articles were just uncomfortable---a go-to if u will.

This mirror makes you look 10lbs slimmer.  No joke.
I've never been taken for a big prep or anything, but I've always had a weird 90s alternative grunge penchant for secondhand ridiculously inexpensive, but lux or preppie items.  
The ridiculous ruffles on this dress are fun.

More ridiculous bra exposure in the form of purple lace.
More fun beads.

Also, Facebook currently has filters that are rly cool eye make-up inspo looks!

U know I love it!

Ozzy effortlessly nailing the beauty lewks & I had to sweat blood & tears for mine here.

This guys knows what the fuck he's doing for sure.

Love & Light, 

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Power of a Pretty Dress Part Deux and Selfie Fun with Filters

I liked the other dress so much I went back and bought the black version---original deets here.

Worth every penny for easy wear coolness.  This has been an absolute go-to summer dress.  Getting super into beads and (fake) pearls and stuff.  Florals and beads are just so nice.
There is a huge sale, too :D

Me, in my wild blue Revlon Skinny eyeliner and telling you how much I love your adventurous pics <3

Don't ever let people stop you from having selfie & filter fun.  I've heard more than one guy say something about this...  Let people enjoy things, especially silly filters. 

And no filters.
On a super hot day.
In a horrible outfit because I was painting.

Too real.
Didn't like my eyeliner, either.
Plus, my pants were too tight.
That day.

Love & Light, 

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Blogging Sales & Business Goals Also a Dress that makes people swoon

I'm def looking for some ways to get back focused and I've challenged myself with some number goals and blogging more frequently was a part of it.

So, while I don't think I even look that fab in the next few pics, I'm going to explain the Power of a Pretty Dress.

Confession:  This was last minute fast fashion purchase from TJMaxx.  I had to try and find something besides shorts and had reached an emergency.  It was $19.99.
Little girls tell me my dress is pretty.
Young guys tell me my dress is pretty.
Older ladies & gentlemen tell me my dress is so pretty.
I'm always like, THANK YOU!!!!

This dress is crazy comfortable and even has pockets.***
I just wear crazy bras under sundresses.
I have worn this thing a million times already. 
Hair up, sweaty, summery lolol
I'm grateful because it is so hard to try & look anything but a mess for me in this heat.
I've even switched to a few beads for accessory fun.
Take a sweaty mess & make it cute; behold, the power of a pretty dress.

Do u have any go-to seasonal dresses that seem to get tons of compliments?

Love & Light, 

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Old School Blog Post About Fractals Coffee Shop and Cafe in Asheville

Missing my girls so I decided to do a little blog post featuring a fun sort of sic-fi themed coffee shop called Fractals that the girls love here in Asheville.

First things first, it has a virtual reality game that GirlLondon loves.

BabyDream tinkering!

They have several featured local artists' work for sale.

Famous scientists & artists candles.

U can go inside!!!

And more!!!

Obligatory selfie.

My maxi dress is thrifted, also shown here.  My belt is second-hand from Plato's Closet.  Blue necklace is from ages ago Free People.  The pendant is hand-made resurfaced surfboard that my friend Little Lisa from high school made and my crochet necklace is handmade by my friend Laura, talked about here as, The Crow!  She is a co-owner with her husband at a very cool new store in Asheville called MadProps (flashback to these guys here & here.  

Focusing on small and independent artists & designers and secondhand shopping as much as I can.
Can't wait to check out all your fashion and lifestyle blog exploits!

Love & Light, 

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Time for a quickie post featuring vintage slips and fancy hand posing

I am trying to make it a point to blog more.  It is my favorite social media over the long run.  At this point, a lot of the other ones, including IG & Facebook, I could see myself leaving off a bit more if it wasn't for business.  

I'm also having fun getting strategic with biz.  Small business takes so much focus and ingenuity, so I'm setting lots of creative project and number oriented goals.  I'm also getting back into getting some fun lewks going-----that's the whole point, r?

Long fake pearls and a vintage gold locket for necklaces.  I really adore metallic temporary tattoos that I tell where to buy here.  Vintage slips as dresses for hot summer looks--shown here b4 with Kiki's wig.  

I love this look below.  Funny enough I had already taken to occasionally tie a ribbon around my ankle with heels!! 

This is an example of my new area of posing I'm doing where I'm trying to pose with my hands.  Sort of like, Vanna White glam with eastern asian beauty model posing inspo or something.

U should see the photo series of these I just did---rather comical.  I'll keep practicing.  This is right-handed, the left is even harder.  I'm starting here very basic, but I'm going to work this up a bit!!!!!!

Love & Light, 

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

New Material and Fall Info and I rly needed Obama's speech and middle school lewks

Somebody brought up fall today and it shook me!  Weird to think of it coming because it's mid-summer and so hot, but it did cross my mind.

GirlLondon aka LonDaBridge just got a whole new haircut by HairByShea!!!!

And not to leave this little angel, Baby Dream, aka CocoLoco with FoxyBaby.

Also, I made my daughters watch (most) of the Obama speech with me.  So good.

I appreciate and respect him as a leader so much.  I think it's important for children to hear leaders you really admire, especially when trying to incorporate political responsibility into their lives and general education.  I can't help it, and neither can he, that he's so good looking.

FancyBoy in effect right here with some fake pearls that I really like.
Secondhand thrifted dress that I have worn several times already this summer.

In honor of the middle school years, here are two photos I shared on IG last week of me from that time.  Crazy pic, but this was the summer b4 6th grade, same a GirlLondon now.  Friends are so important.  The family you choose.

This is also me lolol 

If you are a DJ and someone is in a blue dress you better play Devil In a Blue Dress.
No requests necessary.  They just knew.

Also, as a young girl, I was extremely into maxi length dresses and ball gowns.  I wanted that shit to touch the floor damnit.  

Off to read blogs!!!!!!!!!!!

Love & Light,

Having a big sale!!! Link below :D

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Visible Monday

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Huge Sale Happening and some Middle School Jean Shorts Fun and 80s and Rock is coming Back

Lots of fun stuff going on IG about vintage fashion inspo looks---tbt happening irt on stories 2nite!
Here is me very ate 80s in middle school cut-off jean shorts and floral crop top sitch complete with my dad's old leather belt.

I haven't gotten to focus on major lewks this summer-----so behind.  I'll be trying to put something together.  Also, trying to diet some, which I don't love.  Can't stop eating bacon and chili and stuff.  It's ridiculous.  I need some sort of summer salad or cucumber lemon water hydration theory weight loss system lolol

Fun stuff at the shop!!!!  HUGE SALE buy 3 items get 30% off your order!!!

Every summer I basically want to sell everything.  

Just Kate.  I still love her.

U know I like the new outer space filter on IG stories.  So good.  

Sweaty summer realness in lots of old jewelry and a thrifted dress.  

Back on my bullshit & going with the classic red nail polish for summer----red hot. 

Also, 80s are coming back.  Boleros, ruffles, g-strings...  Lots of stuff.  Rock n' Roll---everything. 

Love & Light, 

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Temporary Tattoos and major Disney World fun My Sweet Pretty Shiba Doge SideEye and Foot Fun Also, me sucking it in in a hotel room

We had a good time at 
Disney World :D

We got to see my brother's family and my bff & fam since 7th grade.
Hopefully more pics soon. 

Temp tats info here.

Foxy with the doge side-eye.

I am sucking in my stomach lolol
Old dress and everything actually. 

You've seen it a lll b4

Summer time fun fun 
Every second I can spend with the girls & working my butt off.  
Cheers to everyone working this summer------let's do this <3

Love & Light, 

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