Saturday, August 11, 2018

I still love Blogging the best as far as social media goes

Hi bloggerland peeps!  I have def noticed a lot of my old school bloggers just aren't blogging (as much) anymore.  Blogging is by far my fav social media outlet.  I def use it for work, but for sure think it's a platform for sharing and communicating that has enriched my online experience in a positive way.

I've been sort of checking out and following some new people.  When I first started blogging I knew NOTHING!!!!  I just started commenting on stuff I liked---and not just fashion.  I really like what some of you blogger ladies are about----just like, using your voice on a platform.  We have a lot to share with each other.  Fashion & style are just the beginnings of the connections I make and I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone :D

That being said, my outfits this week have been dismal.  I'm impressed by all u fresh & crisp individuals still bring it.  My pants r too tight & I'm sweaty lolol

Wearing second hand thrifted Calvin Klein sundress and secondhand Army camo hat.
I'm hoping to get something cute together soon.

Crying with these peeps in Argentina.

They deserve totally and all access to modern healthcare including safe abortions.

Fuck outta here with this shit. Damn.
It's not over.

Also, if you like EDM music my lovely friend Krista shared this video to a group called Vinyl Revisions (please check out if you love old school vinyl records!!!) and I love it so much. 

Music & dance, music & dance, music & dance--- amirite???????
<3 <3 <3 

Love & Light, 



  1. Yup, blogging is the most satisfying for me too, but I struggle to maintain both IG and my blog. So I let them both slide, heh. But it's always great to catch up when I make the rounds. Good to see you. Yeah, TOO DAMN HOT!! But you're still looking cool. I liked the video.

  2. Music, dance and FASHION! I love blogging too - it's more interactive than instagram or twitter. It's like having a quick chat with friends. So glad you are still around - I love our bloggy circle!

  3. Agreed - blogging is where we get to know each other's lives best, and groove to the music. I love what you wrote about Argentina's new law - you're so right and express what I feel, in a more honest way! xox


  4. The powers that be in Argentina need to hang their heads in shame, this is the 21st century people, not the 18th!
    Blogging is the best, I found IG overwhelming and Facebook depressing. xxx

  5. I absolutely LOVE you as a brunette! And, yes, I like EDM, my cousin is DJ Psychobitch! It looks like you've made lots of changes. Oh, it's been too long, bring me up to date!

  6. I totally agree with you that blogging is the best! I have met many wonderful people and I love it! It is way too hot these days but at least on the calendar, Autumn is not that far! I hope you are having a great Monday so far!

    Maureen |