Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Detail Oriented Projects & Layering Techniques (Power of a Pretty Dress Cont...)

Hello everyone out in BloggerLand!

This will be a quick outfit post <3 

Remember "Power of a Pretty Dress"?
Well, I'm still wearing that black floral sundress (shown here), but I added a tight off the shoulder blouse----you could do the same over a dress or sundress.  Just add a knit top or sweatshirt.

Handmade crochet choker also shown here.  My vintage from my childhood Rebecca heart locket shown here & my Mom's vintage heart locket I had given her years ago.

I wasn't trying to make a fist or anything, but I ended up liking the accidental picture.

I'm about to eat Burger Gang Burger Gang Philly Cheese Steak Burger and Chicken Pot Fries----info on IG here. A burger pop-up in Asheville.

I'm doing tons of organizing for work and also for little house projects.  Doing a massive closet overhaul that I'll be discussing soon as well as the importance of the secondhand shopping movements and similar ways to stay stylish while minimizing your negative impact on the environment.  There are several ladies I really admire on the forefront rn and now is the perfect time to get involved and get INSPIRED to be really fashion forward---with the future truly in mind.

Love & Light,

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  1. You look gorgeous, as usual! Great to see you - and I like the accidental fist! Rar! This woman means business!

    Hurray for second-hand shopping!! I wish more people would do it!

  2. I'm glad you're on the bandwagon for educating people about the negative impact their fast fashion over consumption has on the environment. The more people that start preaching the more people will stand up and take notice.

    I saw a movie on Netflix I can highly recommend called "Before The Flood" with Leonardo Di Caprio. If you only watch one movie on the environment it should be this one.