Friday, December 28, 2018

Sugar Cookies and Coquito and The Holidays

I made coquito (a Puerto Rican holiday drink with coconut & rum--here & here b4 on blog) and the girls are helping put icing on my favorite sugar cookie recipe from childhood, made by my bff Mason's mom.  (IG here)

Each girl made a plate.
I'm wearing a super old tank top because the weather is ridiculously warm.
I don't celebrate any religious holiday anymore, but I have holiday related treats and customs. 
It's been just so incredible hanging with my daughters.   Just nice to be on break and enjoy their company.

This was some 90s flashback photos actually taken before a holiday office party in Tampa.  

We pre-gamed with friends before the party---this is my old apartment with my roommate Charles.
I really do enjoy holiday parties and work parties.
I like being a guest at weddings, too.

I loved, loved, loved popping around and visiting everyone during the holidays when I was younger.
I tried to tat least talk to or see any friends and family I could this year---

Foxy the King was gifted this handmade shirt by my daughter's friend Sophie.  Her gifts and cards were extremely thoughtful.  These kids are really encouraging and inspiring.  I mean it.  
Foxy Baby is so cute!!

Here is me in work mode below-----
42 years old
I really need new glasses {{sigh}}

Wearing secondhand thrifted sweater.
Getting more into my planning for the future.  
The more I visualize how and what I want sort of helps me sort thru stuff in the contemplation phase---like mental and imaginary kinks get worked out before I start the real preparations. Occasionally this process has gotten me closer to what I aim to achieve and saved some time, and energy, and sometimes money, in the process. 
Sometimes it takes a while lolzzz

Love & Light, 

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Best Friends & Family & I Love Disney World Summer Flashbacks & Happy Solstice

 It's weird how much I leave out of this blog.  I mentioned a Disney trip previously, but I haven't talked much about some of the really important people in my life.  This lady Karen here with me has been a best friend of mine since 7th grade.  We used to go to Disney together as teens.  She's a rather brilliant doctor now and one of the smartest women I know.  She is family <3

I've known her husband, John, since we were teens, too. We were pregnant together twice---we were actually in the hospital together for our 2 oldest kids.  I wheeled down the hall to see her!
Our kids hadn't played or seen each other in several years, because I moved to Asheville, and it was just fantastic.

I also got to see my brother, Richard, and his wife, Cha Cha, and my nephew.
I don't have a picture of everyone---I'm glad my brother took this quick one of us on the tram!
He and his family all love Disney, too.  
I love them all so much and I have to admit that even though I still back my move, it is a big deal not having these people around, like actually around.  I do lots of phone calls and stuff, but it is not the same.  I wish traveling was more affordable.  Although, if you are east coast----Allegiant Airlines has ridiculously cheap rates----and that's the only reason trips are occasionally doable.  

We had so much fun.  
I wore this simple thrifted white sundress a lot this past summer!

I did not buy these ears and I wish that I had!

This is me (IG)---it's '93 and I'm approx 17 years old on another trip to Disney.  I have a blonde pixie cut that I would gel into sort of forward spikes.  My shorts are very big---almost as big as Mickey's pants lol!!! This is back in the day with film, so of course, I have my eyes shut and it's the only pic hahaha!

Here is me being boring dressed today.  Having only lived here almost five years this upcoming February, I'm still sorting out how to dress for the cold.  This basic tan and reversible blue oddly preppy raincoat from my cousin has been on meh a lot!!

Love & Light, 

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Super Fun Meet Up and Vintage Weirdness as Usual

I was super happy because Kim of SoulsofCalifornia  (on the right below) came in to town right on the heels of Snowpocalypse.  We've been online vinty sellers (and wearers) for years and we finally got a chance to hang in person.

It was so fun to get to meet her and her bbf from back in San Francisco that is now on the east coast.

So much fun.  I'm wearing leggings and a vintage sailor top and her friend, who did not want to be tagged (but agreed to us taking/sharing the pic!) was wearing a cool vintage Australian leather hat & poncho.  We ate at Haywood Common in West Asheville.

It's a gorgeous day today so I'm wearing a super comfy vintage embroidered chambray shirt (seen here b4) and tiered ruffled high/low skirt.  

Vintage lockets and bangles. 

Here is me with Sam, SamIAm, my bff of decades, when she recently popped up to Asheville to visit the girls and me---just a few of her people lol  This is us getting into her 'Am I too Puma?' she starts every time she shows up with new Puma shoes and this time, a beautiful velour jacket.
I really treasure face to face time with her.

I actually wore a thrifted green contemporary sweater with the same tiered white high/low skirt--bit of a back view lol.  

And vintage leather boots.  
And we got to go see Goldie while she was here.

Asheville does get a lot of good shows---music of all kinds.  A big plus in my book. 

Love & Light, 

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Trippy Vintage 60s Styled with Totes Boots and Invisible Man

So, this was a trippy vintage 60s shirt, shown here & even earlier as a blonde here, but I have to admit these are new Amazon bought boots.  They were $29 form the brand Totes.  I tore up my silly daily winter boots I had last year and everything secondhand was super pricey.  

This originally posted on IG here.

Just read Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and it def made me 'more human'.  Great book.

Really puts the small potatoes idiocy I have to deal with into perspective.  Grateful for his contribution to the literary arts.

One good thing about getting older, and hopefully a little wiser, is you slowly tighten up the shoe laces of your character, so to speak.  Bit of a struggle, but worth doing every day for sure. 

I'm also, at 42, doing some planning for the future.  Including deciding what I might do for work 10 years from now.  It's exciting.  I do like to think about plans with other people, but if you really want something you work towards it yourself.  

Where do you see yourself?  

Love & Light, 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Vintage 50s Dress and Vintage 70s Dress and Sunglasses are Perfect for Sunny Days

A couple of weekends ago at Burial listening to live jazz.  I was meeting a friend on her way in from oot, but I was there earlier than her so I ordered chicken wings while I waited.

Wearing a vintage 50s dress, also shown here and gifted vintage 70s sunglasses, talked about and shown here.

Super cute dog we met!

Wearing a vintage green dress again, also shown here 6 years ago.
Leather harness and vintage Rebecca locket and vintage mom locket, that was my mother's.

I'm also on IG.

Love & Light, 

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Running a two day sale now in honor of Shop for Equality.  Lots of Asheville business' are participating to bring equality for everyone in the South. 

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sometimes It Do Be Like That and also I Love Hand Me Downs and Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon

 So, a little bit ago I was taking some soup and a dress (coincidently) that was too long on me to my friend Krista's house and she had a couple shirts she was going to donate, but decided to let me check them out.  I loved them!
I started off with no make-up and tried to take a good pic---it was a total loss lol
Everything was looking like this and worse.

I kept trying all day.  Later with make-up.
These are the BEST ones ppl.  
I had to call it a wash.


We're also having Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon here in Asheville.  Here is my cute dog Foxy in the snow.  We have power and everything still, so we are pretty comfy and lucky so far.

This fine selfie below is me bumming around in another hand-me-down, an oversized t-shirt from my cousin's husband.  I noticed the tag in this picture indicating that I was wearing it backwards---

We've done birthday parties, spend the nights, playdates, cookie making, and sledding this weekend.

I'm 42, so below you will see end of the night MOM LEVEL-TIRED below.

Well, being snowed in Sunday is letting us all really relax now.  
All my clothes are secondhand or thrifted.  Even these shorts are my friend's Sam's old shorts she gave me.  

And FRANCE-----I see the people over there are demonstrating their demands!!!
I'm here in my secondhand work onsie blogging about how much solidarity I feel with u.

Admittedly, I've eaten way too many cookies.

Love & Light,

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