Friday, December 21, 2018

Best Friends & Family & I Love Disney World Summer Flashbacks & Happy Solstice

 It's weird how much I leave out of this blog.  I mentioned a Disney trip previously, but I haven't talked much about some of the really important people in my life.  This lady Karen here with me has been a best friend of mine since 7th grade.  We used to go to Disney together as teens.  She's a rather brilliant doctor now and one of the smartest women I know.  She is family <3

I've known her husband, John, since we were teens, too. We were pregnant together twice---we were actually in the hospital together for our 2 oldest kids.  I wheeled down the hall to see her!
Our kids hadn't played or seen each other in several years, because I moved to Asheville, and it was just fantastic.

I also got to see my brother, Richard, and his wife, Cha Cha, and my nephew.
I don't have a picture of everyone---I'm glad my brother took this quick one of us on the tram!
He and his family all love Disney, too.  
I love them all so much and I have to admit that even though I still back my move, it is a big deal not having these people around, like actually around.  I do lots of phone calls and stuff, but it is not the same.  I wish traveling was more affordable.  Although, if you are east coast----Allegiant Airlines has ridiculously cheap rates----and that's the only reason trips are occasionally doable.  

We had so much fun.  
I wore this simple thrifted white sundress a lot this past summer!

I did not buy these ears and I wish that I had!

This is me (IG)---it's '93 and I'm approx 17 years old on another trip to Disney.  I have a blonde pixie cut that I would gel into sort of forward spikes.  My shorts are very big---almost as big as Mickey's pants lol!!! This is back in the day with film, so of course, I have my eyes shut and it's the only pic hahaha!

Here is me being boring dressed today.  Having only lived here almost five years this upcoming February, I'm still sorting out how to dress for the cold.  This basic tan and reversible blue oddly preppy raincoat from my cousin has been on meh a lot!!

Love & Light, 

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  1. What a blast you must have had. I'm glad you got to meet up with people you love and miss and that you have the option to fly with cheap tickets. Bonus!!! Flights are really expensive in Canada. I hope you guys can meet again soon. Love the old pics too! Hahaha!! I had hair similar to that once.

  2. You all look so happy! I love that you've got such a lasting friendship, you were destined to find each other. xxx

  3. Such fun to see your holiday pics - I enjoy seeing the old "film" photos! I hope to one day make it to your area, but I live on a frickin' island and it costs so much just to get OFF it!