Sunday, December 16, 2018

Super Fun Meet Up and Vintage Weirdness as Usual

I was super happy because Kim of SoulsofCalifornia  (on the right below) came in to town right on the heels of Snowpocalypse.  We've been online vinty sellers (and wearers) for years and we finally got a chance to hang in person.

It was so fun to get to meet her and her bbf from back in San Francisco that is now on the east coast.

So much fun.  I'm wearing leggings and a vintage sailor top and her friend, who did not want to be tagged (but agreed to us taking/sharing the pic!) was wearing a cool vintage Australian leather hat & poncho.  We ate at Haywood Common in West Asheville.

It's a gorgeous day today so I'm wearing a super comfy vintage embroidered chambray shirt (seen here b4) and tiered ruffled high/low skirt.  

Vintage lockets and bangles. 

Here is me with Sam, SamIAm, my bff of decades, when she recently popped up to Asheville to visit the girls and me---just a few of her people lol  This is us getting into her 'Am I too Puma?' she starts every time she shows up with new Puma shoes and this time, a beautiful velour jacket.
I really treasure face to face time with her.

I actually wore a thrifted green contemporary sweater with the same tiered white high/low skirt--bit of a back view lol.  

And vintage leather boots.  
And we got to go see Goldie while she was here.

Asheville does get a lot of good shows---music of all kinds.  A big plus in my book. 

Love & Light, 

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  1. Goldie's from Walsall! He used to graffiti all of the walls in the town centre and was known for his street art way before his music. He's ace! xxx

  2. How fun to finally meet in person! And hang out with a good old friend!
    You look wonderful in green, the tiered skirt is gorgeous, and so is the embroidery on your shirt!

  3. It's so cool meeting people through our passion for clothes! One day I will make it to see you - the good music scene will definitely make it a plus.

    A very Happy Christmas to you, my dear!