Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My Birthday Month is Almost Over!!!!!!!

Pizza party.  Turning 9.  Atlanta '85.



Balloons.  Perfecto. 

Around this age I was a Daisy Scout/Girl Scout.
Still absolutely love the Girl Scouts. A throwback to when I was still in Florida and my older daughter was able to be a scout for a bit.  
Me in my old way too tiny sash below.

My current 9 year old for comparison---Baby Dream & Foxy The King πŸ•

Better do my other baby for good measure!  Girl London 🐾

Shopping my closet for lewks!

This coat is listed here, but trust me, was under heavy keeping consideration.
Vintage 90s Large Petite Misdemeanor zebra print jacket.

 And if you've got Valentine's Day on the mind...  
This NWT 90s backless sexy lingerie style dress is πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£

Off to check your lovely blogs for inspo & ideas πŸ’•

Love & Light, 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

WINTER LUAU was the best dnb & jungle party we've had in Asheville πŸ”ˆπŸ”‰πŸ”Š

Okkkkkkk  at least it feels like that!!!!!

These pics are from Krista (talked about here & here---one of my best little insanely creative & talented friends) and the concept of the Winter Luau started with her inspo from a tiki mug cocktail beverage---I mentioned it here, as well with links to all the hosts.

These pics are from Vinyl Revisions  her vinyl DJ party productions & promotions org. and they're all I've got--- I took no pics lolol

People danced their booties off non-stop until 3am proper!

Tommy, Krista's wonderful man (luv him!) 

Tommy aka DJ LaMorte, me, Krista (aka DJ Alusia), & Eric (aka DJ Oneiric)

Krista's friend, Duane (aka ND-Skyz) & Krista
It was so wonderful to hang out with everyone. Srsly positive vibezzz only & hospitality weekend.

Everybody got lei'd! 🌸🌺🌼

And if you want to hear the music for the evening it was like recorded by DJ Terrance Young of BeatDrifters on his YouTube channel:

This is the event page if you want to follow up on all the DJ's or follow to maybe come to one of the events!

It was incredible and I'm grateful for my friends.  Sam made it from ATL---I have no pics of us lolol it's like I'm back to 25 years ago!

Love & Light,

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Tropical vibezzz vintage romper:

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Two of my friends of 25 years (fbf 90s and a clip from The Non-Binary Nowness for inspo)

I'm 43 and I've been friends with Charles and Sam for 25 years---met them both when I was 18.

This is the apartment I moved into 100% by myself on Waters Ave in Tampa.  I quit my job shortly after lolzzz  Tim, on the left in black, ended up quitting as well (we worked together) and subsequently crashed at my place for approximately 3 months of the 10 month lease.  We used to pay an old co-worker $10 and she'd make a big dish of homemade jerk chicken macaroni and cheese for us...  She was from Jamaica.
Charles is on the right---old best friend and roommate mentioned here (so glad I got a pic of us!) & here.  They are sitting on my old round leopard print chair I inherited from My Uncle Jimmy.  It's gone now...  {{sigh}}

My old school Guinness posters --also gone :( are sort of visible.

Sam & I chillin' on the bed b4 we all head out.
We used to wear extremely wide-leg pants. 

Jen, Sam, & Charles  --- they're so cute!
We are at house party with DJ's.  Super popular in Tampa in the 90s.  

Me, Dan, & Sam...
You can't tell from the pic, but my shirt is silver sparkly.  So funny to see Sam in Adidas because she's always in Puma lol

We are in our 20's in these pics.  It was old school cameras back then, so we have a lot LESS pics of ourselves compared to today's youth.
Like, I think these were the only pics we took that year πŸ˜‚

I still have the vintage 70s black studded jacket--also shown here!!!
Thrifted it as a teen in Tampa.  
Pic is horrible---but that's film people!  You had no idea until it was developed it sucked. 

Me, Jen, & Sam :)

It was '98 (according to the pic date) so I was 22 here.  
Still just as into electronic dance music--- techno, jungle, house, and whatnot... is all edm now.

Nostalgia.  Lots of Adidas!  You can def still see the 90s style influence today.  (I'm wearing blue suede Puma's tho---can't be seen in these particular pics.) 
So glad to know these two for two and half decades.

Here's a little video I really liked about learning to be accepting.  If you believe gender is a social construct, then your language should reflect that---ya' better come correct!
The future is non-binary :)

Back to 43 years old here---thanks for strolling down memory lane with me.  Birthdays can make you take stock of good stuff---lots of love.
Wearing a strawberry themed Youtube hoodie that's my daughter's and a bit big for her...

Layered with a secondhand 90s Harve Benard red coat that is new to me and vintage silver heart locket <3
It's too cold for me!

Full pic of coat.  I love it.
Secondhand ftw!!

Love & Light,

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Just turned 43 and had a really nice birthday weekend

I turned 43 this weekend πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚!!!
I was really lucky because my girls were with me my birthday weekend and my best friend Sam, SamIAm, came up from Atlanta.  Several of my best friends in Asheville all got to stop by on Sunday---and my dream to cut my cake with a sword (preferable far east!) came true!

Krista & Tommy brought one of Tommy's amazing eastern swords.  It was beautiful.  I cut my cake with it...  London & Winter cut their pieces with it, too.

The girls made me my cake.  It's vanilla funfetti with strawberry icing.

Photo credits to Winter, Baby Dream...  I just did not take pictures this weekend lolzzz
The candle was sticking out the front like a unicorn!
I made a wish--- for all of us <3

It was super freezing cold, but clear weather.  That evening Sam and Winter and I popped out for an evening birthday dinner after the party and we decided to try a place we'd never been to called White Labs Kitchen & Tap.  I had some friends sending us birthday videos and I was responding with videos lololzzz  Wearing the work jumpsuit again---not the fanciest at all---but, sooooo comfy lol 

I didn't get the special deal, but this is the pizza I ordered---pic from their Facebook page!

It was delicious!

Do you prefer Facebook or IG links to places?  I like to add them for references, but I switch back & forth...  So, I'm curious if you have a preference.  A lot of us share links to places and I personally love it and use both sites sort of equitably at this point so...

I have no pics, but Sam got to meet Noreen, from this blog post here!  My best friend got to meet Kim's best friend.  So fun.  She made us a delicious red shrimp curry with red wine.  Noreen sells vintage furniture and home decor and clothing in Hendersonville and her store will be having a grand opening soon, so More To Come! 

Randon selfie--sort of a smug weird expression, but I was actually pleased with my lipstick & hand me down shirt I'm wearing a lot .

Back to work now!  Hope you all had an amazing MLK weekend.


You have to care about others and express that through your words and actions. 
Being a voice and hearing others is vital to our humanity. 

Love & Light, 

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This vintage leather and gold trim jacket just listed here

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Making English Scones, Sentimental Trinkets, & Comfortable Sweatshirts

When I wore my work jumpsuit here, I wore all my mom's vintage trinkets that aren't all worth that much, but are sentimental.   Details matter tho <3

I'm was at the WALK in WAVL (West Asheville) in my cousin's second hand tan jacket--taking a moment to grab a snack b4 the bad weather.

Back home in my vintage 90s Tampa Bay Lightning sweatshirt--thinking about painting my daughter's room blue, as per request.  

Asheville has a farmer's market.  They sell tons of awesome stuff.  Grabbed  2lbs. of Amish butter & McCutcheon's Pineapple Preserves to make English scones. 

Yummy----wish I had tea!!!!

Not perfect---but still good <3

Love & Light, 

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Casual Cold Friday and Lots of Black, Blue, and Grey

Thanks for the kind comments---everyone goes thru heavy in their life.  I'm really that I've had a lot of wonderful things as well.

Wearing leggings, secondhand grey hoodie shirts, and a vintage work jumpsuit or hand-me-downs--

I'm def into upgrading some of my comfy casual everyday lewks.  It will take a minute for me to decide what direction I'm going in...

Idk I'm so into black/blue/grey/heather colors rn---
I need to spruce/pice things up soon with these outfits---
I'll have to see what I can do :D

Love & Light, 

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Monday, January 7, 2019

I had a really great weekend... It's nice to be at this point :) 🍍🍍🍍

I had a great weekend and it's nice for me to take a moment and just appreciate it.  Last year was tough.  It was the first year after my mother & grandmother passed away (within approximately 4 weeks of each other).  You have to honor your grief.

But, it was also the year my ex-husband put me on trial.  In the spring of 2018 I was actually put on trial.  My ex-husband's roommate/child care provider also testified against me.  She's engaged to him and would be my girl's future stepmom if they get married.   He and I keep it to the bare minimum at this point.

I was the defendant, and although I did win, you can imagine how difficult it would be to try to normalize relations.
Anyways, it's nice to be heading into spring 2019 without all that going on.

This isn't even the entirety of all the negative people and issues I was having to deal with at the time, but suffice to say, what a difference a year makes.

I'm 42.
I'm a single mom.
I run my own businesses.
I dye my hair to cover the grey.
I love cat eye make-up.
I joke around a LOT!!!
And I mean a lot!!! because I think I'm funny and like to have fun.

That's right.  When I moved to Asheville I closed my consignments booths and said no more brick & mortar anything.  But, I do miss planing my art/music/fashion mini-soiree's, like this one & this one--I did quite a few more during the Endless Summer series.

Well, I'm back on my bullshit!!

PinkCheetahVintage is aligning with Vinyl RevisionsBeat Drifters, & Taylor Gallery to host the:

Winter Luau πŸπŸπŸ

If you love liquid dnb, jungle, edm, or dance music and are anywhere in the southeast region of the US----come and hang!!!!

I am so excited to get involved and back into planning and coordinating and giving my time and energy to creative endeavors.   No hateration in this dancery to quote Madame Mary J. Blige lolzzz

If you work hard and concentrate on taking positive actions---you can do a lot of good in this life.
Like I said, I'm excited.  More info to come!!!

Love & Light, 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year's Day 2019 Work With What U Got

First day of 2019----morning vibezzz
That's when you actually need the masque! 
LOL it's rough after 40 people.  Everyone says to drink water, but if you have any amazing skin secrets let me know.

I wear a lot of casual clothes and I have to admit this----admitting it helps me upgrade.  A lot of my casual wear is still secondhand and thrifted, but not as often vintage by true standards.
This Plato's Closet tee & Free People bra-let shown in 2013 here.
Some wardrobe goals are for more comfortable and fun winter wear & casual wear <3

Same day below showcasing no make-up selfies vs. make-up.



Blue Revlon skinny liquid eyeliner.  When I feel kinda blasΓ© about my appearance, make-up can help.

These shots are kind of cleavage-y!!!  Which is amazing because I do not have an ample bosom!!!

I do however have a big butt, which I realize I probably need to showcase more.  I mean, it's out here IRL, butttttt not really represented much on the blog!  Also, is mooning still popular?  Is that a classic move or a fad?  I think it's a classic.
Like streaking, r?

Sometimes you have a lot and sometimes you don't----keep working with what you got <3 Cheers <3

Love & Light,

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