Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year's Day 2019 Work With What U Got

First day of 2019----morning vibezzz
That's when you actually need the masque! 
LOL it's rough after 40 people.  Everyone says to drink water, but if you have any amazing skin secrets let me know.

I wear a lot of casual clothes and I have to admit this----admitting it helps me upgrade.  A lot of my casual wear is still secondhand and thrifted, but not as often vintage by true standards.
This Plato's Closet tee & Free People bra-let shown in 2013 here.
Some wardrobe goals are for more comfortable and fun winter wear & casual wear <3

Same day below showcasing no make-up selfies vs. make-up.



Blue Revlon skinny liquid eyeliner.  When I feel kinda blasé about my appearance, make-up can help.

These shots are kind of cleavage-y!!!  Which is amazing because I do not have an ample bosom!!!

I do however have a big butt, which I realize I probably need to showcase more.  I mean, it's out here IRL, butttttt not really represented much on the blog!  Also, is mooning still popular?  Is that a classic move or a fad?  I think it's a classic.
Like streaking, r?

Sometimes you have a lot and sometimes you don't----keep working with what you got <3 Cheers <3

Love & Light,

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  1. My daughter just discovered Plato's Closet and love it. She loves all the Free People and Urban Outfitter things that they get. Have a great 2019!!
    x, Julie | thismainlinelife.com

  2. Happy New Year - vintage or just plain secondhand, either way you're doing your bit to save the planet!
    Love the blue eyeliner, found some Kate Moss for Rimmel emerald green eyeliner in the pound shop yesterday, gonna play later! xxx

  3. Ha ha! Yep I also have some serious junk in the trunk. Do they even say that anymore? Probably not. I'm so out of touch. I remember WAY back when, when big butts weren't good. Remember that? Everyone wanted a small tight butt. Ha! At least I'm in style now.

    Happy New Year!