Monday, January 7, 2019

I had a really great weekend... It's nice to be at this point :) 🍍🍍🍍

I had a great weekend and it's nice for me to take a moment and just appreciate it.  Last year was tough.  It was the first year after my mother & grandmother passed away (within approximately 4 weeks of each other).  You have to honor your grief.

But, it was also the year my ex-husband put me on trial.  In the spring of 2018 I was actually put on trial.  My ex-husband's roommate/child care provider also testified against me.  She's engaged to him and would be my girl's future stepmom if they get married.   He and I keep it to the bare minimum at this point.

I was the defendant, and although I did win, you can imagine how difficult it would be to try to normalize relations.
Anyways, it's nice to be heading into spring 2019 without all that going on.

This isn't even the entirety of all the negative people and issues I was having to deal with at the time, but suffice to say, what a difference a year makes.

I'm 42.
I'm a single mom.
I run my own businesses.
I dye my hair to cover the grey.
I love cat eye make-up.
I joke around a LOT!!!
And I mean a lot!!! because I think I'm funny and like to have fun.

That's right.  When I moved to Asheville I closed my consignments booths and said no more brick & mortar anything.  But, I do miss planing my art/music/fashion mini-soiree's, like this one & this one--I did quite a few more during the Endless Summer series.

Well, I'm back on my bullshit!!

PinkCheetahVintage is aligning with Vinyl RevisionsBeat Drifters, & Taylor Gallery to host the:

Winter Luau πŸπŸπŸ

If you love liquid dnb, jungle, edm, or dance music and are anywhere in the southeast region of the US----come and hang!!!!

I am so excited to get involved and back into planning and coordinating and giving my time and energy to creative endeavors.   No hateration in this dancery to quote Madame Mary J. Blige lolzzz

If you work hard and concentrate on taking positive actions---you can do a lot of good in this life.
Like I said, I'm excited.  More info to come!!!

Love & Light, 


  1. You had quite some year dear! I hope 2019 will be a lot better for you!

  2. Wowzie that is a lot losing your mom and grandmother with in 4 weeks of each that is intense. And then having to deal with a divorce and court ugh. Wow. I hope 2019 is better for you. And a friend of mine has thought about moving to Ashville.

    Allie of

  3. Having been through a hideous year of my own not so long ago I hear you. Here's to 2019, you are an amazing person, never forget that.

  4. Ugh, sorry you've had such a crappy year. Why does it seem like when one thing goes badly then you end up with a whole bunch of things going badly. It can only get better right. Here's to an awesome 2019!!
    x, Julie |

  5. Wow, that is a lot of not-good stuff going on last year for you, hon. I am glad you are reflecting on it, but then putting it behind you and looking forward. You seem like an awesome mom and a really groovy person in general. I would swing by your event, if I lived closer! I love event planning too.

  6. Wow, Becky, you did have one hell of a year. I am so sorry that you had so much grief and negativity to get through. But you know as well as any, that once you get to the other side of all the shit, it is a glorious place to be! May 2019 be filled with all of the amazing blessings you deserve.


  7. That is some seriously tough shit to go through. I'm glad you made it through and out the other side. I'm really hoping that this year is going to be super amazing to make up for last year.


  8. Hi Becky. I'm sorry for your losses. Thank you for keeping in touch. Somehow I lost track of you and I apologize for that. Things have changed for you which I missed. I remember you being blonde and living in Tampa. Now both of those things are different. I want to pay more attention to you and your blog and plan to do so. Also, I was going to ride my motorcycle to Asheville this year or next; when I do, I'll let you know and maybe we can have coffee. Best of luck for 2019.

  9. I am happy that bad days are behind you, and now you are busy planning and doing what you love to do! Excited for your new event! Happy New Year!!