Sunday, February 10, 2019

Lovely Low Key Weekend of Working & seeing a few friends & some 90s fashion

I was sort of low-key working thru the weekend.  Winter is sort of a slow season here and I feel it, too.  My friend Jo messaged me who now works out of town that she'd be around Sunday evening and we ran around a bit and she treated me to dinner at one of her favorite spots PLANT.  It's a renowned vegan restaurant.  For the record, neither she or I are even vegan.  I have no photos, but it was fantastic and worth checking out if you have an opportunity.  It was so nice catching up with her face to face and she is thriving, which is fabulous.  We also did non-fancy things like drop off her grill and look at mountain bike equipment!

It was cold so I was underdressed at the restaurant in a old 90s Roxy sweatshirt---my winter wardrobe lacks dressy options.  Note to self lol

This one below is Saturday day night.  Was super happy about to pop out and hear some music and I got to hang with a few friends.  Always nice to catch up in person face to face <3     
 Wearing an old favorite disco silver lurex shirt, also shown here.  Vintage chain mail necklace worn b4 here.  Contemporary black skinny pants and winter boots shown here
Also, cheap NYX matte eyeliner.
I snapped one photo b4 heading out---ridiculously smirky for no reason lol

Fun ways to level up some lewks.  
This semi-sheer vintage 90s FANG mandala print shirt is listed here.

This 90s black LBD is listed here.

This is me from the actual 90s in a similar simple classic LBD.  Crochet and bead choker, small black sunnies, & asymmetrical pixie cut.  Red lippy!  Cue hanging out in the parking lot. 

Love & Light, 

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  1. Ha, my winter wardrobe is decidedly lacking in dressy attire too... and I just plain don't wear dresses or skirts in the winter. I've convinced myself that I get too cold although I'm sure with boots etc.. that's not really an issue.
    x, Julie |

  2. But your glitter shirt looks great and so does the 90s photo!

  3. Bring on the 90s flashbacks! I'm wearing a 90s Dolce & Gabanna dress today, and I look like Jennifer Aniston from the Friends era! I do love seeing all the cool stuff from then coming back around.

    So nice to hang out with a friend, even if you're just bumming around, isn't it? More dressy outerwear needed - I sense a thrift shop coming on...!

  4. I love your blingy blouse and that 1990s shot of you!
    I'm never knowingly under-dressed - I just don't do casual gear and at this time of year when the weather is so crap dressing up keeps me sane! xxx

  5. love the blinging blouse and the 90's you!