Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Black Lives Matter Asheville

Hey everyone--- been a minute.

George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight by cops and the whole thing was filmed-- right here in the US. 
Sparking massive Black Lives Matter protests in every state and eventually going global.

Here's a pic of Asheville.
Our police force is under investigation by the ACLU for using tear gas and also smashing a medic and water station.
Not sure for photo cred on this pic-- sorry.

So, we're basically fighting our own fascist government at this point because it's all tied together...  Defunding the police is just one starting point. 

The upcoming elections offer a chance for political reform and I'm obviously going to vote---  I hope a lot of people join me. 

And to everyone protesting all over the world rn-- my whole heart ❤❤❤

Love & Light,

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Self Isolating Diaries from Asheville Part Three

Flashback to Super Tuesday March 3rd when I voted for Bernie. Politics are quite pissing me off over here---- that's for sure.

Wearing a thrifted second hand 90s/00s Bisou Bisou dress--- rather inexpensive sort of ordinary brand, but this dress rly works for me. Had it a couple years and wear it on a semi-regular basis, but never blogged about it!

Warm weather-- river island dress
Bought secondhand/thrifted-- worn so many times

  Foxy baby!!! 7 years old Shiba Inu most perfect 💖💖💖

 Thrifted this $3 stained 100% cotton Japanese kimono last year-- stain washed out, but needed some stitching up--- finally got around to it!

Washed stains out and hand sewed back and right sleeve

 Right upper sleeve and back seam hole hand-sewn beautiful!!

Yay--- will wear soon for summer

I pulled a muscle in my lower back--- good thing I have nothing to do but take it ez atm

Looking forward to all your quarantine/isolation/ and social distancing looks and lifestyle posts--- thankful for blogger-land connections!

Love & Light,

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Self-Isolating Diaries from Asheville Part Duex Some Minor Repairs

Hi there everybody---

At home like most rn and so I did a few minor repairs
Sewed up my old comforter.  It's washed now and will be put away for a bit.

I did a visible purple stitch because it's a grey and pink comforter and I don't mind it showing.

Sewed up a hole in the crotch of a favorite pair of vintage jeans.

Just used a dark blue thread because it was right at the crotch along the seam rly. Love the jeans--- just wore them here and wear them quite a bit.

Wore a few wigs---


And this one---

Made cookies with kids...  A few times---can't stop cooking, baking, and snacking.  I do enjoy making food tho.

Actually got totally dressed the other day with make-up.  Wearing a dress gifted from Noreen.  Not much for accessories lately---so lazy.  Trying to figure out how I will really wear or style this batik vintage dress she gave me---some things take a minute to sort out.

Getting to be the right temperature for this--- it's spring here.  Opened all the doors and curtains and blinds.

So warm today I'm wearing with comfy woven flip-flops.

I'll be checking in on everyone's blogs--- loving all the stay at home styles.

Love & Light,

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Self-Isolating Diaries from Asheville pt. 1

Well, hey everyone--- we're all shutting it down over here in the US, or supposed to be, at least.
I haven't been out for anything that isn't essential in 11 days--- The Saturday before last I was at a Mandala themed show at Foundation Studios. At the moment it was ok for meet-ups 50 people and under--- so it was in accordance.

Vintage up-cycled jacket hand-drawn by Noreen and available for purchase if interested!

This lady was doing mandala tie-dye and another artist was screen-printing behind her.

More peices from Noreen--- a deer on a vintage deerskin jacket.

Our beautiful model was a friend visiting the studio that night--- can't believe her name has slipped my mind.
Flower skirt hand-painted on vintage suede, also available! 

Next morning was Sunday and self-isolating!

My look for one of my trips out to Trader Joe's--- PBR Bandita (bandana gifted to me from Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride party) , hand-me-down tank top from Corinna, and vintage Jean's (not shown obvi lol)

 Random backyard photos--- need the yard done ASAP!

Foxy not having a care in the world.

Me sending a selfie toasting to a friend!

Sending selfies to my children when they were with there dad lol

My income is done for now--- I sell vintage clothing---- but, my main income was managing an Airbnb and it is over. Since I work for myself there is no unemployment.

Honestly, there is no choice tho but to shut shit down and keep people safe.
Our leadership is not just atrocious over here in the US, it's absolutely deadly and greedy and murderous----

Can't wait to hang freely with everyone again--- miss so many ppl---

Love & Light,

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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Exciting Blogger Meet-Up With Cool AF Shelbee!!!

Finally got to meet Shelbee On The Edge!!!!!
She's so beautiful and cool IRL!! And so instantly fun--- I honestly cannot wait for her to come back in summer so we can get more hang time!

She met up with Noreen and me at Foundation Studios--- we were working like usual lol!

Sooooo fun!!!
Also, I'm wearing a vintage sailor top--- I actually may have a small infatuation with sailor and/or nautical inspired tops...  I think I have at least 4!!

Another fun event Noreen and worked together on was the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Noreen was teaching a family friendly art class in how to make a Mad Hatter hat!!

I did one with her and it was so much fun!!


 Tea and biscuits!!

Baby Dream ended having to help lol!!! She was the best helper!!! 
So many kids showed up--- we'll have to do it again so she can make one next time.

So fun!! Painting, gluing, coloring!

 She made eyeholes to peep thru lolol


All masterpieces!

Noreen!! The hosting artist extraordinaire!

I was super excited to see this little real princess!

Amazing day of Alice, Art, and Tea---
We're all a little mad here!!!

I'm exhausted lol!!!
Be checking in for fashion fun with y'all soon!!!!!

Love & Light, 

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