Monday, November 5, 2018

VISIBLE MONDAY Go VOTE!!!!!!!!!! Get Political!

My entire stock room/store is under construction.  I have to store my stock completely different and I'm having physical storage issues.  I have to reconsider how I'm going to do everything (all myself of course) and the project is daunting.  Vintage clothes are just extremely suspectible to damage and caring and storing the items isn't always easy.

In fact, a lot of things aren't easy.  We're having elections here in the US and it's critical.  Much like the environment, we are fast approaching critical mass politically.
I'm a single mom running two small businesses.
I'm very concerned for everyone around me.
It is not okay that GREED has hijacked politics, healthcare, education, spirituality, the earth itself...  It goes on.  Through systematic racism and misogyny entire lives are disregarded as nothing more than just a way for those in power to mine more for themselves.  Truly awful.

This is me earlier this week in a thrifted blue modern peasant style blouse.  I tied a black ribbon around my neck.  Blue was my fav color as a kid and I'm weirdly into mixing black and blue.

This is me Monday morning.  In my hand-me-down 80 year old cousin's blue shirt with a blue collar.
My face is kinda somber, but it's a reflection of my mood.  
The shakedown is real when things get tough and I worry about the less fortunate and vulnerable. 

PATTI is doing an amazing VISIBLE MONDAY featuring PinkCheetahVintage.

She looks so FABULOUS!!!!
And I want to peak my head out and be visible with her.
It's the most perfect Visible Monday----right b4 elections.
Go check her out <3 <3 <3

I'm proud to be political.

Love & Light, 

P.S.  I have a lot of lovely stuff to write about and share when I get sorted and I will be catching up on your posts!!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Vintage Velvet Little Black Dress Looks, 80s Wrap Skirt & Harness Looks, and Family Photos

Some fun looks on IG

This one is my mother's vintage 80s wrap skirt, a gift from my father's mother from a trip to the middle East. A thrifted tank top & my old harness.  Edited on PhotoGrid for fun :D

Same outfit, dif shots & filters.  

Another IG look. 

Wearing a vintage black dress.  This is from last fall/winter when I had these bangs.  Getting ready for more dressy looks.  More PhotoGrid editing fun!!

Soooo, quick look at this Savannah family selfie and then...

Take a look at this sims character or whatever it is my Girl London just made of us:

Her outfit reflects my tank top & skirt in my top looks.
Serving face below.

Love & Light, 

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Montford Park Players is the absolute BEST is you love theatre and Shakespeare

Just sort of devoting this post The Montford Park Player's "North Carolina's Longest Running Shakespeare Festival - celebrating 46 years of producing theatre under the stars!"   
I've been in Asheville approximately 5 years and discovered this wonderful place first talked about here (was married in this post, but not anymore!!!) and it's the best.  

"The play's the thing"

Taken at intermission.  Gorgeous night for theatre.  And Hamlet.  THANK YOU.
because this performance art company wants art to be accessible to everyone. 
My heart <3 <3 <3 

If you are ever in Asheville or anywhere near please check it out. 

My secondhand thrifted J. Crew dress (here again) still getting lots of wear.

Temporary tattoo info here,   Necklace I've had for at least 5 years now shown here (I'm blonde, married, and still live in Tampa!) Choker and better picture of my bra here (single in this one on a night out with SamIAm and Laura).  All so good. 
Also, small reminder: repeat outfits ftw.

 As a single mom who runs two businesses and lives in this town chock full of fun stuff to do I stay busy in a good way :)

Love & Light, 

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Weekend in Savannah and I Wear Sneakers with Dresses

My father is from Savannah, GA and so I've been to the city quite a bit.  He and my mother  (more about mom) are buried in Bonaventure Cemetery.  We had a lot of friends & family meet up over the weekend.  Super wonderful to see some of those faces for sure.

A million picturesque places, but I end up with hotel selfies.
Just recently got a new pair of kicks, some white Puma sneakers.  I have to look up the link to them.  Got them on clearance and they don't perfectly match a lot, but I'm wearing them with lighter colored dresses.  They are dif from my typical shoe style and I love them.  (Other pics of sneakers with dresses)

Thrifted dress I've worn over and over and hides my unshaved legs rather well in the summer.

I was trying to be all cute here, suck in my stomach, show off my shoes lolzzz
This is the dress everyone compliments. 

More pics on the actual trip later if I can get it together, but I just wanted to say I love sneakers with dresses. 

Love & Light, 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

6 year blogging anniversary and I'm doing it in my harem pants

Just couldn't figure out which way I wanted ti go for this post.  Today is 6 years of blogging.  I'm 42 now and I started at 36 years old.

These super comfy harem pants are sold here.  Filters from PhotoGrid app for my beautiful crowns---yay filters for when you can't afford accessories lolol   DIY t-shirt and no bra and flip-flops.

My old silver toe nail polish is done for---but here is a look at my Target flip-flops and hand-made crochet foot thongs.  Or whatever they're called!  Made by Laura and I LOVE them so much---I have another yellow pair that was a birthday gift from her, too.  (First shown here, but you can contact her brick & mortar shop Mad Props if you would like to purchase a pair.  I can absolutely attest to how great they are----especially lovely gift.  

I added temporary metallic tattoos (here) to my legs later for xtra fun in this pink & red lewk.

I've had a lot of anniversaries on my mind, but this blogging one was a sweet one.  
<3 <3 <3 
And red and black are still on my mind for Diamond Girl colors---red and black is sexy. 
Off to enjoy your blogs---cheers bloggy friends!

Love & Light, 

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Thinking of my Mom & my Girls & my Dog & What I Eat lol What is life?

So, I still haven't come up with any major looks this weekend.  Been kinda quiet and busy working.

Missing my two girls!  I took them out for pizza & ravioli and macaroons b4 they headed over to their father's house in honor of their Grandmother Kathy (my mom) who passed last year.  She loved them sooooo much.  Can't believe they are going into 3rd & 6th grade this year.

This is just a couple of Thanksgiving's ago with my mom and their little cousin Baby Joseph at my Aunt Diana's house.   She is so missed. Our last Mother's Day together & a post about her shortly after her funeral last year.

Also, here is my dog Foxy.  He is about 5 years old and he's a Shiba Inu.   
This might weirdly be my first post about him (I was married at the time in this prev post).  I was looking for puppy pics, but I realize how dif some things are and some are the same. 
New blog readers might appreciate the info so they can figure out what the heck is going on in the posts or people may not like all the timeline fact changes updates.

No make-up, old comfy dress----working on a Sunday, but grateful for my work.
I am 42 and this is what I look like b4 a ton of effort!
I'm in a better mood than I look lol

That being said, I am going to give you a little insight into my lunch situations, aka the lunch eating life of a single divorced mom of 2 girls (shared custody with their dad).

Sometime when it's just me.
I love fried chicken and Asheville has some incredible spots.  I have hit Buxton Hall BBQ and eaten the fried chicken sandwich with side of peaches at the bar for lunch.  This is not everyday for sure so it's a bit of a treat.
When I don't want to cook, but am forced to sticking with my daily budget I sometimes hit Trader Joe's and get a Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice frozen dinner.

So much everyday life.  My kids, memories of my mom, my lack of stylish outfits lately, and what I eat for lunch.  Oh!!!  And our dog.  
Today I'm listing, packaging, cleaning the little house, blogging & more. 
Life, r?

Feel free to drop a comment and say hello.  If you're new to blogging or thinking about blogging JUST DO IT----JUMP ON IN!
You don't have to always showcase something----sometimes you can just share!

Love & Light, 

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

I still love Blogging the best as far as social media goes

Hi bloggerland peeps!  I have def noticed a lot of my old school bloggers just aren't blogging (as much) anymore.  Blogging is by far my fav social media outlet.  I def use it for work, but for sure think it's a platform for sharing and communicating that has enriched my online experience in a positive way.

I've been sort of checking out and following some new people.  When I first started blogging I knew NOTHING!!!!  I just started commenting on stuff I liked---and not just fashion.  I really like what some of you blogger ladies are about----just like, using your voice on a platform.  We have a lot to share with each other.  Fashion & style are just the beginnings of the connections I make and I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone :D

That being said, my outfits this week have been dismal.  I'm impressed by all u fresh & crisp individuals still bring it.  My pants r too tight & I'm sweaty lolol

Wearing second hand thrifted Calvin Klein sundress and secondhand Army camo hat.
I'm hoping to get something cute together soon.

Crying with these peeps in Argentina.

They deserve totally and all access to modern healthcare including safe abortions.

Fuck outta here with this shit. Damn.
It's not over.

Also, if you like EDM music my lovely friend Krista shared this video to a group called Vinyl Revisions (please check out if you love old school vinyl records!!!) and I love it so much. 

Music & dance, music & dance, music & dance--- amirite???????
<3 <3 <3 

Love & Light,