Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Wearing my dress backwards and I Found Another Work Onsie!! A Green One! And United Colors of Benetton and Stop Staring!

Found a green work onsie, similar to my navy blue one here and I love it.  They are super comfortable.  I feel like I honestly can get more crap done faster because I do not even think about messing up my clothes.  I mean, they're great for work lol go figure.

I thrifted this altar'd state crop top and I just love it.

Wearing with some high waisted linen pants that were hand me downs from my cousin Fran.

I went to dinner with two friends (wish I had pics because my friends dress so amazing, but I get distracted!) --- and then to hear my friend Krista spin at the 27 Club in Asheville.

I actually took a couple of amazing pics!

I loved the set-up and the lasers and smoke machine!

That's her digging thru her crates because she spins all vinyl. 

This picture of my dog Foxy Baby joining me for a Sunday beer b4 meeting friends.  I was so so happy to be in the sun.  I'm wearing a thrifted dress backwards with a pin because I like the look better.

If you know me, you'd guess I was drinking a stout---and be correct!
Beer, secondhand vintage sunnies, secondhand dress, adorable dog---accessory level 10,000!! lol
He is such a handsome sweetie and so good!

I actually got this 90s United Colors of Benetton dress thinking to wear it backwards as well, but it's too small  

Another item I love are the 90s does 40s/50s retro style repros! Vintage on vintage! This one is a Stop Staring! number listed here.  I'm a large and I think this one was a medium...  Bit too small, but I often find these very flattering.

I'll be checking out all your bloggy-styles again---can't wait!

Love and Light, 

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Monday, March 18, 2019

I'm Jumping Back In Like Nothing Happened! And two 90s HOT KISS jackets!

So frustrating!  My computer died and I had to have my brother send me an old laptop---thank goodness!  I don't know if I can catch up on all the blogs, so instead of being overwhelmed I'm just going to just jump right in again and not worry about 'catching-up'.

90s revamped (ripped up) dress with secondhand dark floral print HOT KISS jacket.
The Hot Kiss (at least the jackets) are rather sturdy and well made for being 90s stuff.  Some things were already starting to get made rather poorly by then---but these babies hold up.

Chambray Hot Kiss jacket over a tank top with some men's vintage jeans and jewelry.

B4 I added all the jewelry and jacket---green dress for St. Patrick's Day!

So, I did run around with friends this St. Patty's Day, AND ran into some friends by chance, and was having such a delightful time that I HAVE NO PICS,  Jeez.

HOT KISS jacket first shown back in 2012---shopping my closet!

Same dress with sweater & hat again!!
Vintage Scorpio charm necklace.

Anyways---these are all revamped and reworked and remixed looks with nearly all secondhand items, many that I've owned for years.  It took me some time to find the right combos and styling for some of these outfits, so don't get discouraged!  Sometimes it takes a bit to get it right!

Love & Light, 

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Trying My Hand at Growing Mint

Spring is coming and I've decided to try and grow mint.  I made mojitos recently and instead of buying a bag of mint, I bought the plant. I've never been good at growing or caring for plants, but I'm in a mood to do it.  It's only been a week or two and it's still alive!  Doesn't seem like much, but I discussed last spring here and would like to reference Vix's post in regards to The Wasteland as sort of an emotional counterpoint to all the new life we look forward to every year after winter...  And I'm ready to get into spring again and I'm literally trying to grow something --- feels good. 

I did my mojitos with homemade simple syrup, fresh muddled lime, & fresh mint---and rum & tonic water obvi.
Then a friend and I did a variation of this by adding fresh blackberries to the muddle mix!!  Amazing!!!  This is a great idea for a sort of party batch drink.  Make it all the night b4 and let it soak and then just add the tonic water last the next day b4 serving---highly recommend!

Sorry for the weird eyes in the pic below, but my lavender eyeshadow looked so pretty I was trying to show it, but honestly could not capture the true color of it.  It's from an Urban Decay palette Sam gave me when she was over it.  I've been loving it!  Eyeliner is NYX Matte.  I highlighted the top with silver Urban Decay shadow from the same palette.

Thrifted ruffle tank top and mostly my mom's jewelry (that are mine now), besides the big silver Rebecca locket, which was mine from childhood.  

Wearing an old sort semi-ruined (but very wearable!!!) vintage petticoat as skirt that I got for practically nothing at a fun vintage pop-up talked about here last year.  I love wearing vintage slips and petticoats as skirts and dresses in spring and summer.

My sweet oldest daughter made dippy eggs for everyone in the morning this weekend.

She's amazing.

We went to Asheville Brewing Company after this Sunday's Mardi Gras tribute parade in downtown Asheville.   It was kinda cold and raining and we still had an absolute blast.  A perk of living in a smaller town is running into FRIENDS <3

 London, Winter, Kiki, Ciella, Stella---made it 10x more random fun!

I wish I'd taken a dang picture of us ladies because we were having a blast, but I didn't!!!  I got to get back on my pic game.  Idk what's going on...  Speaking of which, the rain meant a low turnout for the parade, but it was still just ridiculously fun.

A few of the only horrid pics I got because I was mostly screaming, dancing, and cheering on all the people and bands and performers so---

Sorry that's it----it was awesome tho.

In the name of fashion and spring cleaning I'm going thru my closet.
I've decided to sell my leather jacket.
I've always absolutely adored a leather jacket with a skirt or dress.

Oh yeah, and flowers the girls picked for all us ladies.  I put mine in my parents' old Georgia cup from when they met at UGA in college.

Wearing a vintage Moroccan shirt (one of my fav shirts of ALL time) & necklace both from around 2013 with vintage jeans (unseen).

I'll never stop saying how any type of connection to the people we care about is vital, but face to face is just dreamy.  So happy to see all these peeps this weekend!

Off to hear/read your stories bloggy friends :)

Love & Light,

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Friday, March 1, 2019

Fancy Friday Fun with Wigs and DIY Chokers

All my old friends in Florida are losing their political minds rn and I needed a distraction so I don't go nuts.  Seems like the perfect time to put a wig (from Halloween) on lol!!!  I had a handmade sparkly choker I made with sparkly fabric and velcro and just a cute tank top.  

I felt better after I got dressed up.
Now, this lewk may not be your style, but I sure felt cute with these little things---all of which I had at home already. 


Love & Light, 

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I Actually Love America SO MUCH, but we have to do BETTER and we absolutely can and will

We are having so much go on politically rn in America.  I almost pulled out The Great Gatsby to start reading my favorite lines and think about the "green light" again...  One of my favorite books of all time.  I pulled out this poem instead.

Terrible dark picture of me in all secondhand clothes.  I absolutely adore maxi dresses.  This one is contemporary and super comfy.  It's American Eagle Outfitters and I got it for about $6.  I'm here on this beautiful early warm spring-like day to encourage you to shop secondhand if possible. 

I'm starting my spring/summer IG showcasing videos again and this is one of me talking about a dress I listed, but might try on.  I didn't get a chance yet, but you never know.  I love a bias cut sort of sitch.  I'll let you know when I do---anything drapey has a lot of potential and is fun to accessorize.

I'm not going to go into detail, but I'm also really proud of my children.  We have been through so much and they continue to amaze me.  I don't think we give children (in general) credit for how much they have to endure at the whim of adults.  I've said it before on Facebook and other places, but it bears repeating: it's such an honor and privilege to be their mother.

We talk a lot about being visible here.  Being heard.  Represented.  And a lot of that is sort of in contrast to youth, but it's a false dichotomy.  The 'youth' that dominates (and excludes us women, particularly as we age) in the mass social media system is usually a front, an affront actually, to the real youth of everyday life.  Young people and children in media (and this is often mirrored in everyday life) are many times used as simplified props, or straight up commercialized, and worse sexualized and exploited.  They are ignored and discounted.  They are often misdirected and lied to---  they often have very little say or control over their lives and futures.

Anyways---here's an article about some other young people, led specifically by young ladies, intent on saving the earth.  Superhero stuff, but for real saving the planet.  

Listening so hard to my girls and all these children rn.  

Love & Light, 

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

A 40 (something) Year Old Woman in a Crop Top is Awesome

I always say, "Just try it on."

No make-up, wild hair---I was listing this vest and then put it on.  Dangerous. That's when I might end up keeping. Job hazard for realzzz.  It's actually a Medium, but clearly looks amazing on a Large.  That's my personal outfit scrutiny look for 'should I keep or not' lolol  
Man, vests can be so sexy and fun, tho!  Especially with spring coming.  

This is a Noble Cider from when my brother came to visit in January.  He left it in my fridge so I just this week took pictures and videos of me drinking it and sent them to him lolzzz  It's The JourneyMan if you'd like to check it out and it was delicious!!! Sweater b4 here.

Shopping my closet for this entire lewk---
90s Derek Heart dress
vintage lockets
leather harness
thrifted coat
vintage boots (not seen)

Very shiny face courtesy of highlighters and natural oils!

Lighting was atrocious---better look at coat here.

Trying to show how pretty the red is and get in the light lol

Here's me squealing at the new local art work in progress going up in the bathroom at Mad Props in Asheville, NC lololol: 

Love & Light, 

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I LOVE this skirt, but it's too small for me:

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!! And I Actually Think Some People Need It

It is a commercial holiday, which is lame.  But, not everyone has a romantic personality and they need a reminder.  If you're romantic all the time---that's wonderful!  That's how I am!  Not everybody tho, not everybody...

I am about 2/3 thru my workday and earlier I dropped of Valentine packages to my kids at school since I won't see them today.  I've been single for Valentine's Day and in relationships for Valentine's Day----but, b4 all that started my mom was my OG valentine.  So, I like to do it for my kids <3

This is me sitting on my couch in the window to enjoy the sunshine in a thrifted chocolate brown vintage 90s men's Cremieux cable knit sweater.  I was chatting with friend Sam and all I can think about are these 'Danny's Donuts' in Gainesville, GA that she says are just incredibly delicious.  I want them in my mouth lolol  They are hours away from me unfortunately.

Here's me in my old 90s dark floral dress---worn a lot, but this video is discussing how I ripped up the top to be more my liking.  Wearing a long sleeve velvet crop top over it now bcuz winter.  And dese boots again---worth every penny so far. 

And now for Miss Beautiful Lacy!  She was my first renter 4 years ago in Asheville and we've been friends ever since. She's an absolute Mermaid and always looks amazing and we're always supposed to take a picture and we always forget!!!  Love this little millennial ✰✰✰

And some vintage of course!  Not all vintage has to be totally off the charts wild---I feel like people miss some easy opportunities to incorporate everyday vintage clothes into their life.  Here are some fun vintage separates.

Love & Light, 

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