Thursday, November 15, 2012

Changed blog name today!!

Or, corrected original blog name that was a complete mistake because I didn't even know what I was doing.  I chose Thunderbird because I am currently obsessed with them.  It is an Indian symbol that is connected with fierceness and vengeance because Thunderbirds were often seen flying before a big storm would hit.  Now, we know they were riding out using low/high pressure air systems or something rather...  So, it had seemed they were literally bring the thunder.  I love the shape that Native artisans created for this bird.  Before I knew it was a Thunderbird, I had mistakenly thought it was the Phoenix (another of my obsessive bird symbols-- I mean, come on, continually rising from the ashes!!). Anyway, so here is the bracelet I got a few months ago that sparked this new fascination.   I bought this bracelet from another vendor in the shop where I have my consignment booth, check it here: Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor The big blue ring is a Larimar stone silver ring I got on a trip to St. Maarten.  I will be selling it in my shop now because I mistakenly bought it in the exact same huge size and shape as my native turquoise ring.  Exact.  Clearly, I love that color, size, shape in a ring.  Do you find yourself unconsciously purchasing very similar items?  Just another reminder to be a more conscious consumer :)

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