Monday, November 19, 2012


of an outfit!!!!

So, this outfit was just everyday run around with the kids and do some quick work at the booth-- nothing amazing.  But the funny part was how I tweaked it several times as the day continued.

It started like this...
Kind of a boxy loose crop top, tank underneath, and a long maxi skirt.  It was not really that flattering :(
Then, after I dropped off my pre-schooler and returned home...  Ah!! Ha!!!  It hit me!  Knot up the crop top in the back to define what is left of my recently expanding waistline.  It helped make the outfit much more flattering.  Since I was wearing a tucked in tank underneath, I felt comfy knotting up the crop top.

Later, it got a lot cooler, so I added this Hot Kiss chambray snap up blouse I've had forever (and used to be able to actually button it up and wear as a shirt) as a sort of shirt/jacket.  I weirdly feel it goes with everything-- you'll learn that kind of stuff is my favorite.

(Sorry, these pics are total rubbish!!!)
And now for the jewelry.
I found this ring in a thrift shop and almost passed it by, but the intricate detail on the band made me pause and change my mind.  The stone part is this strange and kind of ugly melted looking "stone".  But the band is delicate, intricate, and so pretty-- and fem-- which, jewelry-wise, is not usually me-- but I like this ring.
It is either a cracker jack piece of crap or an actual antique ring (sometimes it's hard to tell the difference!), but either way, it has struck my fancy.
And the big ring!  I told you I was wearing it constantly!!!
Rings: thrift, Skirt: Target, Shirt: retail (old-can't remember), Shoes: All Saints (old)

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