Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Got a chance when I could wear my Matiko Lyon platform sandals that I bought months ago.  I got them on sale at Piperlime (here) for about $50.  They were on sale, plus I had a discount, and it was free shipping...
I love them.  They are super comfy.  They do run a bit narrow, but are otherwise true to size.  For some reason it took me a while to wear them.  Not sure why.  I guess some clothes/shoes are just like that.

This is an old thrifted dress I wear constantly.  It is a comfy go to item.  Plus, it has an elastic waistband for times like this when I have gained weight again :(( Working on that, though!!  Started a diet--- we'll see how it goes.  I've got some JBrand jeans I need to get back into THIS winter!


  1. Your sandals and the dress are amazing and you look great with them!I don't think you need to be on diet, your legs and figure are great, but I know how difficult is for us to be satisfy with how we look!
    I'd love to follow you back, but my blog reader is full and I can only sign up with the google friend connect button, I hope you'll put one soon on your blog!

    1. Thanks Edie! Your blog is so great, hopefully I will have the little side panel showing which ones I follow soon! I am just starting so I am having to slowly figure out how to do everything technical with the blog. Makes me really appreciate the awesome blogs I see even more :)

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