Thursday, December 20, 2012


2012 FLASHBACK ALERT***** my life is totally dif now, but my love of fashion is same same!

I (obviously) got my hair cut and dyed recently and I love it!!

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I love, love, love changing hairstyles.  So, now that X-man does hair I can get my hair done as often as we can both escape from the kiddies!!  Which is practically never!  The irony in this doesn't escape me.
If you live in Tampa or are just curious about my hubby the hairstylist then check his website HairByXavier.  Peek at the gallery to see some of his work.  I think the website came out great and I am so proud of him <3.
Here's how I feel with my new do:
I've started wearing it puffed up and slicked back.  My daughter hates it back and made me wash it and wear it down (bangs and sides down, mom!!) when I went in to volunteer at her kindergarden class. Oh honey, she has no idea the level of embarrassment that is coming her way if this innocent do already has her shaking her head no.
My earrings are these seriously cool black and red handmade danglers from my friend from high school, Little Lisa.  She runs a bad@ss store called drifted that is all handmade and up-cycled jewelry and accessories.  The pieces made from surfboards are so, so awesome.  My husband has one of the amazing belt buckles which I will have to feature in the future.  So impressed and in awe of her biz and mad skills.
My tee is a very silly one from F21.  I couldn't resist this crazy cat.  I just couldn't.  And I live in t-shirts most days.  This is a bit of a uniform:
T-shirt, cheap stretchy black pencil skirt from Target (it's my lazy version of leggings) and Cheap Monday cut-out booties.  I am a HUGE fan of the cut out shoe because it gives me another option that is hot weather friendly that isn't a flip-flop.  Plus, I have wide feet and it lets my toes be free, thank you very much.
The posing was being guided my extremely professional photographer, Girl London, who is 5.  She insisted on what I will refer to as the 'stop sign' pose.
My family just wrapped up our version of a holiday photo.  We have done 3 so far.  I am not going to share the holiday card, but I will share another version of it that I also love:
Believe it or not, the inspiration for this pic starts back in the 90s (I love the 90s!!!).  I have had the pants I am wearing since the 90s.  I thrifted them (because I could never afford retail of the stuff I liked) and they were a huge score.  They are plaid with zippers and have that late 80s punk vibe that I will always love.
Fast forward to winter 2011.  Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Mini collections are featuring clothes made in the EXACT same pattern.  I mean the exact, hold it 5 inches from your eye, that shit is seriously the same, fabric.  So, I obviously buy the pants for my older daughter, Girl London, and the little jumper dress for Baby Dream.  They fit them perfect for this year's family pic.  It is so silly, but it made me so happy.
(My hubby just had to wear black and white to match.  Funny thing is, I've had him since the 90s, too ;)
I honestly can say, that I love her little Harajuku Mini collections she's done and so does my daughter, who is waaaay picky about her clothes.
Happy Holidays everybody <3

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  1. Ok now! you are seriously cute! and your family well there are no words! you are all a handsome bunch - Baby dream and Girl London? i love it
    The pic you have done for the holiday is brilliant, bravo!

    Your hair is fab and rad - Love it !

    1. Thanks Style!!! I am lucky that my husband totally gets into the yearly family pic so it makes it a fun project! Thanks about the hair, too! I like to switch it up (as I know you do, too!!!)

  2. That family photo is the coolest thing I've ever seen, seriously you guys look like rock stars, the lot of you!
    Love the new hair, you look amazing, just as fab as Gwen! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix! We love the yearly family photo and think of a new 'theme' every year-- so much fun :)) **Little secret: That pic was the first and only pic we took. 4 people total/2 kids/1 pic = miracle!**

  3. great post! Merry Christmas! :)

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  5. oh gosh, you're all so adorable! love the flashback, xox