Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So stuffed from eating too much!  My husband's mother is in town from Puerto Rico so we spent Christmas with his family at his brother's house.  I thought I was going to get to wear my old velvety animal print blazer/jacket:
Buuuut it was too warm, so I took it of right after this pic and threw it back in the house.  I get a lot of compliments on this last season cheapo Payless purse:
The blue leather skirt was a NOS with tags that I thrifted.  I wasn't going to keep it at first because this cobalt blue is not a color I normally wear, but it fit, I love leather (and my other two leather skirts and pair of pants are currently too small), soooooo it's my new (to me) skirt.  I plan on wearing it like a neutral.
                                                             I should go on ANTM...
I was trying to show off my vintage white glass ring, crazy cool octopus & skeleton tee (it was thrifted and has no name on the tag-- I've always wondered who made it), and my thrifted cheapo necklace that I wear with EVERYTHING:
But it turned into kind of a horrendous close-up!  I also love my earrings.  They are vintage Native American orange and indigo blue silver L. Ganado Sterling, but they have a sort of art deco look (at least to me!!) I bought them for a steal from another vendor in the Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor Store (talked about the best jewelry from this place before in this post.
A better close-up since mine was a FAIL.
Also, my fav little leather booties I stalked for a year from All Saints about 2 seasons ago.  I ended up having to order them from the UK website and my bank had to call me to authorize the transaction because they thought my card was stolen.  NO, just me, buying shoes from across the pond!
You can't see how cool the heel is from this angle...
Anyway, dressed like this ^^  we headed straight over to my brother in law's house.
Coquito:                                                                         Pictorro:
Sweet rice, tons of homemade treats, pasteles,  arcapurrias, rice & beens, Puerto Rican candies...


The new year is coming!!!!!  Time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future :))
Nowwww, off to enjoy some blogs!! :))


  1. I love your hairstyle! =)

    1. Thank you so much Hope!!
      BTW your blog is amazing! :))

  2. You look so good, love that electric blue skirt, so Debbie Harry! Your hair is looking brilliant and love the octopus print on your tee! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix!! Going to work this blue skirt to death--- (especially since nothing else fits lolzzz!)

  3. I love a good tee and yours is truly awesome!
    Those earrings are fab and yes they look art decoish
    Looks like you had a nice Christmas

    What are Puerto Rican candies? Very curious!

    Ariane x

    1. Thanks Style! The tee even has a striped sweater like hem at the bottom that isn't noticeable in the pics and weird fabric that puffs out from the skeleton so it's kind of 3-D... The tag is only a striped square with no words so I've always been curious because it's interesting and the quality is good.
      Puerto Rican candies are just so different from U.S. candy. Lots of hard nougat and tropical fruit flavors. The only candy bowl I ever leave alone lol!!! I had a little picture of the bowls of it I meant to include in my post but I'm so amateur I forgot!

  4. Love the skirt and funky tshirt and the great bag - and all that food looks delicious - will your family adopt me??? Hope you have a fantastic new year! Sarah xxx

    1. Thanks Sarah!! I ate so much that day I thought I would explode!
      Happy New Year!!
      Becky :)

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