Sunday, January 27, 2013

Casa Tina Yum Yum & Fum

We went out with another family Saturday night to an awesome little restaurant called Casa Tina.  They make deliciously fresh Mexican food (I know!!! More Mexican food!!  We have so many good restaurants here...) and they also feature a performers from the Dance & Circus Arts of Tampa Bay.
I wore a fun little dress I bought from Target with a birthday gift card from one of my best friends.
I thought it was ok at first but upon actually wearing it out it really is a bit short for my comfort level.  I am probably going to have to wear some little capri black leggings with it.  This sort of thing is what I am now trying to avoid in the future.  I don't really want to many items that need an assist--- that need to propped with something else to work for me.
I do love the bold design, print, and shape of the overall dress.  It is a little odd color wise, but I found myself pairing it with lots of different shoes and boots and felt like it weirdly worked with unexpected things, a plus!
Wearing it with the vintage men's boots I talked about here.  They are kind of a red leather and were almost new (even though they were vintage) when I got them.  They are turning into a truly fav pair, especially now that they are looking a little more worn-- makes me love them even more.  I have a penchant for worn distressed things :)
The necklace was a $7 cheapo from F21.  Here is a close-up:
What I love about it is the length, the geometric rectangular elements, the little metal fringe, and most of all, the fact that the chain is wide enough to make pairing it with shorter necklaces easy.  I didn't wear it with another necklace here, but I usually do.
Now for Casa Tina.  Sorry about the discrepancy in the pics, some came from my camera and some from X-man's phone.
The decor:

The performers did swing acts, ribbon acts, and hanging hoop acts, but I didn't capture it all--  I was busy watching!!!  They were literally a few feet away from our table!!  Incredible up close live performances! Here's a couple pic:
This girl was my fav!!! ^

Ahhhhmaaazing!!!!  Sorry, no food pics!  By the time I remembered I had already dug in :)))  The food was sooooooo amazing.  They even had stuffed chayote, which made the X-man a very happy man!
Anyway, heading over to Patti's Visible Monday & #iwillwearwhatilike!!!!!!!!  Just wanted to add that usually I'm a little more thrifty/vintage-y with my outfits and this time only my boots were...  Except I did add a vintage thrifted jacket later, but it's not in the pics :(

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Had a really nice birthday weekend with my family.  Kept it kind of low key with a trip to the thrift shop and then to eat at the Taco Bus.
I decided wear my new (to me) HOT pink/fuschia crochet paneled dress from Etsy store BroughtBackToYou.

I love it.  My first instinct is to 'save' it to wear for special occasions.  But, I am NOT going to do that.  I've decided I am going to wear it as part of my normal clothes.  I had to buy a vintage cotton elastic waist slip to go under because of the placement of the crochet panels.  I was going to order one off Etsy, but I ended up finding one in the Antique Addict.  My necklace is also from the Antique Addict.  It is made of shell.  I am thinking of taking it to a jewelry repair because the shell has worn hair thin where it holds one of the fringe/shells on the bottom.  It won't look even if one breaks off-- so I'm hoping there could be a way to reinforce it.
My other jewelry is a combo of vintage/retail/street vendor and the boots are Vince Camuto shown before here.
I also decided on less make-up for a bit.  In the summer it's so hot here, you can barely wear it anyway, so I'm just getting back in the 'no make-up' groove.
I get a lot more of the whole "Are you tired?" thing when I don't wear foundation.
The taco bus is a 24/7 authentic restaurant/street vendor style eatery and it is YUMMY.  A Tampa classic.  If you are in town... GO and eat here.
My daughter just eats the guac with a spoon :)
Tostada carnitas with a coke.  Delicioso!!!
I got hungry again just posting these pics lolzzzz!  Off for a snack! <3

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Quick post because I have my own B-day celebrations happening...  More on that later :)
For now:
X-man pressure washed my mom's front porch and left this peace sign.  I think it's perfect for celebrating MLK's dream.
I love my shoes!  Miista Andrea --- I think.  I stalked them forever until I found them super cheap.
Wanna see closer???  Yeah, you do!
Super comfy outfit, not particularly flattering, but, like I said, COMFY.  That counts for a lot.
Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday.  Bigger post with more details soooooon!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Groundhog Day

I have a bit of a repeat offender situation happening lately.  The original was this outfit from this post:
Then I did same skirt and boots, but different black tee (this one from Plato's Closet, a consignment store):

The tee is semi-sheer.  I love semi-sheer clothes, in general, but have such a hard time getting them incorporated into everyday wear.  I just wore a black bra with this one.  F it.  The NECKLACE.  The huge concho belt is new (to me).  I wasn't sure about it at first.  I do love conchos in general, but it was almost too big and it wasn't what I thought I wanted.  But whenever I would add it to something, I would usually end up diggin' it.  It happened again when I added it to this dress:
(Seen in this post w/o the belt.)
And last but not least, is the skirt with the eagle tee (thrifted) that I finally found and originally had in mind to wear with this skirt:

It is a little tee so I only feel comfy wearing it with very high waist skirts/pants.  So you can see I've been a bit of a repeater with clothes.  But, I kind of like wearing things toooo much :D

Now for a couple little pics that I like, both totally different.  One is a picture of two dogs.  It is a print by someone that is a bit known but I forgot his name and I don't feel like going to look this second.  It has a little scruffy part scratched off and I don't care one bit.  The weird part is that I like it all.  It is so not me, the dogs and all (I always had cats!).  But I like it the second I saw it and bought it for $5 off a little farmhouse antique dealer that my good friend brought me to.  Funny story:  It was priced higher, like $15 or something and I offered the guy $8 cash.  He then said I could have it for $5.  LOWER than my offer lolzzzz!

The other new pic that I literally just got is this one:
Hubby snagged it up checking out the new sweet booth at the shop.  Can you see why I have a hard time getting out the store w/o buying something:
I know it's a crap pic, but clearly you can see this new booth has cool shiz.  That is a green OWL lamp there folks woooooow!  Or should I say, "whoooooooo".
I am seriously going to do a post just on the other vendor booths one day.
Like this jacket in Karen's booth ($38):
I already got my jacket, but if I didn't, this would be the #1 contender for now.
And this ashtray (another booth).  I like the colors and design.  But I really like the utilitarian aspect of the lid for one side.  It just makes sense.  <3 it.

One more cool thing!!! This one is from my friend's (the one I mentioned earlier) (Etsy) shop.  I swear I have loved this cool vintage memories book she has had for sale since the second I saw it.  I thought about buying it and keeping it for my girls, but that seemed like too long of a wait.  What if they weren't into it?  This book needs the right teen/pre-teen to appreciate it, damnit!

Or I might have to pretend I'm 16 again for the next three years and fill it all out for myself.  Seriously, I might.

Shop the store: PinkCheetahVintage


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's HOT

when dudes rock vintage with mad attitude.  I think everyone in this video looks sick!!  And I love it <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
It sums up how I feel when I roll out in all my vintage glory :)
I have always liked a sort of urban/vintage mix.  Here is an example of two girls who got it so RIGHT it hurts:
I can't get over the girl on the left.  She's perfect.  The hair/hat/coat/shirt/pants/sunglasses/lipstick...  They are both amazing.
Vintage clothes are just cooler.  There's no way to reach this sweet level of style w/o incorporating some vintage/second hand clothes.  I love how vintage/second hand shopping may finally be becoming mainstream.  Many popular (independent & woman owned *BONUS*) started out as vintage shops and/or still incorporate vintage sections in their online store.  Ex. Nasty Gal They are independently owned and run by a woman, they incorporate vintage and new, and they now design many of their own looks.  It's like, even if you do want a 'new' something, or something 'trendy'  (anybody ever covet some of those JC's, my friend?), why not buy them from the little guy (lady!) instead???
Another little shop I like is ShopJeen.  This is a relatively new small company founded by a young woman who often works with small, independent designers, including many Etsy designers.  How cool is that?  I bought my Cheap Monday cut out boots from her store when she was having one of her massive 70% off sales!!  Shown in this post here.
I've been a bit lazy with my style lately.  Remixing my easy go-to items a lot.
Dress (thrifted) already shown in this post here, jacket, Patricia Field, (thrifted) already shown here, and shoes here, here, here...
The green short almost choker necklace is from another vendor where my consignment booth is located.  You know the best jewelry evahhhh (ex. already discussed here & here)?
I was in a rush to get ready this night, the whole family was running out the door to dinner.  So I threw on the booties, the sparkly jacket, and the necklace to spice up a rather simple sundress.  Usually I would wear longer necklaces in combo with this shorter one.  But hey, sometimes you got to get ready on the fly!!!
Probably time for me to get some work done now ;)
Hopefully I'll be able to show a couple of my fun new finds soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I guess I should of seen this coming.  If it was really that easy to let go of things (by things I mean clothes) and live your life (by life I mean closet) all streamlined and organized then everybody would have closets like this:
MIne is more like this:
But messier.  The piles on top and bottom can't really be contained and kind of tumble out...  You can't actually shut the doors anymore.  It was too embarrassing of a pic to post.  I have my limits.
So you'd think with a mess like that, 2/3 of which does not fit or I don't even wear, that it would be easy to purge myself of this albatross of a wardrobe.
Well, it's been harder than I thought.  But I keep going.
Patti's continuing blog post series, this one focusing on mistakes, has been encouraging.
Prime example of something I have struggled to let go of, spent a lot of $ on, but have only worn once in about 8 years:
Michael Kors Dalmatian print jacket.  Bought retail.  I LOVE it.  It is beautiful, chic, stylish...  Like I said, I love it.  But it NEVER seems to be what I want/need to actually wear.  I feel like a lawyer, or Hilary Clinton (I put her in because she is very important and people take her seriously--I don't know if she'd really wear this!!), or a serious business person, or maybe a bratty lady with $.  It's the type of thing my mom would tell me how good I looked in it all day if I wore it.  But it's not me.  One time in about 8 years.  So, I put in on one last time and took it to the booth.
Confession:  I haven't taken my leather pants yet.  I'm struggling.  But I did take a bunch of jeans and two pairs of Banana Republic pinstripe trousers (one pair still with tags--  I am obsessed with pinstriped pants,but apparently don't actually wear them) to the booth, too.  I also donated a cheaper, more destroyed pair of old Target pinstripe pants.
I am also thinking about organizing a straight up clothes swap with some friends.  More in hopes of seeing what I can just give than what I can get in exchange.
The struggle continues and it's totally #firstworldproblems
But, the good news is I've been getting tons of use out the blue leather skirt that I thrifted.  It's getting lots of use because I like it and it FITS (novelty concept). Plus, I found (you lose lots of clothes (albeit temporary, when your closet is a mess) one of my silly fave Billabong tees.  It is from a teenager-ish consignment shop, Plato's Closet.

The necklace is the one I always wear, thrifted, and will hereby be referred to as THE NECKLACE.  I wear it too much and that brings me great joy.  I actually enjoy wearing things out.
The boots were a splurge.  Retail (sale) Vince Camuto.
Sorry about the crap shots.  You'll see why my photos are the quality that they are in a minute.
Earlier this year I got rid of these old distressed vintage leather engineer boots:

I loved them and had them since I was about 20.  Bought them on a New York street corner.  They were pretty much perfect.  But after weight gain and 2 babies these feet are now size 9 and steel toed 8.5 boots are NOT forgiving.  They were still amazing, but no longer viable.
These new black boots fill my need for an engineer (boot) in my life.  But, I am still probably going to eventually need a good distressed pair of boots again.  I can wait for those, though.

Want to see a small behind the scenes shot of my ever so sophisticated and glamorous life of fashion shoots?
I thought so!
Baby Dream a.k.a. Photo-bomb Extraordinaire

Girl London a.k.a. The Photographer a.k.a. The Thumb

OK, off to Visible Monday to see what Patti and all the other bad@ss ladies are up to (wearing)!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Price Point ^

Ouch!!  This one hurt a little...
Remember Krista's post about coats here?  (Calling you out again Krista!!! lolzzz)  Well, she happened to stumble upon what I would consider MY dream coat in that post from Hellhound Vintage.
I actually bookmarked it, which was ridiculous, as it is a $328 coat that I will in no way ever be purchasing.
Ok-- background established.
So, when I went thrifting yesterday and saw this
I just knew I had to have it.  Even though I don't need a coat.  Even though it was in the 'boutique' section and cost $52.57.  (FYI for me that is a little pricey, not terrible, but I am on a pretty strict budget).  X-man was there and he was NOT feelin' it, 'it' being the $52.57.
Long story long...  I got it anyway, but I knew I was going to have to give something up.
There goes my other suede, embroidered, faux fur, (short length that I actually love), coat
straight to the booth!!!  And I put the bird poncho as my STEAL OF THE WEEK on Facebook.
BIRD PONCHO!!!  It's like a sweet little 90s drug rug, but better, 'cause it's a poncho.  With birds.
I don't know.  Maybe I should just give up all the coats and keep the poncho.  And move to Mexico. Or someplace where creditors can't find me.  JK!  (Not really.)

All this coat talk made me think about my mom's old leather coat.
I love it because I remember her wearing it all the time and it was fabulous.
This is me wearing it because she gave it to me:

This was about 2 years ago.  My mom decided to take X-man and Me to Bern's for dinner in celebration of me finally graduating from college!!  (If ever in Tampa, Bern's is very much worth popping into-- delicious locally sourced food, known nationally for steak, decorated in red velvet like a bordello, and a super cool dessert room.) Anyway, college; it took me dropping out 3 times over a course of 15 years to finally graduate.  I used to have reoccurring nightmares about being in class and not having my work or still being stuck in high school.  When I finally graduated college they stopped :)  Honestly, having my first daughter, Girl London, is what prompted my final return to school and graduation in my 30s.
Now no more school nightmares...  Just nightmare student debt :(
Want to know what's under the coat?
It's a Target (I know, I know!) dress that I fell in love with years ago when they had the Rodarte collection.  I was totally pregnant when it was for sale and it was kind of pricey.  But, when it went on clearance I snatched it up.  I didn't get to actually wear it for AGES because I had to wait until I wasn't pregnant and then lose some baby weight.  So, this is me finally getting to wear it after a looooong wait.    So girly and fem.  Girl London loves this dress and used to try to steal it to try on until I hid it farther back in my closet! lolzzz

Here's one more coat...  A FLASHBACK coat tribute to the 70s, baby!!! (Because I was a 70s baby :)
San Fran '78    Me: 2   Mom: Forever young <3

SHOP HERE: PinkCheetahVintage

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