Thursday, January 17, 2013

Groundhog Day

I have a bit of a repeat offender situation happening lately.  The original was this outfit from this post:
Then I did same skirt and boots, but different black tee (this one from Plato's Closet, a consignment store):

The tee is semi-sheer.  I love semi-sheer clothes, in general, but have such a hard time getting them incorporated into everyday wear.  I just wore a black bra with this one.  F it.  The NECKLACE.  The huge concho belt is new (to me).  I wasn't sure about it at first.  I do love conchos in general, but it was almost too big and it wasn't what I thought I wanted.  But whenever I would add it to something, I would usually end up diggin' it.  It happened again when I added it to this dress:
(Seen in this post w/o the belt.)
And last but not least, is the skirt with the eagle tee (thrifted) that I finally found and originally had in mind to wear with this skirt:

It is a little tee so I only feel comfy wearing it with very high waist skirts/pants.  So you can see I've been a bit of a repeater with clothes.  But, I kind of like wearing things toooo much :D

Now for a couple little pics that I like, both totally different.  One is a picture of two dogs.  It is a print by someone that is a bit known but I forgot his name and I don't feel like going to look this second.  It has a little scruffy part scratched off and I don't care one bit.  The weird part is that I like it all.  It is so not me, the dogs and all (I always had cats!).  But I like it the second I saw it and bought it for $5 off a little farmhouse antique dealer that my good friend brought me to.  Funny story:  It was priced higher, like $15 or something and I offered the guy $8 cash.  He then said I could have it for $5.  LOWER than my offer lolzzzz!

The other new pic that I literally just got is this one:
Hubby snagged it up checking out the new sweet booth at the shop.  Can you see why I have a hard time getting out the store w/o buying something:
I know it's a crap pic, but clearly you can see this new booth has cool shiz.  That is a green OWL lamp there folks woooooow!  Or should I say, "whoooooooo".
I am seriously going to do a post just on the other vendor booths one day.
Like this jacket in Karen's booth ($38):
I already got my jacket, but if I didn't, this would be the #1 contender for now.
And this ashtray (another booth).  I like the colors and design.  But I really like the utilitarian aspect of the lid for one side.  It just makes sense.  <3 it.

One more cool thing!!! This one is from my friend's (the one I mentioned earlier) (Etsy) shop.  I swear I have loved this cool vintage memories book she has had for sale since the second I saw it.  I thought about buying it and keeping it for my girls, but that seemed like too long of a wait.  What if they weren't into it?  This book needs the right teen/pre-teen to appreciate it, damnit!

Or I might have to pretend I'm 16 again for the next three years and fill it all out for myself.  Seriously, I might.

Shop the store: PinkCheetahVintage



  1. The belt is amazing and floral skirts, cowboy boots and t-shirts are always a great combination!I'd love to buy that memories book, I'm sure that I would fill it all!

  2. I'm all for repeating outfits, well, elements of outfits! That's such a rockin' senorita skirt, why wouldn't you wear it again and again?! I really love the T shirt you're wearing with it in the first pic. I've seen those belts before, but didn't know they were called "concho" belts! Now I do!
    I am adoring that fabulous orange container thingy behind the cute owl.And OMG, I would be SQUEEing all around that shop! There's a dozen things, straight up, that I would love.I have a similar ashtray(for guests, we don't smoke) to that awesome one, the lid is a splendid touch!

  3. I agree with wise Helga I do tend to repeat what works for and dresses less say:) This skirt is really sweet and I love it with your boots too! That shop looks like it had loads of treasure!

  4. The skirt is gorgeous - cosmic paisleys! I'd wear that every day if I had anything in that fabric!

  5. I'm 31 and I would LOVE that book!! I really love that skirt and the different ways you've dressed it, it's got a prarie/mexican/grunge feel to it, which really suits you and it's a look I adore at the moment. That shop looks great! I've love a look round and I really like that embroidered owl, excellent find!

  6. I love the skirt, the top the dress, boots, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Fabulous you indeed.

  7. Thank you so much for following my blog, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Following back inmediateñy, and hopeing to become great blogger friends.

  8. The skirt is gorgeous, whatever t-shirt you put with it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating outfits/looks, if they work, then go for it!
    Cute little owl, but despite not being a dog person, I also like your painting of the dogs too.
    Mmm, faux fur coat, love it...
    Get the book, get it! xxxxx

  9. I really like the styling in the top photo. The printed black t-shirt with the print skirt looks very cool!