Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's not fashion, it's a necessity.

I'm talking about these blasted bangs.  I love bangs.  But, I am a hair changer.  I change it up...  And I've had bangs a couple of years now so it's time to grow them out.  Nothing more horrid than growing out bangs.  So, in my frustration, I quick braided them up.

Not excited about this look.  Maybe if the rest of my hair was longer or something.
I want to cut my hair and tried to talk X-man into cutting it tonight, but he didn't have his fancy hair cutting shears.  I told him it might look even cooler cut with shitty dull scissors.  He wasn't having it :(
Lots of jewelry, mostly vintage, but the huge cuff is a $24 FreePeople splurge.  Lovely vintage tunic is for sale here.
My shoes are Matiko Lyon sandals shown before here.
Pretty soon I will be wearing one of my favorite tunics of all time...   I'll let the suspense build in the meantime.  I know you'll all be on the edge of your seats, waiting with bated breath lolzzz
Seriously, I can't wait to cut my hair.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How I Do

This is a little quickie post because I want to link up to Jill and Adrienne's How I Wear My 'everyday handbag' post.  I am picking this little cross-body number here:
It is a cheapo reatail Payless bag that I originally saw on someone's blog (sorry, can't remember!) and immediately started hunting for it at nearby Payless stores to find it (I had to go to two).  People have commented on it ever since and it has been out of stock.
Honestly, I prefer (BY A LONG SHOT) my kilim and ikat and ethnic prints to be vintage or handmade, but that often means pricey and out of my reach.
I have already posted some of these pics, but hey, bear with me...
I basically wear it with everything even though it is bright and patterned.  I love it because it is cross-body, which means I am hands free to grab my little ones that are always scurrying around or hold my drink (ha!).  I do wish it could be just a tad bigger.
This dress ^ is now for sale here.
As you can see, I feel it really goes well with other bright and busy pieces.
I LOVE it paired with this viscous black and white maxi.  I wear this thing to pieces in the summer and it's layering possibilities are endless.
The vintage Levi's jacket was bleached and hand-studded by me and sold a while back.  That one was hard to let go of...
Please ignore my fried hair above lolzzzz
So anyway, that is one of my everyday bags and now, for the best part!!!!!
I was walking by Payless and lo and behold, what did I see???
A new version of the purse for this summer!!!!
Bad part?  I freakin' prefer this new predominantly orange/red/blue one!!! ughhhhh
But, I can't justify it when my other one is still fine and they are so similar.
It is $16.99 and I only saw one left in the store, but they are available online here.
I feel a little guilty promoting a new retail item from a chain store so I'll make up for it next time by promoting some little biz or second hand store next!
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Blinded by the LIGHT!

Sunshine State pic conundrum!  Stand in the dark and open my eyes or take all pics in the sun and squint like crazy (or wear sunnies)???
I can't open 'em I tell ya'!
Dress is vintage thrifted.
Boots thrifted men's vintage shown here.
The Necklace.
Belt is Plato's Closet consignment store.

I really love late 70s/early 80s versions of the day dress and secretary dress.  They have color and flare and are usually easy to wear for most figures and are fun to accessorize.  I didn't quite feel 100% about how I styled this one, but figure, 'Hey, I'll do it different next time'
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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sometimes I will just throw on the simplest things, like a tee and skirt, nothing that amazingly cool.  But, to finish off the look and add a bit of coolness to it, I add jewelry.  Tons of it.  All the rings that currently fit (ugh weight gain-- not only do my jeans not fit, but a lit of my rings don't either!!), necklaces, bracelets, earrings...
Semi-sheer consignment tee also shown here and here
Thrifted and very much a favorite black skirt with sequins also shown here
Vince Camuto boots, shown a lot, but a pretty good pic here
Vintage Native silver choker from cousin shown here and here
Silver handmade hand of hamsa borrowed from mom (handmade jewelry from either St. Maartin or St. Thomas)
Free People painted enamel necklace shown here
Native Thunderbird bracelet show better here   (This was a splurge purchase for me and a favorite.
Cheapo reatail bangles also shown better here and here
Real silver bangle on my right hand was a gift from my now hubby several decades ago and is honestly the most perfect simple silver cuff ever.
Thunderbird ring from Etsy shown here
Thick white gold wedding band (this one is always on!)
The shirt says "All that glitters is not gold"
That is certainly true in regard to this jewelry post lolzzzz
Really simple outfit.  All black cotton tee, skirt, and some black suede boots.  For me, it's the jewelry that completes the look and makes me feel good.
Any accessories or go-to pieces that always make you feel stylish?
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Keepin' It

Even though it's long sleeve and I have an anti-long sleeve policy.  Although really, it's only a 3/4 sleeve so maybe we'll say it's a justifiable (on a technicality!).
It is a vintage Moroccan cotton shift shirt with the perfect amount of fade and awesome embroidery style detail.  I found it rummaging through a $5 bin at the Renaissance Festival.  We went once already with the kids and got to go again by ourselves last weekend.  We really had time to explore and so I got to dig deep (literally) and get this little random and unlikely find.
I just love it.

Necklace is vintage talked about before here and earrings are Drifted talked about before here.
Big ring on my left hand (can't see it--sorry!!) is also from the festival from a little hubby and wife team called Naughtycal Pirates who make their own pottery and jewelry and sell cool crystals, you know, doing their thing.  Super nice.  My ring is not quite the same as these, but this is a little look at some of their other rings.
 Just fun stuff.
On the first visit with the kids we took the girls to see the mermaid.  She was stunningly beautiful.  My older daughter (the one in the Strawberry Shortcake dress and big pink bow) was completely entranced.  She was face to face with that mermaid, trying to touch hands with her through the glass.  The mermaid would touch hands back and give her super long intense looks that I think only mermaids and 5 year old girls can relate to...
The mermaid made my little gypsy on the left kind of nervous  lolzzzz!!
I remember still believing in magical creatures when I was about the same age.  I would search all over the yard and when I would find four leaf clovers I would race from tree to tree thinking I might actually catch a leprechaun or unicorn or something if I was just fast enough!
Any magical moments lately?
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Can't Even Blame the Dress

This dress caught my attention while thrifting.  It wasn't exactly my style, but it it pretty close.  Loved the super thin cotton and the full skirt, and of course, the roses.  Love rose prints.  But the colors made me hesitate (I'm not usually good with tan colors) and the slightly high waist was no bueno.  Basically, because it sort of gives off that maternity vibe.  Plus, I've gained so much weight that my tummy is bigger.  I'm NOT preggo, but this dress sort of makes me nervous that I'll be looking preggo...  Oh, and it has a ties at the waist that tie in the back!!  I actually hate this on a dress or shirt or anything unless it is sort of formal or more like a sash with a big bow.  Actual bows are ok.
But when I put it on I just like it anyway.
(Sorry about the crazy eyes!!!!  I missed my Top Model class this week :)
It's not actually fair to blame the dress for me looking preggo anyway!  I blame the 200 Samoas I can't stop eating! Damn it cookies!  Why you gotta be so delicious??
Dress is thrifted
Vintage leather jacket, also shown here
Vintage men's Italian leather boots, also shown here
Necklace and earrings all talked about here 

I have to say that my earrings from Drifted are my favorites.  I wear them almost every single day.  These are kind a deep red velvet with black netting and beyond lightweight (super important!!). They happen to match this outfit, but I wear them with everything.  I almost think of them as little red extensions in my hair, because they are so long and noticeable.  I've also worn and talked about them here, as well as MANY other posts.  I am going to say they are on their way to becoming a 'signature' item/look of mine.  So, now I am desperately craving another pair, these Hustler Whiskers.  Hand-made  and I so WANT!  You know I need 'em to 'cause everyday I'm hustlin'.  lolzzzz

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