Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sometimes I will just throw on the simplest things, like a tee and skirt, nothing that amazingly cool.  But, to finish off the look and add a bit of coolness to it, I add jewelry.  Tons of it.  All the rings that currently fit (ugh weight gain-- not only do my jeans not fit, but a lit of my rings don't either!!), necklaces, bracelets, earrings...
Semi-sheer consignment tee also shown here and here
Thrifted and very much a favorite black skirt with sequins also shown here
Vince Camuto boots, shown a lot, but a pretty good pic here
Vintage Native silver choker from cousin shown here and here
Silver handmade hand of hamsa borrowed from mom (handmade jewelry from either St. Maartin or St. Thomas)
Free People painted enamel necklace shown here
Native Thunderbird bracelet show better here   (This was a splurge purchase for me and a favorite.
Cheapo reatail bangles also shown better here and here
Real silver bangle on my right hand was a gift from my now hubby several decades ago and is honestly the most perfect simple silver cuff ever.
Thunderbird ring from Etsy shown here
Thick white gold wedding band (this one is always on!)
The shirt says "All that glitters is not gold"
That is certainly true in regard to this jewelry post lolzzzz
Really simple outfit.  All black cotton tee, skirt, and some black suede boots.  For me, it's the jewelry that completes the look and makes me feel good.
Any accessories or go-to pieces that always make you feel stylish?
Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday!!!!
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  1. I love the combination of shapes and lengths on your necklaces - they really do add a lot of interest to a simple outfit.

    I have some very nice, small things, but I've been trying to add more big pieces. I love bangles, but they bug me when I wear them. I think I need to make some cloth cuffs - that would be fun!

  2. This is a totally gorgeous outfit darling! The bling totally rocks, you can never have enough bastard massive jewellery, as Vix would say! I love the blue necklace especailly, and the skirt is uber divoon Stevie Nicks-ish! XXX

  3. What a great way to let all of your gorgeous pieces of jewelry really take center stage. That blue necklace is incredible!

  4. All that glitters might be not gold but is always awesome!
    I love all your jewels and the skirt is wonderful!Perfect outfit post!
    Love xxxxxx

  5. Simple, yes - that's so all of your AMAZING Native jewellery can shine in the spotlight! I love everything; what an amazing collection. The skirt is a beauty too. Xoxo

  6. I love a simple background for glorious jewelry like this! And you look great with a black background for your sunny blond hair. Thanks for sharing all the beauty with Vis Monday.

  7. You really rock that midi length skirt and Helga's quite right, a girl can never have enough bastard jewellery! xxx

  8. You're right -- jewelry really can transform our appearance. Nice stuff you have here!

  9. Simple but effective- you look GORGEOUS! I love the cut of that skirt on you- and all the subtle textures you've got going on- you are one foxy gyspy in your ensemble!

  10. Your style is so great and inspiring! It is what I love to wear while at the beach and everyday at home, though Cincinnati isn't well known for their 'fun factor' I pull it off anyway. I like to visit the villages that hippies and bohemians frequent. I feel right at home there!

  11. I love the black so your accessories stand out.


  12. Love the piles of jewellery and the tshirt is fab!

    Sarah xxx

  13. Love, love, love it all, but the skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. The skirt I WANT.

  14. Quite right! So often I forget to glam a t-shirt and jeans or skirt, but a little (or a lot) of jewelry with them should be part of the Constitution.
    But, really, it's you zillion watt smile that makes the outfit!

  15. It's true - just throw on all the jewellery and the simplest outfit looks really cool!
    You always look lovely, Becky - you don't need to worry about your weight, you are a gorgeous woman. xxxx

  16. I love this all black Mexican gothic look with a hint of glitter. Love the blue necklace, gorgeous colour!

  17. very cute look! Adore your necklaces and blog. so very much fun!

    Inside and Outside Blog
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    P.P.S. thanks for your work under this blog. following

  18. Congrats on the new boot purchase! They are a great deal. I'm lovin' mine.

  19. I feel like the best bloggers have fairly simple outfits that are accessorized to perfection. I think accessories make all the difference, and you look great. I love your skirt. So vintage :)

    P.S. wanna follow each other on Bloglovin?


  20. You are so beautiful. Stunning!!! Yes, PILE on that jewellery because more is more!!! I can't abide by that "less is more" rubbish - ugggggggghhhh!!!! I love your sequin skirt so much and what is the "weight gain" you speak of? That's crazy talk. I NEED that t-shirt. Loveyamorethandiamonds. xoxoxoox

  21. Great :)
    Come and visit me :)

  22. So many gorgeous accessories!

  23. I love your style! How was I not here before?... Anyway, I won't miss now. Gorgeous. The jewels are fantastic and I love your T.

  24. Oooh I love all the black and the bling! I LOVE the skirt!

  25. Love it!
    The bling is great with the simple outfit!

  26. Simple but still fabulous. You've chosen some lovely pieces of jewelry to give the outfit added panache and that skirt is far from plain, it's amazing...xXx

  27. Oh, I enjoyed this flashback - I'm surprised I didn't comment here, 'cause I think I knew you then. So many of these bloggers who commented are gone... aw...