Monday, April 29, 2013

Light & Life

First off, let's discuss my recently thrifted vintage yellow crystally plasticy necklace.  At first I was like, "Hmmmm".  Then I was all like, "I am keeping this, motha!"
I thought I was doing a good job of showing off all my other jewelry, too...  But, it's kind of a crap angle.  But, you can see the awesome necklace.  Next, please notice my DISCO BALL tee.  That's right.  A worn faded tee with a disco ball.  I bought this ages ago at a consignment shop called Plato's Closet.  I am getting more use out of it now that I have the bra-lets (originally shown here).  I am wearing the blue and black velvet one.  Lace skirt is thrifted and looks similar to my other black sequin skirt here, but is a different one.
I will be wearing sunnies from now on because otherwise I squint and look angry.  I was actually happy here, but the sun was too much!
Worked late at the booth Saturday night because the lovely Joe (talked about him and his art here), stayed after hours for me.  Afterward, I took him for a quick beer and then X-man and the rest of the Wolf Pack went to eat at Vallarta's.  The original one because the others suck.
I ran into these lovely young ladies who let me take their picture.
They are BFFs who like to dress as twins and they had awesome yarn in their hair.  Since I am a newbie about asking people to let me take their pics, I got absolutely no other good info.  Still, they are awesome.  They mentioned they had matching cool shoes earlier, but had changed.  This does not diminish the awesomeness.  It just impresses me more that there was originally more.
Sunday the Wolf Pack (BTW this is our family nickname) headed to Dunedin for the local food festival.  All about eating & growing local.
We ate at Sweet Pea's Cafe.  Local food, family owned, independently run, lots of organic choices...  Super kid friendly.
We chose to eat outside.  You can't see it, but back to the left there is a big section with tons a tables and a huge yard.

Fun, fun, fun.
Right out front was the drum circle in the park.
There were some hula-hooping ladies later that blew mind with their skills.
There was also a lantern making booth.  Girl London and Baby Dream made lanterns, but I was too busy helping to take pics.  I did snap a shot of this awesome lady who had the bright idea of hanging hers from a tree to work on instead of doing it at the table.
Hard to tell in the pic, but her hair is pink and purple.  All the lanterns were going to be lit at 8:30 for the Light & Life festival theme.
Was a beautiful day.
Hooking up with Patti's Visible Monday for some fun!
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  1. You are so rocknroll! Get some good shades you rock!

  2. That's some fab jewelry! Love your pic of the twins too. thanks for sharing all the fun with Visible Monday xoxoxo

  3. Loving that jewellery and the disco ball tee shirt! I'm envying you that warmth and sunshine. xxx

  4. Ooh Becky, loving the new necklace addition! And the disco ball tee. And the lace skirt. And of course, all the fab bling. Love the other photos (though the BFFs are slightly freaking me out, slightly impressing me) - looks like it was a beautiful and super fun day. Xo

  5. I was going bonkers up in the glen during out little photo session last week, Mark was like "Don't frown so much" but I just can't stop when the sun is too strong and with the wind blowing my flimsy hair slick to my head I looked like a flipping klingon, thank goodness I had brought a wig along but unfortunately sunglasses just wouldn't have looked right with a Victorian style dress ;)
    I love that black lace maxi skirt and frown or no frown you still look fab!

  6. Love the disco ball t-shirt and the maxi skirt, and that big blue cuff has me droolijpng a little every time I see it!
    The festival looks fun - I like community events like that, kid-friendly, lots to do and see, plenty of food, good vibes, sunshine - perfect! xxxxx

  7. Pile that shit ON! Love the new necklace, love ALL your fabularse bling,baby!
    I certainly spotted the disco ball T, it's awesome, and my G would love that!

  8. Sweetheart, you are the only person in the world who could make Tampa sound like paradise (or maybe it is, but I was just with the wrong people)!

    The disco t-shirt is AWESOME!!

  9. You look so funky cool in all that bling! I love that long lace black skirt too. I hardly could believe this is Florida, you always show the bohemian side of things!

  10. You look great in your ensemble of bra-let, disco ball tee, lace maxi skirt and lots o' jewelry. The twinsies however, are a little scarey. Good thing you photographed them to prove it really happened. And with the perfect backdrop for them too. It looks like a beautiful time was had by all.

  11. The necklace is so cool and the disco tee with the long lace skirt is a great mix of hippie-matrix!
    You and your Wolf Pack has lots of choices of activities to have fun at.
    I never went to the Dunedin food festival; I've been at the Plant City strawberry festival and that was some good times.
    Like your photos of the twin girls, they remind me of my youngest daughter's friends.

  12. looks like an awesome time! I wish we had things like that to do around here!!

  13. Really like your dramatic lace skirt!

  14. lovely selection of jewellery. i love the 'twins'

  15. The angle is not that bad actually we can see well a lot of you magnificient jewelery!
    Awwww! i tell you! you are so lucky to live where it's nice and warm most of the year - It looked like it was a fun day indeed!

    Love and hugs

    Ariane xxx

  16. Becky, thank you for joining us for "How I Wear My: Metallics." I love your gold belt so much and that dress of your mother's from the 70s is just gorgeous! XO, Jill

  17. Loving the necklace, bet Vix is eyeing it up. Sweet Peas looks really nice! You look fab, you have a very cool selection of faded tees

  18. You do have an eye for catching the best stuff. Love the bracelet. Thanks for posting and drop by me too anytime.

  19. Oooh that tee shirt is so cool! I love the print. I definitely get a lot more wear out of certain items now that I have "bra-lets" too. I have four, two lace, one blue, one tie dye. They're more comfortable than layering a cami under things. It's too hot where I live for so many layers.

  20. I love that necklace! And your other jewelry is creatively displayed too! The girls dressed as twins are so cute, and what a great idea to ask people to take their picture. I hadn't thought about doing that. Great post!