Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hola Amigas

I've been a bum ass blogger and took an extended break.  It's because I'm such a slacker I can only concentrate on like, 2 things at a time.  Plus, I'm going to be honest...  I've been friending/following/stalking some of yous guise on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook and I LOVE it.

Anyway.  Some shit that's going on.

1.  I've sort of gained weight and sized out of most (all) of my awesome clothes.  Sooooo, no good fashion pics right this sec.

2.  I closed my booth down, but not my online store.  This was a split decision.  Put so much heart, soul, and $$$ into it, but when it hit me that it wasn't making $, and worse, NOT going to become the ultimate vision I signed on for...  Well, I marched right in the morning I decided and gave notice.

3.  Motherfucking planned the already scheduled art show that I was hosting at a sweet new venue Stained Market Place.  It's a warehouse run by two badass chicks who are doing things right.  Big time supporters of local art (and in particular up-cycled art!) and giving back to their community.  They are so down!  It was AWESOME!!!!!  All the pics are here.  But, I'll add one or two to talk about:

This girl here is Lizzie, a friend my husband and I have know since high school.  She is an amazing artist. Her Etsy shop is LizzieBones if you want to show her some love, although she doesn't have everything listed.
Love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, an up-cycled aluminium can Dia de los Muertos piece:

This one of Lizzie's up-cycled  hand painted statues came home with me!!

Also, Xavier's talented brother who goes by the name Apex.  He has a website here

The one on the far right came home with us!  Most of these ink sketches sold fast!

We also had a friend who I have known since the 6th grade (lolzzz) come and DJ.  
DJ PJ made the night so chill with the vibe he created with his music.  
Music just takes things to that NEXT LEVEL.

You can see more about him on his website TokMusic.

There were more artists and artwork and, but, like I said I am a little lazy and I've already written about, posted pics, and links on Facebook

I will be catching up with more soon!!!!!!   Can't wait to read some blogs!!!  

Love & Light <3 <3 <3 


  1. Welcome back! So hard to blog and do life sometimes....and then I find it easier to go virtual rather than the REAL stuff.
    Love your artistic friends! You are very lucky--xoxo

  2. Well I don't care if you don't fit your clothes anymore, you rock and I missed you!!! You're not the first blogger I know of that's had to shutdown a bricks and mortar store/stall. But it's great to see you still active and selling on FB. My gawwwwwwwd Lizzie is amazing!! xoxo

  3. Great to se you again , love the artwork !

  4. Thank you for being back and for your kind words

  5. Nice to see you back, Becky, you've been missed! I'm sorry about the shop. It's a hard go. I wrote about independent retailers for years and always admired their pluck, but never understood how money could be made as operations costs are so high. Congrats on the art show - cool stuff. Weight gain or no weight gain, it'd be nice to see your pretty face soon! Xo

  6. wow this is amazing! so good for you that you recognised that a step wasnt heading towards your big vision and you had the balls to move out and change direction...that really takes go girl! going to check all your links now! i love it when you blog you are so friggin fabulous xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. You gave it a go and that you can be dam proud of yourself for! I adore Lizzie and her stuff reminds me of a gal up here in Portland who does similar stuff her company is called Bone Haus:)

  8. Your stuff is gorgeous, I love visiting your online shop and admiring your stock. Your taste is perfect, too bad the shop didn't wok out but better to try it and find out what works for you.
    You're so pretty, weight doesn't matter! xxx

  9. You're back! Missed you, Becky. Sorry you had to close your booth, but I'm glad you're still selling, and that you continue to be surrounded by such a creative and inspirational crowd of people.
    Don't let weight gain hold you back or make you self-conscious, love; you're gorgeous, and the numbers on the scales matter not one bit! xxxx

  10. Sometimes I want to shut down the local booth too, it's so hard compared to the online market to keep it afloat. I'm going to keep pushing and see what happens. :P Also, the upcycled knick-knacks is a stroke of genius. I've seen that on artwork but not the figurines, brilliant idea.

  11. Sorry to hear about your booth. And you're right, we interact a lot more on Facebook these days don't we? We seem to have a lot of opinions and ideas in common :P
    I should do a post about your online shop, hopefully it would give you a boost in sales. Do you want to put an advert on my sidebar for free? I'd be more than happy to do that for you. Just make it 150x150px and preferably in a colour scheme that matches the blog's! MEssage me on FB about it x

  12. I'm just so glad you're back. We're not only getting bigger, we're showing the world how a beautiful woman ages gracefully...and OUT LOUD, taking no prisoners.

    Young, skinny girls are pretty. Big, bold girls are GORGEOUS!!!