Sunday, December 21, 2014

Seasons Greetings to all my Witches

Drinking coquito and eating cookies while the kids play with their solstice gifts.

Love & Light
on the longest night,
Becky  <3 <3 <3

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Repeat Offender

I wore the same dress twice this week.  Once to The Big Crafty on Sunday and then again Thursday night to my husband's office dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse.

Forcing my children to take pictures of me in an effort to get out of the mirror selfie situation.  Needless to say, they weren't that interested in the project.  Ignore Foxy's bed beside.  He likes to rip up stuffed animals in there for fun.  

The dress is one I bought from a fellow vintage dealer that I talked about in an earlier post here.  It is one of my all time favorites <3

Almost all 2nd hand stuff here, except my trusty Ren Faire tote talked about here that was bought from a vendor and two necklace that were gifts.

I'm also trying to stick to the 1 in 1 out rule because otherwise I would just keep EVERYTHING.

I was thisssss close to listing this Catherine Ogust blouse.  Like, literally typing the listing, and then stopped and ran and put it in my closet to keep.  So, I knew I had to pick something to go.

I've come across several Catherine Ogust dresses and have a weird obsession with them, but I'd never seen a shirt.

I love it.  Probably won't wear it until spring, but still keeping.

This is what's going in it's place: 

A vintage polyester button up with leaves and butterfly print.  It's listed here.
I love polyester button ups, but I'm PICKY about prints.  I hate giving up stuff I like!!!!

Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday and can't wait to see what everyone's been up to and wearing.

Love & Light,
Becky <3 <3 <3

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wat up?

Time to post!!!
I'm keeping it more to outfits lately because I was finding it overwhelming trying to talk and blog about all the stuff I do.

Here I am wearing a hand me down turtleneck from my dad's cousin, talked about getting hand me down from her before here, my vintage black leather jacket (has been in quite a few posts!), and a sweet vintage wrap skirt my mom just gave me!!!!!!!  It was a gift from my Grandma (my dad's mom) to her after a trip to Egypt & Israel.  My mom has probably had it almost 30 years.  She doesn't actually keep much, probably only kept it because it was from my Grandma.  I love it :)

Accessories.  And my unmade bed.

We also got to pop out and join some friends that were visiting from Florida.  I have no pictures of it, but it was rather rowdy.   I am wearing some vintage 70s overalls I got from Etsy.  A thrifted modern sweater that is too tight, but works with the overalls, and some thrifted KangaROOS green tennis shoes.   Shoes are lucky scores for me.  I have always had trouble scoring shoes.

Off to check what everyone's been up to!!
Love & Light,
<3 <3 <3

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why u so obsessed wit me?

This is what all my Brit friends must ask!!

Because I really do love England & Wales.

Here is my recently thrifted vintage Kappa Wales jacket.

Used to love Kappa, Adidas, and all those dope soccer styles in the 90s.  One of my best friends, and old roomie, is half British, and he was a soccer player and I used to swipe all his track suits to wear. 
So excited to find this and a keeper for sure. 

And this English soccer tee the same day.  You think they were originally from the same person?

Also, did everyone know about this 'Beauty Face' thing on the Android phone camera???
I am using it here.  Basically, it smoothes out all the blemishes and wrinkles for that Barbie look.  Not gonna lie.  I kind of dig it.  

We went out to this little vintage booth/antique store opening---I cannot remember the name rn.  I met one of the gorgeous vintage dealers (wish I'd snapped her pic!) and she was super sweet.  There were a lot of cute things I really liked, but they were too small for me. 

I wore an old thrifted 90s velvet top and some thrifted trippy palazzos. Oh yeah, and the amazing necklace I picked up in Dahlonega, GA.  I was there for my cousin's wedding and as we were passing through town on the way to the reception we saw a antique store. We popped in, met the most awesome vintage seller/owner, originally from Miami, and shopped the shit out of her store.

I added rings and my new (to me) leopard print jacket shown here.

I also wanted to discuss this thrifted leopard print hat.  I think it's great and it gets cold here and I'm thinking I might actually get to wear it (I've had it stashed for a while).  I'm just wondering how much use I'll get out of it because I will NEVER wear it with my leopard print jacket.  I don't care about everyone else, but I get weird feelings with too much matching print.

This is a dress from Antique Addict. One of my fav vintage stores that I've been frequenting since high school.   The owner Maryce is so nice and was a huge inspo for me.  I did a post with this dress as a brunette in 2012 here.   I loveeeee the color green and I'm always a sucker for a green dress.

So that is a little bit of my current fashion.  My mom popped into town this weekend on her way to/from a wedding in Highland.  So, that was nice!

I'll be checking blogs soon and def hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday.
Hooking up to HatAttack!!!!
& #iwillwearwhatilike

Love & Light,
<3 <3 <3

Monday, October 20, 2014

Never Enough Old Leopard Jackets

I've found yet another vintage leopard print coat.  This one really is perfect.  Perfect size, length, weight...

I've decided to sell the leopard blazer in the first pic in this old post and I actually can't find the leopard jacket in the second pic in the post...  So, even tho it seems I am constantly acquiring leopard print jackets, I will soon enough be back down to one.

Anyhow, just popping in to show off my new favourite jacket and hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday! & Spread the Kindness link-up---this jacket was def a Good-Buy :D

Love & Light,
<3 <3 <3

P.S.  Also, having some issues with people actually glorifying and being proud of being self-confessed greedy bastards.  Who thinks it's good to have an ungenerous soul?  Who related to Ebenezer Scrooge or wants to be Mr. Burns???  Who did you admire as a kid?  What qualities do heroes have?  We have some issues here in America over what people we admire, that's for sure :(

Sunday, October 12, 2014


We've been pretty lucky and have gotten to see a LOT of very good friends in Asheville lately.  Also, our crew is fairly international.  This is the X-man with his best friend since junior high (originally from Mexico) and his gorgeous wife from Lithuania-----and their brand new baby that you can't see!  They popped into Asheville and it was amazing to see their faces.  We are at Wicked Weed Brewing.  They are supposedly one of the top US microbreweries.  Beers are good and so is the cheese plate and the fish n' chips!

That very same evening we had another set of high school friends pop into town to stay with us.  Our really good friend Jessica and her husband from India and their little 2 year old.
They joined us at dinner above, but we headed out hiking with them the next day.
Here they are at Dupont State Park where we were checking out some good waterfalls:

Here are some waterfalls!

We always chill bit and have a snack.
The one below is Hooker Falls and you can actually stand behind the water and/or take a canoe right up to the actual falls.  I want to do this!!!!!!!!

The very next week my BFF came to visit!!!!!!!!

We were also able to pop out a few times to places for drinks.  One time I wore this thrifted black velvet and beaded side zipper 40s dress.  I am having a serious moment with black lately.  Joining Ephemera's Party dress link-up because this dress makes me feel like I'm going to a party!

Sorry.  Until I can afford a new camera it's crappy selfies.  I really love the dress.
The X-man looking pretty fly!!! vvv

We are at a place called The Crow and Quill and it is awesome.

They serve absinthe and make real drinks.  The bartenders have to actually know their shiz.  

We also popped over to The Double Crown, but my pics didn't come out!  Click the link if you want to see the place.  It is really cool :)

We went hiking with the BFF and boyfriend and they stayed for about 4 days.  Her man made a cool video of our hike, but I can't figure out how to share it here :(  At some point I will have to share pics of it.  And her.  because she's VIP in my life :D

We also hung out at the Asheville Pride Festival.  Here are the girls riding a turkey, which for some reason I KEPT calling a vulture!  

Had a great time with everyone!!!!

Last, but not least, I wanted to share my epic shower curtain I ordered from Ilaria Novelli's Society 6 store.  I know most of you know her and are friend's, but it doesn't hurt to put it out there.  I am in LOVE with my curtain.  She did a double image of 'Alice' for me.  This print is no longer available, but she has more.  It has transformed my tiny shitty bathroom. SUPPORT ARTISTS YO!

I can't even get the whole curtain in because I am literally backed into the farthest corner of the door.  

Love & Light, 
<3 <3 <3 

P.S. Did I mention I love my shower curtain or nah?

Sunday, September 21, 2014


A couple of weeks ago my mom flew in for a quick visit and we all popped down to see my Grandma.  In this picture we have the 4 generations.  And our dogs.

Let me tell you, it is a treat to watch your mom with her mom.  We'll leave it at that.
This is my grandmother and my grandfather back in the day.  Probably 40s/50s or something.  

This is her before she was married as a teen.  Her name was Dorothy and she was from Kansas!  Obviously, she loves the Wizard of Oz. 

Speaking of the 50s I found this little cupcake dress.  It looks ragged in this picture for some reason, but it's really a pretty pale baby blue.  It was about $2 in the rag bins.  Pretty much thinking of keeping it in case Girl London wants to eventually wear it to a dance. 

It is getting cooler here and I can anticipate the season changing and it is making me want to wear black.  

I pulled out the leopard blazer already!  Jackets are so exciting for me still. 
Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday!!!

Love & Light,
Becky xoxox


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Big Love Fest

It has come to my attention that I have basically stopped taking pics of most of the things we do.  However, the X-man takes pics all the time, of everywhere we go, and everything we do.  He puts it all on Facebook.  If you are friends with the X-man on Facebook then you know EVERYTHING.  His Facebook is a better blog than my blog.  Basically, I swipe pics from him to make posts.

Asheville has a million festivals.  They are all pretty fun.  This is one we went to with art, music, and food called the Big Love Fest. 

I actually found a vintage dress here!!!  I bought it, but it was too big.  That almost NEVER happens.
It's a blue 50s/60s brocade one.  Has some flaws, but I am not the type to care as long as it's not on some really inopportune spot.  X-man was like, "Isn't that one almost just like the other one?"
YES. It is.  Because I like blue and I like brocade.  Too bad it don't work.  Now listed here.

I was really happy that morning because I finally bleached my roots.  I traded a vintage dress for this handmade necklace.  My dress is from T@rget.  Years ago.  I actually bought it when I was pregnant with Girl London and could in no way fit into it.  Eventually I got to wear it.  Here I am squeezing into it again!!  It's really sturdy and well-made.  One of those special collections.  I got it on major clearance.  I don't buy clothes from there anymore, but I do not regret this purchase at all. 

Lovely dirty mirror selfie so you can actually see it.  Probably need to take some cleaner to this stat.

Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday.  C u there!

Love & light,
<3 <3 <3

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Some faves

Going to talk about a few favorites.

This here is one of my favorite dresses.  It's a little 60s Liberty Circle dress I bought off Etsy a few years ago for about $16.

Wearing with some of my fav pieces of bling, including the bastard massive cuff for Vix!

More fav things!!
Last Sunday I had a friend and her family from high school that I haven't seen since high school come to Asheville for a little visit and vacay.  Used to call her Little Lisa because she is such a tiny little thing and I've talked about her here when she was running her company...  Now, she is doing incredible things.  I'm so happy for her.

The X-man, Little Lisa, Me!!!!!!
It also happened to be our 20 year high school reunion---perfection.

Her husband and kids are awesome and our kids had the best time. EVER.

Her 2 beautiful boyzzz + my two beautiful girlzzz = 22222222222 much fun!

They stayed for several days in our little guest house and we hiked and explored Asheville together.

That same weekend I also had another high school friend pop into town with her family---no pics---but, it was sooooooooo great to see her.  Coincidently, our daughters were the same age and were pre-school friends and in the same Daisy Scout Troop, so Girl London was blowing up happy to see her Tampa friend in Asheville <3

I also went to a house party thrown by some friends of ours that also live in Asheville (and went to high school with the X-man and I in Tampa---LOTS of people from Florida here---they call us Floridiots! hahahaha) annnnnnnd ran into ANOTHER friend who was popping through town on her way from Denver back to Tampa.  
Used to party with this chica here back in the day and hadn't seen her face for about 15 years.  Nice :)

Ok, last one!  We also ran into X-man's best friend's little brother.  They moved to Charlotte recently and randomly popped up in Asheville after a hike and we got to hang with them downtown.  Probably hadn't seen these guys since Girl London was an infant and we used to do these monthly dinner parties--- unfortunately no pics. 

Another favorite thing I want to talk about is MY NEW FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH rn.

The Hazel Mill Amphitheatre.

I am drama crazy.  Can't act, don't want to act, but absolutely love live theatre.  You are allowed to bring chairs blankets, some people bring little tables, picnics, wine, beer...  No smoking tho!!  Although we are assured by the announcer before every performance that if Asheville takes a turn like Denver, that they might bend the 'no smoking' rule lolzzzzzz

It is run by the Montford Park Players, one of the longest running Shakespeare companies and GET THIS--- all summer performances are FREEEEEEEEEEEE!   It always starts at about 7:30 in the evening, so it quickly gets dark and I love it!!!  

Heaven, I tell ya'.  We've seen Taming of the Shrew (amazing--it was even better than the performance I saw at the Job Theatre in Tampa!) and Tartuffe (they decided to honor Moliere because they thought Shakespeare would approve.  I agree!!!  I had only read that play and it was so awesome to see it preformed).  Coriolanus is next.  It is rarely preformed so this should be a treat. 

The Players lent their theatre to The Fox & Beggar Theatre  earlier this year for the show Animalia that I have to say was literally one of the most magical performances I have ever seen.  It took you into the past/present/furure/dreaming/waking/death/love/magic/life...  If you click the link there is a little video, but really it was just this miracle of the moment that only live performance can reach.  It also had a live orchestra to accompany the show.  

So that was some faves of mine.
Trying to keep it positive because the news has been a downer lately and giving me a bit of anxiety ughhhh

Totally hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday!

Love & Light, 
<3 <3 <3 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dreamy Dresses

Hey all you bloggy babes!

I must say that Asheville summers are niiiiiice :D

Fact:  The X-man and I moved to Asheville w/o ever visiting, not even once.  We also picked our house online w/o seeing it in person.  We picked a new place to move using some personal criteria for our lifestyle and researched a bunch of places (Google street view was a HUGE help!!!) and ended up in Asheville.  People thought it sounded insane.  I just want to say that we are loving this city and I am so thankful for the internet for making it possible!

Ok.  I've discovered two awesome ladies who sell used & vintage clothes.
The first one is UrbanGypsyTrunkShow and she is a real hoot!  She does local pop up shops with music and hula hoops and all her stuff is usually between $4-10!!!!  I LOVEEEEE affordable vintage!

That's Girl London doing some hoops and the Urban Gypsy herself in the blue skirt in the tent.  She's so funny.  We've gone to two of the pop-ups and she was so friendly and outgoing and I was like, "Uggghhhhhhh duuuuuuuuh".  Has that ever happened to you???  I have these lovely moments of absolute social awkwardness and in my head I'm like, "What a great lady!!!!"

Anywho, I got the dress on the left below from her for $10.  It's a repro, but in the style I love and with peacocks in pattern.   Peacocks are awesome.  It's a little sheer so I have to wear the cotton slip I talked about in my last post here underneath it, which is great because it gives me reasons to wear it more often!  I've worn the dress a few times already, but haven't taken any pics.

Nowwwwwww, the dress on the right.  The one in front.  This is the real deal 60s 70s super soft cotton gauzy dress I've been dreaming of...  I have a couple of dresses that come close, including the one sold to me as vintage and shipped in the manufacturer's vacuum sealed plastic (this was no mistake),  and this 80s one, but this one ^^^^ is the dream one.

Bought this little baby from a shop that the X-man and I kept driving by and wanting to check out.


Obviously, we must go here!
There was usually a massive pile of stuff out front when we would drive by.  And the place would be closed.  And we'd be like, "Who would leave all this amazing stuff out front and just not be open?"  Then one day when we went back to try again, we met Angie, the owner and we understood.
She was "not open...." (long dramatic pause as she gazes out at us from a sort of make shift head wrap that she was holding draped across her face Princess Jazmine style) "but open".
Works for us!!!

Shop is chock full of goodies!  You can see her in the back hiding my dress.  I didn't have cash, so I actually had to leave to get cash and come back.  She was super nice.

Almost forgot to mention!!  When we came back to get the dress she gifted the X-man this vintage 60s picture he was drooling over:

He was sooooooo happy!!

Love & Light,
<3 <3 <3]