Friday, February 28, 2014

Keep it movin'

I seriously can't thank Bella enough for what a huge inspo she is for me in fashion, blogging, business, LIFE!  She also inspired me to get movin' (after a big move) and get back to work with her latest #secondhandfirst feature
She made this!!!!!!!

I am so down with her #secondhandfirst movement that I don't even know where to start.
So, I'll start by linking to her blog here and doing my own post about it.
Sorry it's so SHITTY!  These are phone pics.  I need batteries for my camera and my mouse--and I hate working on my computer with no mouse.

The X-man and I have now been married 9 years and we popped out last night--kids in tow--to a little pub to celebrate.
This is my outfit.  Thrifted deep blue 80s velvet drop-waist dress (UNION MADE in the US) with ridiculous puff sleeves and lots of jewellery.

We just moved from Florida to Asheville 3 weeks ago!!!!!  There is literally an extra bathroom sink at my bedroom at the moment...
Tried to get good pics of the jewels, but you know it's shite.

Everyone loves the rear view!!!  

VELVET & LACE people!!!  I don't live in Florida anymore!!  Velvet & lace are back on the (closet) menu!!  Does that even make sense?

This is the business literally happening behind me, hollering at me about who is knocking over whose  building in the living room.  SSSHHHHH!  Mommy is doing important stuff here--dressing up and taking pics!  

My dress and lots of my jewellery are #vintage and soooooo very #secondhandfirst :)

I am linking up with Bella's post NOW!!!  I encourage anyone who has a blog about anything secondhand, albeit clothes, or WHATEVER, feel free to join in and link up.  The #secondhandfirst lifestyle goes beyond just clothes.  My house is decorated with vintage & secondhand items, my kids wear secondhand clothes & buy second toys.  When I give gifts, I think about what they would want and if there is a secondhand option.  It is the future and it is the only real sustainable solution.  
Here is Bella's blog link again along with her amazing feature about MEEEEEEEE!  I CAN"T!!  She so good ughhh.  
Please join us!!!  

Love & light
Becky <3 <3 <3 

P.S. At the Jack of the Wood pub my kids joined in with two other little girls who were the daughters of the band playing and literally took over the stage.
At one point, my husband tried to stop Baby Dream from jamming on the other little girl's guitar to which she promptly marched up to him to inform him that "NO, it's fine!!  She's in the SHOW!"
LMAO At one point they sang the ABC's and then Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to a BIG round of applause.  Afterwards the real band played and they were so good with a BADASS bango & fiddler player. 

FUUUUUN!  More on Asheville soon :D


  1. Congratulations on the anniversary and well done on your move! Does that mean you can wear sleeves and coats now without dying of heat?
    Love the outfit, the kids are adorable and its good to have you back! xxx

  2. So there has been a lot happening in your neck of the woods then, Becky! Happy anniversary to you both, and how exciting, you've moved. So hello velvet and boots and tights!
    You look gorgeous in that deep blue, and the kids are rocking on the stage!
    No need to encourage me to shop secondhand, it's already a way of life. xxx

  3. Congrats on your move and your anniversary! You certainly wore a beautiful dress to celebrate!

  4. Congratulations on the move! Asheville sounds like fun, and if you get to wear velvet and lace, woohoo!

  5. Becky! I'm so happy to hear from you again! I saw Bella's post (bad girl, still need to comment) and I thought to myself: I miss this gal. Checked out your Etsy shop and Favourited that gorg hot pink frock. :) I too swear, always, on the second-hand first pledge for so many items: all Adam's toys and clothing, my entire closet, housewares, and, if appropriate, gifts. Congrats on your move - what a big change! - and so happy for you that you can now dress for the seasons, yay! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't wear a coat, or,velvet, or scarves ..... Nice to see you back. Xo

  6. I totally missed that you moved! Even though the photos are a bit rough, I can totally tell that you're wearing an awesome outfit. You had me at blue lace.

  7. Velvet and lace, indeed! I'm happy for you having these two luxurious fabrics back in rotation. Your kids are awesome, already rocking out on stage. I'm sure they could give me some pointers for my air ukulele.
    Bella's piece was great. I'm always happy to see what you're up to. (PS I'm not moving, just seriously decluttering)

  8. Happy Anniversary! And congratulations on your move (a good one, I think). Yes, the velvet and lace thing makes sense, but blue velvet is ALWAYS a yes!

  9. BECKY YOU ARE SO RAD! I know it must be a pain to get things all set up after a big move- but your home looks like it needs me to hang in it- and your baby girl is a cutie pie! As are you- thank you for posting your phone pics- you are truly a first rate secondhandfirst BABE! And congrats on moving to NC. Serene of Elegant Bohemian and Lynn from Dylan's Dress are from there so I know theres loads of cool there. Thank you for linking up and being YOU. xo. !

  10. Congrats on the write-up, looks like fun was had by all :D

  11. Happy anniversayr. Moving is so stressful. I love velvet, I think it goes very well with lace, so vintage.

  12. oh the move is like a little earthquake as we say. love the secondhandfirst idea!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  13. Feck yeah to velvet and lace and faux fur and boots and costs and music! What a cool place to move, did you mention why you guys chose that place? The kids jamming is my favorite thing and made my morning! Shop secondhand first but if everyone does they will buy up all the cool vintage:) I'm only half kidding:)