Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Foxy & Hikes

I don't think I officially blogged about this, but we actually got a dog last year.  His name is Foxy and he is the naughtiest Shiba Inu.  The kids adore him and call him "The King" & "Fancy Foxy" despite the fact that he is bitey, doesn't listen for shit, and destroys stuff.

Foxy is also super lazy, often sleeping until noon and he likes to run off.

Foxy goes on our little Asheville hikes now.  Here is a little mix of two hikes we've taken.

The water was ice cold, but the kids met another little girl there and they all ended up totally getting in!  They were shivery & blue & they didn't care lol

Everywhere we go Girl London climbs trees.

The X-man like this because he thinks Girl London Baby Dream and him look like they are on th cover of a death metal band.  His words.  

My husband never takes pics.  I have to almost ask/beg!  So, I'm usually not in the pics.  How did I become my dad?!  Anyway, here is one he snapped that I am in:

Comfy cotton pants, shirt, hat, & sunglasses for the hike :)

Love & Light,
<3 <3 <3 


  1. Well done X man on taking a lovely family shot! Your girls are gorgeous and I want Foxy, he's adorable! x

  2. Your family are adorable ! Looks like a fun hike and great nature .

  3. Foxy is gorgeous, what a handsome boy!
    The hike looks fun, it's great to get out and about and let the kids climb and run (and splash!) and let off steam. xxx

  4. When he bites, grab his muzzle and HOLD. He'll stop.

    Your girls are adorable!

  5. Foxy looks like a ton of fun! That coat is gorgeous! Your family is sweet and I can see the death metal cover, totally! Seeing kids climbing trees makes me appreciate there fearless nature. Thanks for sharing the story about your own Dad with me, you know how I feel.

  6. Lovely pictures and I love Foxy..I love doggies who have personality x

  7. Aw cuteness! :D Can't wait to go on more hikes myself, thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Oh I love Shiba Inus! I see them a lot here in Brooklyn and I swear to you, they always look so jaunty and happy. I am convinced they are the happiest dogs on the planet! A good friend of mine has one and I love to visit with him, he has quite a personality and always cracks me up. Yay for Foxy, he looks like a great dog! I totally hear you re pictures, my kids are going to be like, Where is mom? once they grow up and see family pictures. Ha. XO, Jill

  9. dogs rock! He is a beaut! xxxxx

  10. Foxy is adorable!! Pets bring so much love to our lives!
    Beautiful family pictures, love the nature shots and Girl London!