Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Computer

Hi Hello Hey

My children sprayed the keyboard of my computer to 'clean' it for me and it's fried.  Working off a borrowed laptop now, but I will be a bit slow on the bloggie circuit for now.

This is me wearing a 60s Peck & Peck Fifth Avenue orange and pink shell top with buttons at the shoulders.

Beauty Face app!
I love the blouse, but the armholes turned out to be too tight, so it's now listed here.

I would love to see you on Instagram!!!!!

Be catching up soon!!!!

<3 <3 <3

Friday, June 5, 2015

Clothes Clothes Clothes

Vintage 70s/80s red, white, & blue chevron striped shirt with vintage jeans and vintage shell necklace. 

Vintage 80s guazy cotton trapeze tank top and vintage abalone shell necklace. 

Vintage 90s (Express or The Limited???) sequin tank top.

Vintage 90s GAP shirt and 80s midi skirt with pockets---trying to decide if it's a keeper or not.  I don't like it with this shirt, that's for sure---this outfit will not be repeated :(  

Vintage asian style print dress and kimono----favorite outfit by farrrrrrrr!

Another 70s/80s red, white, & blue striped shirt----I guess these colors and stripes are sort of my thing.  Vintage 70s leather braided belt that was dad's.   

Catherine Ogust shirt again. 

Vintage 80s BodyCentral sheer blouse and vintage jeans. 

Bunch of basic ootd's featuring lots of denim and vintage.