Monday, May 23, 2016

ALISON WONDERLAND trap, hip hop and bass DJ set in The Lab LA and the show I went to...

Last summer I had the chance to listen to whatever music I wanted practically all the time again and I started playing tons of techno, or EDM (electronic dance music), as it's now called---because I'm old or whatever.  One of the first new sets I heard was by Alison Wonderland.  She's a female DJ who also trained as a classical musician, a trained cellist.

This set by her literally blew my mind and I would play it daily.  I still probably play it at least once a week a year later.  

It's also one of the sets my boyfriend, who was just a buddy at the time, became obsessed with when I had him listen to it.  He may also be slightly obsessed with AW herself because she's kind of gorgeous and awesome and her style is DOPE!!!
This is straight up 90s old school style and how I also like to dress sometimes, so I am kind of crazy about her, too.  More of this style will be discussed later.
So, since I live in Asheville, which is a super liberal cool town, there are a lot of hippie types.  I'm into it---just not like a total granola girl.  I told Candyman, my friend at the time, we're gonna see this chick in concert and we're gonna find some friends that like EDM.  It's not the popular thing here, but we like it and we're here, so there must be others like us!!!  We will root them out.
And also we will see AW play live next year in 2016.  #GOALS  (More on this later because there is actually more...)
At the time it seemed rather unlikely because she played big shows in Australia and like the West Coast and stuff.
Fast forward about 6 months to my birthday, January 2016, and my bestie is in town and we're all hanging out celebrating and I am SOOOO HAPPY and all the sudden I decide to google Alison Wondeland because it's January of 2016 and I REMEMBER saying I'm gonna see this girl spin this year.  I pull up her concert venues and she's playing huge events everywhere.  Massive shows in major cities.  But, she's also playing The Orange Peel in Asheville in February 2016---in about 4 weeks.  It's a small but amazing venue in downtown Asheville.  Less than 2 miles from my house.  Tickets were $16.  I can def afford $16 ticket at a little venue less than 2 miles from my house!!  One 2016 goal done!

We had such a great time.  My bff came back to town for the show and Candyman's son met us there...  He is called Mr. P.S.B.  (Mister Pretty Sleepy Baby) aptly named by Savory C for his proclivity to sleep on the couch and look pretty and be a bit of a baby even though he is 17.
It was a great night.

My Ebay bought Adidas tracksuit that I first clocked in this ad and went nuts over.  Found it cheap separately on Ebay and was like ANOTHER DREAM REALIZED!!!  lolol

Got it!!!!  For cheap, too :)

Happy!!  Luv these faces.

Candyman and me...  My crew name is FancyBoy.  

Cute collage of pics from the night.  Candyman made it bcuz I'm not talented with the photos as u well know.  My green shell toes were a Christmas present from him last year and I don't want to shock u, but these green shell toes go with practically everything.  I feel like my face looks weird in the pic at the top right.

Anyways, this was a pretty good memory from February <3
Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday!!!

Love & Light,



  1. Your life is full of music! Love this happy post and you are looking fabulous, thanks for linking. xo

  2. Hi Becky I love that you picked this track suit up from eBay. I am spending way too much time there these days buying various things! It looks like you guys had so much fun. I wonder if I would like this DJ. I am a child of the 80s so I still love Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Smiths and New Order. Hooray for electronic music, right? xx

  3. I love me some drum and bass. Some people are shocked, they seem to think vintage lovin' girls have to listen to naff old vintage music. I can't wait to get to Glasto and check out the different stages and get down and dirty. xxx

  4. This is an instance of the universe coming together for you. How incredible that your fave DJ came to your town, tix were good, you found the Adidas online, you got those amazing shoes - oh yes!!! It's your time. I'm listening as I type this. Great photos!

  5. You sound - and look - happy. Therefore, I'M happy! Candyman's a cutie.