Friday, April 28, 2017

Graveyard Fields Canton Asheville LBOB - GLOBAL CHRONIC BREAK - GLOBAL-E & DJ CHRONIC

Graveyard Fields Canton 

It was rly a sweet day.

Quick 20 minute drive.

I rly love how I haven't been lookin' spot on and CandyMan still acts like I'm cute as shit.  It's rly positive.  I've been eating so much.  Time to focus and exercise bcuz I luv eating and drinking.  

CandyMan and I live in and love Asheville and you can check out the city here with the Airbnb that we run.  I mean, u see what we're about------did u even know how popular this town is lol? 

Pre-hike I got the lawn mower goinggg

I was proud

then we popped in The Camry (LOLOL) and went hiking :)
CandyMan mowed the rest the next day for real tho lol 

Chocolate Fetish  Asheville

V tasty choco stores here, too.  I mean, snagged a quick tiny bite.  Just a flavor----but oh my lyfeeeee

One champagne truffle and one wine and roses and one dark chocolate espresso (possible cayenne)


We got a piece of chocolate covered pineapple and peach obvi

 P.P. Knuckles chose a bouquet of chocolate covered pretzels for all his brothers and sisters instead of a treat for just himself. 


I would get  these O'Neill Men's Murca Boardshort's   for CandyMan <3 
I don't know if he'd wear them.  Probably.
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Love & Light,


Meme Lyfe:

What did u do boy? What did ya do???



want want want so many new pieces---check her feed
these are a little older


lololol not even cleaning up these screenshots---grimy publication here 

I mean, PUHHHHH-----lease can I have this thnx

bye Lacy!!!  <3 <3 <3 lololol comment if u know Lacy!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Heart in my heart Art Feminism Fuck Off Poem Zeds Dead Mix For Pete Tong Wrecking Krew East Coast Edition 828 Asheville Women's Club

WreckingKrew Arts & Krafts update (aka what ur kids do???):

London the Bridge
'Foxy hamburger, ice crew., chicken bone, hot dog? graphic art'

It turned into a whiteboard sitch 

that became a short story (currently whereabouts unknown)


CandyMan played this for me and it's been awhile.

I'm not even lyin'!!!!  CandyMan was like "It doesn't even look like you.  You look like you're 8.  It's 10 filters deep."
I mean, maybe not a direct quote, but close enough.

This is the beautiful magic Alice princess down the Rabbit-hole me.
Part of
Hansel N Gretel 

Vintage dress from Etsy.
Huge sunnies from mall kiosk.
Personal vintage 90s silver hoops.
Vintage personal cheapo souvenir necklace from '82 world fair
Brass choker necklace I got with bb from cheapo estate sale and subsequently lost n found it
Bb's necklace---constantly on meh (just like bb)
mom's hand of hansa necklace from caribbean artist from Disney Cruise trip
vintage personal silver Rebecca engraved locket--gifted from ??? need pics!!

This one is v real below.  Pretty sure no filter. 

Sadidas lolol

Love & Light,

Meme lyfe: 

Basement Poetry Corner

Instead of showcasing (self-publishing) the Fuck Off poem I'll post this:



Monday, April 24, 2017

Porn In The DropBox Introduction Jungle Footwork Trap Mix Brentsaudiomadness Monday


Anyways, Porn In the Dropbox is basically a new forum that involves socially unpopular subjects and/or words that are literally hard to talk about!  Or even might be (supposedly) embarrassing. We'll get into the idea of shame itself.  Positives and negatives. 

The title itself came about when I was searching for something in the Dropbox of my new 'to me'/old computer and came across a probable v suspect nudie snippet of some variety...  Therefore, scurrying around the house with exclamations of FINDING PORN IN THE DROPBOX commenced to which CandyMan's immediate and shocked response was to whip his head up and exclaim THAT'S NOT MY PORN IN THE DROPBOX and by the look on his face I knew it wasn't and how much nobody would probably want to be blamed for porn in the dropbox if ever there was to be any to blame about or what have u.

We'll talk about the socks maybe next time.   

Exciting.  Sort of horrible. Half/half.  Shakespearean in it's wholeness of the investigation into the human spirit here on this blarrrgggg. 

RiverJesus below!!! That is u BRENT!!!  

Also, I'm into feedback on all my graphics.

This is one dedicated to CandyMan's friend who is like a v similar version of my best friend.
It's a continuation of the #ShopMyCloset happening and the skirt is available here.

I'm not loving the graphic above tho.  

We have a Kool-Aid man bust in the room debate that is continuous although I will admit much less popular as an adult (and admittedly possibly all together less popular than I originally thought.)

GIF is pronounced JIF.  Jiffy, Genevieve, ginger...  
Still arguing with middle-aged white guys the most!!!


I don't usually wear head to toe vintage or anything rly.  I mix up pieces.  Starting to try to show how I incorporate new and old, thrifted and store bought, borrowed and repaired items into my wardrobe. 

Vinatge boots r a hard score for me bcuz I'm a US 9.  That size is naturally more rare in vintage bcuz of the smaller size and stature of people in general---I guess due to lack of nutrients and or all the incredible new man-made chemicals and hormones we concoct in labs and add to everything!!

I'm 41 yrs old and currently into cheapo glitter nails and stickers, borrowed jewelry, bf's class ring, mom's class ring, body art, graphic apps, and blogging...

Dress listed r here

My bb made some cute pics of us.  I've been gaining weight so I'm kinda of spazzing about diet ughh just b4 summah .  

Love & Light. 

Meme lyfe:

lol the hair brushing!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Soup for Sluts aka U know We Like to Eat A Lot FOOD TALK Asheville M.I.A. "Bad Girls" (Official Video)


Food featured post all up in here today.  

Professional Level Asheville Review by CandyMan 
and I chime in

We also got to pop into this place with CandyMan's old boss one night.  We sampled fried pigs ears.  I rly rly want to try the chickpea fries!!!
That dessert was almondy and had chilled apple sauce and was yummmmm
Come visit Asheville ;D
CandyMan and I are AirBnB hosts :)


Making some stuff. 
Finally getting crafty.
 It's so good people.

GIFTED pineapple sparkly pink brooch!!!
U know who------HR!!!!!
Whole outfit in future post. 

vintage rings, thrifted vintage animal print jacket

Betsey Johnston skirt fo' sale here

SHOP MY CLOSET continues with this 40s slip/dress for sale here

Hooking up to NotDeadYet Visible Monday

Love & Light, 

MEME LYFE honoring eating:

She's got no time for those kids dinner!!!!  Fuck yo mac n chz!
I enjoy going to the grocery store lolol and used to  go almost everyday or close to it.  For real. 

Also, if you've seen me in the store...  Find me in the _____ aisle!!!!
Little bit whatever but I do luv guac and avocado al lot.
Me too, bitch!!!!

Wait until our next foodie foodie reviewie viewie bcuz I think it involves guac and vinegary hot sauce!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

SLUT SHAMING OG NY Junglist Declaration and more ootd DJ Shadow - The Mountain Will Fall (Full Album) [HQ Audio]

Dive bar extradonairre
Runs a v tight Pandora channel----responsible for the 'Run the Jewels' channel selection.
Good punk flo, too.
Bacon wrapped figs!!!  Need I say more?  

Vintage 90s Bebe suede skirt with ridiculous fringe.  Vintage Banana Republic wooden heel and leather shoes.  Thrifted T@rget lace crop top.   Beauty filter/no filter/beauty filter!  I rec messing with apps.

Kind of obsessed with that owl pic in the top left corner.  Of course, it's sold!!!!  UGHHHH

Interested in Asheville?  We sort have a crazy little converted 'mini' house we rent on AirBnb...
Outfit for the evening shenanigans.

Such a coincidence that I've been meaning to share this album and we were just in our friends ambulance and he had this album sticker.  I'll share pics later, but it's time to share the album for sure.


I got called a WHORE and SLUTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm 41
It's been awhile.
It's all happening 
coming up...

SaturdayShareLInkUp just because heyyyyyyyyyy!!
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Love & Light, 


CandyMan can handle a lot of arguing and sometimes I even feel a little sorry for him.  But, just a little because he actually needs it.  It keeps him in line. No joke. It's like a full-time job for me. 

He doesn't need any arguing today tho.  Today I'm just gonna luv on him. 
Looking way too sexy here with Carini!!!!
Makin' me jealous justy lookin' at the pic now!

He knows he better not.  He knows. (Just picture my face here looking like no.)

2/18/15 my lucky day <3 <3 <3