Sunday, May 28, 2017

When Spring Is Almost Summer The Time Will Fly Byyyyyyyyyyyyy

It is almost June.  Spring is almost over and it just feels like it was a massive revolution of the seasons for summer.
I am so happy to be getting ready to work on the house.  The property we live on in Asheville needs lots of work and spring/summer is knock it out time.

If you have been reading for a while you might surmise that I was previously married.  I have two daughters as a result of that marriage, Girl London and Baby Dream (aka London the bridge and Coco Loco) and it's obviously difficult to put into words how great they are-------so when I started dating CandyMan it was us three and Foxy-- the Shiba Inu :)
4 of us!
Plussssssssssss, my amazing boyfriend CandyMan
annnnnnnnnnnnd his 3 boys and dog Carini---the pit bull u might see in pics :D

7 all together.  9 with the dogs!!!!!
By chronological order lololol

18-Mr. PSB
10-London the Bridge/Girl London
7-CocoLoco/Baby Dream

I don't have a perfect group pic, but here is a pic from a recent school potluck with some photo-bombing friends!!

I used a beauty app filter here and it's not even enough---I look like a strangled ugly turtle or something!!! lol, but we had a great time that day.  I absolutely love the kids' elementary school here in Asheville---the girls and their friends are really just becoming incredible people and this place has been a part of it.

This is me and London the Bridge on the monkey bars that day

I was only up for a minute as it was extremely laborious work to say the least.  Jeez.  Thought I was gonna fall on my head in front of everyone and wreck myself...  #WreckingKrew #checkyourself

I'm ok tho lolol

Sort of wishing I could try this pretty color LimeCrime lipstick here, but Sam I Am just brought me a bunch of goodies!
Sam I Am aka Special-T, HR, and I were just talking about how much make-up helps us get thru the day.  Sam I Am thinks mascara changes the game, HR can't even work without lipgloss. I like eyeliner and powder----I mean, even just to work from home for HR and me.  Make-up is part of TheBizness!!!!  We're gonna set up an old-school make-up table in the basement.  HR's mom didn't have one, but Special-T's and my mom totally did.

Love & Light,


Screenshots & Memes:

I used to hace cats---the most I had was 3 at once.  I developed SEVERE allergies in my late 20s to them and yet, still kept them until they passed.  It almost killed me, for real. 
Still love cats, tho :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Moment of Silence for Manchester DJ RAF In the midst of the madness please don't lose your soul

Just thinking about all the lost loved ones.   

"In the midst of the madness please don't lose your soul"
This part of the mix might be one of my favorites ever and just sort of maybe for u in Manchester.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kloseview Old School Junglist Record Release Party Defrostatica DJ Draf

Brook Klose aka Kloseview IG is a friend I met thru Krista & Tommy.  She just did a DEFROSTATICA record release.
She owns her own business.
She knows how to hustle.
Her record release party was DOPE as shit.  She identifies as an old-school junglist, similar to me and  CandyMan, and Special-T.  Jungle is def the ultimate for me, although I LOVE IT ALLLLLLLLL!

This pic tho.  Fuk yeah. 
She is reallllllllllll
In her own words below

She told me she's probably also going to start freelance writing.  Nice!

I can't even talk about D-Raf's mix and how he killed it.
I'll just give you a listen he was kind enough to share.

Unfortunately, we only really got hear his major set bcuz we had the kids!  Always up early for school dayzzzzzz :D
The bit we heard could only mean the entire night was lit.  We had a blast.  Asheville is a lot of fun for sure.

I decided to wear a vintage 80s For David Howard Climax Karen Okada white leather dress that I bought from Etsy.  It was a splurge several years ago. The necklace was a trade, believe it or not, from several years ago, for a thrifted blue leather dress on a deal I made with a jewelry maker in Miami.   #Triian

Love & Light,



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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Casual Girls Style Is How We Do It Errydayyyyyyy Secondhand shopping to save the planet

I try to buy, wear, trade, all kinds of items---used and second-hand and gifted as much as possible, but I like to buy new merchandise, too :)  Combing second-hand or vintage items into outfits with new items is a nice way to roll into within your comfort zone.

Not always loving social media but on IG and Facebook for the minute anyways it seems like lol
#bolo #vintagebolo #necklace #tanktop #urbanoutfitters #silver #cutoffs #shorts #ootd #casual #casualstyles #spring #summer #mom

I'm a vintage slinger.  I'm 41 years old. I live in Asheville and it's a fun city. I wore this gifted second-hand vintage 80s bolo around my neck backwards for a sort of back necklace.  I thought it was cool. I mix up the new and old.  These cut-offs are second hand from 3 decades ago or so lol and my dad's b4 that!  I stole all his belts and beat up cut-off jean shorts :D

I've been trying to pop around and really get into all your blogs again and focus more on mine.  A lot of u, and I might try to get organized and link, have put out some quality info lately----like targeting and focusing major issues, still using fashion, but not just fashion, your creativity, your intelligence, your leadership, your podiums, your art, your wit-------to bring about some important changes happening now for humanity, for our world.  
I'm on board.

Link up #iwillwearwhatilike & Visible Monday

Love & Light,

Screenshots & Meme Lyfe:

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Chota Falls Georgia Sunday and I'm Really Hope Your Weekend Was Good Mimosa Mother's Day Morning and Fashion Family Fun

It was an amazing weekend.
Love. Family. A Wedding. Mother's Day.  Goats on a Roof.  I can't get it all in now. Just a little something tho.

Thrifted BDG jeans.
Old second hand Plato's Closet t-shirt.
Old Free People necklace.
Old cuffs. 
Chota Falls, Georgia.

London drew this little pencil whip of me and it just...
I posted it on IG I luv it so much.

I also posted a picture of me wearing my grandmother's dress ;)

It's vintage 50s with real ascot/pussybow.  Almost gothic level mid-calf length modest dress. 
Also, on the IG feed. 

I've been posting cool articles on FACEBOOK using every platform!!

Love & Light, 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Roll Call TGIF It's Time For Mother's Day Weekend and old school petting zoo 80s throwback

I'm rly hoping for a nice weekend with my family.  I luv them all. 
I am also hoping for the best to my ex-husband and father of my children and that side of the family.
We signed our divorce papers near the end of last year.
I want my children to be happy and healthy and I wish him well, too.

My parents stayed together until my father passed.  I couldn't of imagined having them split up.  I remember worrying about it in the 80s and my mom promised they would never divorce.  And they didn't.  I learned about sacrifice, loyalty, truth, honor, morals, pain, pleasure, beauty, youth, health, religion...
My mom is one of the best people ever.  And here she is below:

Kansas in the 80s!
Bangs! Glasses! 
After much debate; a baby calf!
Lil bro behind me in the legendary Dekalb shirt.
Out there with the Gormans in Kansas.
My Grandma's name is Dorothy and she's from Kansas!

"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." Dorothy 'Wizard of Oz'
(My grandmother is named Dorothy and is from Kansas, always had a little dog, and YES, she almost got carried off by a tornado! Or one time she saw a tornado! same same)

My brother is in the shirt shown on all great grand babies in just one of the many WALL OF PHOTOS!!!  

Happy Mothers Day :D

Love & Light,

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Basement Voltz Radio EDM Bass heavy Rap Breakbeat Jungle DnB Live DJ Asheville Tune-In Wavelength Music Blogger Mom Dad

Basement Voltz Radio has been lit lately----best EDM we've been listening to radio-wise.  
BASS heavy!!!!!!!
The way we like our breakbeat, jungle, rap, dnb, house, rap...  erryting. Erryting.

FancyBoy here taking pics and playing with filters and pens!  Have some fun with your selfies.  I am hoping to be able to order some more contacts soon.  Until then, it's lots of specs. I usually take my glasses OFF for pics lol.  Switch it up I guess.

Old glasses.  These might be cheap-o Wallyworld frames.  Nice frames r a luxury $$$
Vintage thrifted necklace.
Old Target tank top.  
Vintage 90s Hot Kiss chambray shirt worn unsnapped lololol 
Beauty app and magic pen!!!

Glasses, Etsy handmade necklace from Triian, old crappy not even cool t-shirt.
For all those peeps out there over 40 I know what that's about----especially for us ladies.  

Little throwback to mom and dad <3
Kathy & Leonard
omg I luv them. 

You'll see me around. 
I'm the same. 
In a good way. 
The next thing on 

Love & Light, 

Got some fun articles popping off on Facebook!!!!!

Screenshots & Meme Lyfe: 

If I could have this be HUMANCHUO it would make me so happy: It's so good. . 

Art Art Art 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Turntable Tuesday Rewind Wednesday Thursday Scratch Quickie Post with the Most Fashion EDM ootd Mark V Old School Florida Breaks

Turntable Tuesday Scratch Back Wednesday Thursday Rewind

The TGIF edition HA!!

Obvi I love music and so I wanted to include a You Tube video of this guy in Florida DJ Mark V.
We don't rly know this guy, but CandyMan and I dance around to his mixes and watch him as he spins and occasionally chats us up with insight and apologies about sound quality and equipment care.  Mark V is LEGIT people!!!!!

One or two mixes have a sound blank in the beginning...  Stay tuned, fast forward.  Mark V is worth tuning into more than once.  CandyMan and I now have him in our imaginary mix of friends.  Like Snuffleupagus.  I actually spelled that correctly r out the gate!!!! Wow, Make U Move Mix show is soooooo good, too.  Maybe double share Mark V.  Might have to.  Just might have to.

Who is near Asheville or around Asheville or coming this way?  I'm curious!  Maybe Mark V will come spin for us and some of u bloggers can join us??  Or maybe we're coming to a blogger meet-up!  Or we're just gonna come visit you!  Sounds threatening lolololol!!!!!

Old school long sleeve Ron Jon Surf Shop tee for hanging by the bonfire at night on the beach.

vintage dress from high school
vintage arm sleeve fingerless gloves from Oldsmar Flea Market vintage seller Antique Addict (she is still there if u hit up Tampa yo!)
thigh high socks
otk #FreePeople boots
bf's old #Puma hat
too small faux fur vest

I'm 41 years old.  Trying to get creative and as cute as I can on a v tight budget lol
I live in Asheville with CandyMan and he is my super cutey-pie boyfriend and all our chillin's.
And doggies. And our friends.  And our friends dogs.
Future projects include gardening, but it still seems hazy rn.  I'll keep ya' posted!

Missing this girl Special-T from this cool time in St. Pete, FL for RTJ.

HR, FancyBoy, CandyMan, Mr. PSB, and Pizza Jon

House-party in full effect, pineapples present, and HR handled the mudslides like nobody's business.  These people know how to host.

Woman's Club 
Party Encyclopedia 

Also, I need a lot of paint.  Got some major art projects coming up.  Hopefully.
Good luck everyone.  Remember, I'm on your team ;)

Off to #SaturdayShareLinkUp & Visible Monday with Patti!

Love & Light,


Screenshots & Meme Lyfe:

It's too late.
u r a cat now

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Hustle Cooking Family Kids ootd blogger... Working hard and hoping for the best

CandyMan and I are so excited for Monday bcuz we get all of our children back home again from their other parent's house...

Family ribeye dinner <3
cooked up by CandyMan.
We're rly lucky to have him :)
Eating is one of our fav things to do together. 


Originally started here, this segment deals with topics that are embarrassing or hard to discuss in any way.
CandyMan and I have some PornInTheDropBox elements to our story.  We always hesitate and sort of look at each other b4 we explain how we met lololol
Here is a blog post featuring what we believe to be our first encounter...  Although, we know we've been in similar places in the past where we grew up!!
This is the blog post :D  V cool to think about it from then to now <3 <3 <3 it's been an unbelievable tripppppppppppp :)
Rly positive for the future and hopeful for everyone than most would ever think and I'm still so into Asheville.  Moving here was the best choice ever.

What r u wearing segment featuring my furry too small vest and vintage 90s dress that I actually wore in high school and vintage gloves I bought in high school from my fav vintage dealer and total life inspirer.  Jewelry and CandyMan's busted Puma hat.  Heyyyyyyy u guyyyyyyyysssss

Been focusing on catching up with everyone on all the blogs.  C u out there :D Use every platform u have :)
I'm trying to write more posts and just writing in general.  Churn it out. Be prolific.
#factory #practice #writing

Off to #SaturdayShareLinkUp and #iwillwearwhatilike

Love & Light,


Meme Lyfe:

I mean, come on now.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

What U Wear Everyday Girl? Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld Casual Looks ootd middle-aged lady blogger

Vintage space-dye cardigan
Transformation souvenir tee (more on this laterrrr)
Vintage necklace 

Just trying' to survive 
Today water was due---ugh!  
I'm 41.  I work from home.  I currently live in Asheville. I have a variety of kids and pets.  I have a boyfriend.  I can prove all of this.  
Somebody calls me FancyBoy. 

Dream Share

Had a dream with bb in it the other night.  He was driving us around and it was raining.  I was in the passenger seat and he started to speed up and speed up and it was pouring rain.  Everything in the windows was a downpour and I knew we were driving in a big parking lot now---no longer a road.  I looked over to my left at him and he knew that I knew he was gonna spin the car out.  I barely smiled---but my eyes were happy and like yes and I remember slinking down in my seat and shutting my eyes to feel it and I hoped we didn't crash but it seemed we might but I knew he would never do it on purpose. 

Handles the glue gun like nobody's business.

I like the idea of hanging out and working a bit with someone different than yourself and/or with opposing beliefs and/or value systems.  My friends (and family) are from different backgrounds, countries, and religions.
I share stuff on this blog bcuz I feel like I reach out and relate to a lot of different people that may not have access to the sane type of art and music and culture that I have around me here in Asheville.
Off to the #SaturdayShareLinkUp! and Patti's Visible Monday! and #iwillwearwhatilike!!

Love & Light,


Screenshots & Meme Lyfe:

Monday, May 1, 2017

London the Bridge Girl London It's your birthday! Big 10! Kathleen Hanna Girls to the Front Rebel Girl Feminist Potato Pineapple


For so many reasons I feel like I miss u all the time <3 <3 <3

Pin the tail on the donkey!  

Tia Cha Cha helping with the classic mummy wrap!



******* LONDON THE BRIDGE ******

CandyMan made Asian beer-braised ribs and Grandma helped shop for supplies.  

It was sort of hard to share these bcuz I've had to share so much of my children.  
I guess I can afford to be generous.  
It's such an honor to be her mom. 

Too bad somebody already made her feel bad about her b-day kicks.  
Remember, u don't actually need a label to be cool. 
Light-up sparkly shit is dope!

I hate snobs and label whores. 

Cool kicks are sweet, but if you're a little douche all the fly shoes in the world won't help.  

Women's Club HR represented big time with the long standing honorable PARTY PINEAPPLE done up most most. 
I mean...

Women's Club is for realllllllllll

And real bday mornin' CandyMan had this for her :)

Old gauzy cotton dress from Etsy.
Old vintage leather boots from Etsy.
Thrifted jeans. 
I'm 41.  I'm divorced. Got a boyfriend.  Some kids.  Dogs. Live in Asheville
Today is the first of the month.  
Rent's up if anyone cares. 
I do. 

This is what I look like sometimes. 
Linking with Patti Visible Monday!
Linking to Hat Attack!

Love & Light,

Meme Lyfe: 

                                  Basement Poetry Corner

Kathleen Hanna Bikini Kill   
Rebel Girl
All Girls To the Front

I'm a feminist, but my feminism is rly humanism or alienism or something.  I just like to start from the feminist perspective and the idea that woman deserve equal rights as human beings. 
Expand from there. U wouldn't believe how upset people get over feminism. 
I mean, I'm not even tryin' to piss anyone off but people POP off against feminism lolol 
I noticed. 

I always think a little bit in the back of my head tho---it's like when that famous comedian talks about how far racial progress has come bcuz we kinda have the nicest white people in the history of white people now or something...
It's like, yeah, these are the best men in the history of men.
Most places, your dad or husband can't sell you or kill you anymore.
Or leave the house w/o permission.
Or play soccer.
Or drive.
Or swim in the ocean with no fucking worries. 
Or whatever. 

I used to totally think this was like standard girl behavior.  Obvi not the most popular but totally norm.  Now, I'm like, impressed bcuz I realize it wasn't rly.