Friday, May 12, 2017

Roll Call TGIF It's Time For Mother's Day Weekend and old school petting zoo 80s throwback

I'm rly hoping for a nice weekend with my family.  I luv them all. 
I am also hoping for the best to my ex-husband and father of my children and that side of the family.
We signed our divorce papers near the end of last year.
I want my children to be happy and healthy and I wish him well, too.

My parents stayed together until my father passed.  I couldn't of imagined having them split up.  I remember worrying about it in the 80s and my mom promised they would never divorce.  And they didn't.  I learned about sacrifice, loyalty, truth, honor, morals, pain, pleasure, beauty, youth, health, religion...
My mom is one of the best people ever.  And here she is below:

Kansas in the 80s!
Bangs! Glasses! 
After much debate; a baby calf!
Lil bro behind me in the legendary Dekalb shirt.
Out there with the Gormans in Kansas.
My Grandma's name is Dorothy and she's from Kansas!

"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." Dorothy 'Wizard of Oz'
(My grandmother is named Dorothy and is from Kansas, always had a little dog, and YES, she almost got carried off by a tornado! Or one time she saw a tornado! same same)

My brother is in the shirt shown on all great grand babies in just one of the many WALL OF PHOTOS!!!  

Happy Mothers Day :D

Love & Light,


  1. I had those glasses!

    And a Happy Mother's Day to you, too, darling. You are the best, and I hope the whole world appreciates you as much as I do.