Tuesday, June 13, 2017

3 Sons Rising It's a New Day Using Poetry Art Writing & Creative Energy to Flourish & Move Forward Chota Falls, Georgia, USA Mother's Day

My amazing cousin Stephanie married Daniel on Mother's Day Weekend.
Our family was lucky enough to be there.  It might seem weird, especially considering my seemingly sordid divorce, but I luvvvvvvvv weddings.

London The Bridge

Mother's Day Sunday Brunch :)

My bro and mom and me :)

WEDDING OUTFIT info: I bought these vintage black arm sleeves a few decades ago when I was in high school and already shopping at Antique Addict in the flea market.


The blue rose dress is also from high school.  I haven't worn it in what seems like 4ever.  It's special.  I also did the ribbons in my hair and just tied an xtra one around my neck.  I wish I'd worn my big fat faux pearl necklace.  I swear I might of gotten that at the Oldsmar Flea Market, too.  
Don't b scared!!!!  U might find that perfect dress for an event and it might be VINTAGE :D
Good for the environment, too :)

Me and moms on Mother's Day <3 <3 <3
I can't explain how much I luv her. 

I luv it.

Magic <3

Look closely lolol

Honestly, I'm including this weird selfie bcuz if u know me then u know a pic with my eyes open is 

I'm wearing cheapo platforms                                         LTB & CandyMan

The boys played a LOT with My cousin's children, Danny & David, who they had met b4.  
It was super nice.  

P.P. Knuckles, CoCo Loco, CandyMan, Beandogg, meh, London The Bridge 

Love & Light, 


Basement Poetry Corner

I'll take the credit, I'll take the blame.
I'll take errrrrrrrrrrrytinnnnnnng.

Want it all.  Risk it all. Lose it all. Take it all.

The night b4 was was so still.  We had the light of all the moons everywhere.
All the stars were with us.
Hypocrite who is also called, Hype or Hyppie, came forward and said the future is tomorrow. 
"What's tomorrow?" gently reverberated and oscillated between moons and stars.
The wind whisper whistled between.

And in the morning 3 sons rose from the edge of where none was b4.

                                                                                                                  Love & Light


  1. Lovely family photos. You look so much like your mum!
    Your outfit is beautiful. Well done for keeping that dress and armlets for so long, waiting for the right occasion.
    I love the name Chota Falls - chota is Hindi for "small", a chota peg is a shot of booze! xxx

  2. Great family fun here - there's nothing odd about loving weddings!! You look wonderful too. xo


  3. Beautiful day and beautiful family! Your blue rose dress looks gorgeous on you!