Friday, June 2, 2017

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Is this an 'EMERGENCY' or are u just an emotional mess?

It's why it'd illegal to shout "FIRE" in a public place.  Some people create scenes through hype.



A lot going on currently---r u paying attention?

Ugggghhhhhh Russia is off the statistics map on my blog
No more access----have u noticed?
Red flags when info is cut off.

the realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
I just mentioned some serendipity level peeps and the amount that they have inspired us in the past year or two here in Asheville can't really be underestimated.  Music plays a massive role in every culture and to say we have an affinity for music and dance in our group is an understatement.



It was VIP free champagne/food and just----
blew our mind :D

Look at 

We started off the night at home with Krista & Tommy
Look at that buckle!!!

There were legendary Miami doorman Alan T

Here he is rocking Jeremy Scott Adidas El Torrero Matador jacket

Also, legendary Beat Drifters EDM Ambulance playing this upcoming event!!!

Krista, Tommy, Marty, CandyMan, FancyBoy <3

Killer set that night!!!!!

Nadia and Marty.
Nadia has literally almost forced me to alligator leg wrestle her or something in my living room!

The dress code was red, white, and black.  Lots of people participated!

CandyMan is wearing his Father's Day Nigo Adidas Tracksuit!!!!
Looking like the cute, I almost said, little bboy he is----but he's not that little lolol

I was red, white, and blue bcuz I had was scramblin' but wanted to represent!
Had on a reversible thrifted Adidas jacket red side out with dope as fuck trefoil.
I snagged London the Bridge's super stretchy xl girl's skort---
CandyMan helped give me the confidence to wear it that night.  I wasn't sure, but it was def right for the event.

Have I mentioned Eric, yet????  I mean----

Our cheezzzzy heyyyyyy and quick lean-in together when someone obvi called for us to pose!!!
Posers!!! lolol


ON the reallllll mobb deep 'Quiet Storm'

Love & Light,


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