Monday, June 19, 2017

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CandyMan is a super great dad and I rly did not imagine I would be experiencing the incredible family life that I am now with him. 

My father, GrandDaddy, holding Baby Dream <3

We ended up having a really lovely day that I'll talk about in another post---ThreadsandBeats!!

This was taken at Hooker's house in her old school vest from back n the day for real.
This vest legit holds u down.
I have an old pic of H.R. in this vest that may or may not yet have been cleared for publication, so I'll hold off until I have a from go ahead.  Until then, here is me in it.

I used $2.99 hair dye to color my hair bcuz I'm poor and I'm grey.  Special-T helped me out.  Thnx girl <3


One thing I know is that here is Asheville, your gender identity or sexual relationship status can't really be assumed.  We have a wide range here.  The whole spectrum.  It's not always obvious.  I'm def proud of this little city for being super cool. Original PornInTheDropBox post here.

IG pride inspo post here.

Also, sometimes I get embarrassed making dirty jokes.  And I'm not a total prude, so wtf? lol

These ankle boots r old, but badass.  Good thing I luv them bcuz they're cool and in constant rotation.  also, bcuz all my other shoes r getting slowly destroyed. 

Favorite jeans.  Getting quite snug bcuz of the weight gain, but still my fav.

Both these old worn again & again secondhand tank tops back in rotation.

Concho belt getting destroyed daily.
Same FreePeople necklace from 4ever ago.

IG inspo pics rocking nearly identical looks everyday bcuz tank ops, jeans, conch belts, ankle boots, and bunny ears, oh my

CandyMan looking cute in his gifted Tupac on IG

His cuz sure got it right.  He might be wearing his kid's hat lolol

Love & Light, 

This is a GIF pronounced jif...
Ongoing debate here on the pronunciation.

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