Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mothers Day Still Going Strong Goats on a Roof Srsly Good Time Georgia Family Fun Too Tight Pants Heels

I'm so behind in posting about events.
We went to a place called Goats on the Roof near Chota Falls, GA. with my brother and all the kids.
It was a blast.


 There were actual goats on the roof!

CandyMan was into it!!!

I'm practicing being cute in the souvenir shop!

The flavorrrrrrrrrrs

Made fresh with dry ice!

Yayyyyyyyyy lolol
Just me being 41 years old, wearing old secondhand Billabong t-shirts, thrifted tight secondhand jeans, and old ratty ankle boots that I'm gonna have to duct tape lololol

Never stop eating ice-cream and pizza lolol 
Just kidding.
Im lucky these r my problems :)

Love & Light,

P.S. I wear that secondhand old Billabong shirt and mall kiosk hat A LOT!!!!

Patto's Visible Monday

Screenshots & Meme Lyfe:

GIF pronounced 'jif'  freshhhhhhhhhhhhhh ice cream!!!


  1. Looks like my kind of fun kitschy place! :D Goats on the actual roof, too cute!

  2. What a fun family day! You and your husband’s caps and your daughter’s pink cat ear headband probably looked very tasty to the goats! Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack.