Monday, July 10, 2017

Birthday Boy Wishes Come True I Know We're Really Lucky and We Have the best Friends and Family

CandyMan turned 42 this year, or as I like to say, 43.

His bff HR is basically one of my fav people of all time and I luv her and her husband and they were with us to bring in the birthday.  "Bringing it in" is something I learned to do with SamIAm and it's like, basically, u just rly can't wait.  They were with us at the strike of midnight for his official 24 hour window----but, it started earlier :D

Make a wish
CandyMan at our home away from home, Timo's, that night.

We started off here at tho at One Stop for this band everyone likes and they are rly good.  
Also, food.
Funnnnnnn :D
Pizza Jon, CandyMan, HR, SamIAm, FancyBoy
"I think the best part was that we were all together <3"  (Sentence a Day)

Next up was Calypso

Our boy Joel.

So glad to see his face that night.
We r as happy as he is <3

Morgan.  My girl.
Alter ego Sabrina??  
Gotta double check--CandyMan also unsure.  
We're sure we luv her tho <3


Don't even worry 'bout her ;D

She's better than perfect.

Happy bday CandyMan.  We all luv u so much.  I luv u so much. I luv celebrating bdays and celebrating them face to face, in person, friends & family, some of which I never even dreamed about until recently...  Nothing better. 
Since this is so pic heavy, I'll leave it at that.

Love & Light, 

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  1. Nothing better than celebrations with friends! Happy Birthday to CandyMan!

  2. Happy Birthday to Candyman! Your photos are epic. zxxx