Friday, September 8, 2017

I'm not in Florida anymore, but I'm freaking out over the hurricane!!! What's happening in France? Ireland? IDK!!! Irma! Also, I wore enormous glasses in the 90s that everyone hated lol

My one friend feels like his whole town home is just going to blow away.  I told him hide in the downstairs bathroom!!!
Jessica & Co. might actually pop up to Asheville if they need to evacuate!
My brother has no idea what's going on and is securing his place just now.

This gorgeous big blue-eyed girl Lana rocking a necklace my mom brought back from Africa I gifted her with her PinkCheetahVintage order!!!!! I met her thru CandyMan and had an amazing time meeting her for one night in Burlington.  Her husband was v cool and it was def worth the extra drive to see her face in person.

And lovely Spawn rocking a vintage hand-made Star Wars skirt!!!!!

I'm so stoked they shared pics with me.  More pics!!!!!

This is a close-up of the afore mentioned Booty-O's shirt. 

90s flashback friday TGIF in IG

People had so much to say about these glasses-----everyone hated them except my grandmother and cousin Fran lolololol :D

In honor of the 90s I'm going to use this tube of pink/purple hair dye from Sally Beauty Supply and see if I can't work some magic.  By smearing it on my head.
Trying to resist the urge to trim my hair.  Because I can't rly cut hair and don't necessarily want a bad haircut...

Love & Light, 

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  1. I love your head-smearing approach to hair dye. Spawn is definitely superhero material in her skirt. And love Lana's necklace. Yeah, those glasses are too cool.