Wednesday, October 4, 2017

FancyBoy beginning on Tinder and other stupid stuff and I'm sooooooo happy to write a proper blog post!!!!

FancyBoy built on the idea of how my Tindr personality would be...
Seinfeld, fur coat, pineapple drink ----on patton bridge with Shane (we were friends at the time).  Him o a leash---- like in the picture or something---I feel like that was part of it, but the leash thing may have been in my mind only lolol!!!!

same same

I thought I was going to be so popular with this profile---that I never needed because I started dating Shane...  

Anyways, I am no longer in a relationship.
And I'm still not popular.

In a thrifted at Goodwill/Target black & white striped dress.

Here I am wearing a vintage 70s, probably bridesmaid dress, that the shoulders are stretched out and I have them pinned with brooches to my bra.

This badass bitch with me is Laura.  She is such a kind friend.  I was at the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride after party---- I didn't ride tho.  

Later at Sly Grogg!!!  I'm sitting in the famous-type vintage chairs that every cool vintage person has----I don't, obvi.  But here I am, annnnnnnd I have a hot penguin beside me!!!!!!
I love a FANCY BIRD IN A TUX!!!!!!!!!!  You'll see me around with my penguin <3

I'm also doing video outfit of the days on IG, and I think it's going well.
Had a bit of a dumb thing happen with the business a few months ago, so some changes I'd been thinking about are starting now.
I fucked up, but I guess it was time...  
I'll be slowly weeding out the stuff I don't like and getting a more curated feel for the store. Get artistic or whatever.  Just have things all the way I like---even if it's weird or does't make sense and will probably less commercial and less successful, but honestly it's not like it was a rip-roarin' success anyway.  
Small business 4ever <3 

Love & Light, 


  1. How gorgeous do you look in that red dress? Stunning.
    What, you're no longer in a relationship? You seemed so happy. Hope you're okay. as if you haven't had enough to deal with lately.
    I hear you on the business, we had a massive clear-out this week and donated 3 sacks of vintage to the charity shops we'd had for ages. It feels good. xxx

  2. Going with the artistic flow sounds like a good policy. Your outfits are fabulous. And we all screw up - I just did too in something. Pffft. Moving on...!!!

  3. Am loving that dress! Don't fret about the screw up. I can't tell you how many times I've done it in business. Learned from it and moved on.
    Having a small business is challenging, but also allows you the flexibility of trying new things.