Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I still do stupid things online and on social media by accident and it's rather funny and also I borrowed Kiki's wig

So, I started posting stuff to the My Day section of Facebook occasionally.

There is a way to send it to everyone and then like to people directly, I guess.  I thought I was adding it to My Day for like Laura and SamIAm, but everyone got it----it was me snorting like a dragon and breathing fire.  Seriously. It disappears automatically or I would share it with you now...

Here is me being a weirdo with eyeballs.

So good, r?????

The party I went to and talked about here for little Kiki was rly cool bcuz she's cool and honestly this is her wig and she let me borrow it.  It's the besttttttttt.

I know the bra is showing and it's a little racy---so we'll just say that's a treat for u tricks!
I was so into myself with the wig, I seriously didn't notice and that's actually real.  Real egotistical lol

The choker was actually handmade by Kiki's mom and the dress is just an old vintage black 90s slip.  
Lots of vintage and secondhand old necklaces.  

I'd also like to add it's National Coming Out Day and I support love across the spectrum.  It's hard to anyone who is different than the norm and I like to stand up and say I'm an advocate.

I did a little video and I was showing little rainbow heart handprints my daughter Baby Dream made where she dreams that all people are treated kind and I thought it represented what I wanted to say, too.  I can't figure out how to make the video here for some reason---some dayzzz I got it and some I don't!

Here I am modeling a Lillie Rubin dress I can't zip up and is for sale here

Love & Light, 

Meme Lyfe:

In honor of the wig!!!!


He looks serious as fuk---like, I'm trying to bring that level of intensity to my lewks.

I might have to get Monopoly again so my kids can play lol


  1. You are hilarious - I would totally party with you, girl. I did the exposed bra thing at Winesday not too long ago (sweater was toooooo hooooot), eh, whatevs, right?

    Love that wig - you look amazing! Here's to love wherever and with whomever!

  2. There is a good chance I will make it to your neck of the woods within the next few years - I am a major Carolina Panthers fan, and my hubby and I love to travel to see our teams play (he's a Dolphins fan). Will totally drop you a line!

  3. That wig really suits you! If you ever get seriously pissed off with your hair you'd totally rock that shattered bob.

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