Sunday, November 12, 2017

Historic Cotton Mills Art Studio in the River Arts District of Asheville A Cool Steampunk Circus Event

My friend Krista, talked about here & here, did the graphic design work for the Historic Cotton Mills Art Studio opening.

It was a steampunk circus theme with a big top that had a DJ & speakeasy bar.

Since there were so many separate artist rooms, I'm showcasing my fav room.
This one with many headdresses.  Winter is wearing a thrifted American Girl velvet coat with fancy ribbon bow and comparing her narwhal to the horned floral themed head pieces.


My favorite were these two:

Cozy little gypsy hang-out up there----you're welcome to join :)


So many glass pieces.

There were fire-dancers and grinder girls, as well as a balloon making clown.

Free peanuts, cotton candy, & popcorn!

More music inside----this band was so fun!

Grinder girls, sparks flyyy!

Free henna tattoos!  Coco Loco's:

Krista & Tommy!

LondonDaBridge's henna tattoo!

I'm wearing an 80s Victor Costa dress & vintage gloves I've had since HS, a borrowed tiny top hat headband, & a vintage torn velvet coat (not shown here).


Love & Light, 

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

I've been wearing my 70 year old cousin's husband's clothes---and the comfort level is on point. Also, don't be scared to wear a harness.

My cousin gave me some hand-me-down clothes earlier this year.  She's in her 70s and I got everything from silk tank tops to Spanx and stuff.  I wear a ton of it as I've mentioned in other posts.  She also gives me some occasional stuff from her husband.  I've been wearing his long sleeve XXL shirts and pajama pants!

Here's me in an XXL Tom James shirt and a few other bundled up lewks :)

Winter and eating crap and some stress have my skin looking horrid.
The light is filtering it out.
I'm going to dig around in my boxes of stuff for a face mask or something soon.  
And I already ripped my secondhand thrifted vintage 90s v-neck GAP sweater below---sheesh.
I'll mend it.  It's on the bottom side hem.

Old secondhand vintage leopard print hat back out again because it got cold for a day or two and I couldn't find my one beanie.  Of course. 
Old sunnies and old thrifted sweater dug up again for another year. 

I never got to sew the curtains my friend Neala gave me, but they're so long if you fold them over and tie them, they work! 
That's Foxy in the window <3

Also, this 90s Banana Republic dress is now listed.
I had 2 purple dresses and I had to decide between them.
The knit wrap dress is listed here.

(sorry for the wack screenshot--only pic I can find---weird)

And for now I'm keeping the silk dress---I wanna say Ann Taylor???

It has a wrap 'style' fit at top, but is not a true wrap dress.
Wack pics all around, I guess.  Nothing new.
Also, I like to wear the harness almost whenever I think about it!!!
Super fun accessory :)
Like belt and suspenders COMBINED.
Combo accessories; level up!

Also, this is me 'saving' some super old boots with Duck Tape lol

They're cheap anyways---faux leather---so we'll see how much longer they last lolzzz
I actually wore them with this vintage 50s dress, harness, & 'blood spattered' white thigh highs!

This is me being El Stupido

I got the inspo from this artist I love on IG who post a lot of singing and dancing ridiculousness & utter nonsense to try to have a moment of fun.

Thanks for the sweet comments on the party.  I busted my butt to clean & organize the place on a shoestring budget, while simultaneously working, and packing and sorting thru extra.  It was exhausting, but worth it.  Tried to make it cute, since she picked a party at home.  It was hard not having my mom around for sure. She is so so missed. Just hard. 

Off to bloggy land for inspo and werking all day :D

Love & Light, 

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