Thursday, March 15, 2018

Following all the Good Advice and Some of it is a Struggle tbt Eyeliner Looks and too tight knit dresses with pantyhose

Most good advice is fairly reasonable & logical, so I feel like it naturally vibes with me when I hear it.  I did have some good advice given to me recently that I am struggling with, tho.

It is sort of at odds with my business and brings up the idea of the business brand you promote and your personal life and, for small (mine is def seen thru an even tighter focus of a woman centered lense) business owners, how and where they mix.

It's a contradiction or personal juxtaposition that I'm dealing with and I'll try to have fun with it while I figure it out.

Like this red & yellow eyeshadow lewk from December of 2017:

Also, popped out to a friend's b-day a week or so ago.  Wearing a secondhand vintage 90s Derek Heart knit dress, old ripped pantyhose with a classic help u suck it in high-waist----I needed it!!! and otk black leather boots.  Leather chest harness.  Vintage chain necklace. 
Seriously, it's been b-day after b-day non-stop lately!!!!

I posted this for the b-day girl on IG stories, but issa lewk for u here now <3

I am 42 and I'm loving all my fellow aged and upwards bloggy friends and how you're turning up everywhere on Facebook and IG looking amazing.  U inspire me to try new things, new lewks, dif styles and have funnnnnnnn ;D
I see a lotta dope ass younger chicks who are killin' it, too.  Good stuff out there ladiezzz & gentzzz and everyting in between :)

Love & Light, 


  1. Loving the bad ass birthday outfit! xxx

  2. Yeah, I'm seeing lots of great stuff out there and HERE! Love your bad-assery. Love that eyeliner!! I've gotta try it.